10 Big Mistakes of Resellers

Reselling business is growing at a very fast pace. Most of the companies like Meesho and Glow Road have invested Crores in this Business. Wholesalers and Retailers are also hiring Reseller. There are some Resellers who are earning nearly lakhs from Reselling business, but most of the Resellers are not earning well from Reselling business. There are some common mistakes of resellers that make their business less profitable or often quit.

(Reselling Business bhut zyada grow kar rahe hai. Bhut saari companies jaise Meesho or Glow Road bhut invest kar rahe hai es businessmai. Kuch Reseller Lakhs mai kama rahe hai or kuch Reseller bhut hi zyada earn kar pa rahe hai)

If you are one of those resellers who aren’t able to earn handsome money, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, I will explain to you the mistakes you need to avoid to be the best Reseller and will also tell you some Reselling Business Tips and Tricks.

(Agar aap bhi un Resellers mai se ho jo accha amout earn nahi kar pa rahe to aap bilkul sahi jagah aae ho. Yaha mai aapko kuch esse galtiya btaunga jo aapko bilkul nahi karni chiye)

So, let’s run down the blog to learn the mistakes of resellers..

Top Mistakes of Resellers

No Instant Replies (Mistakes of Resellers)

The very first mistake these resellers (mistakes of resellers) make is that they reply late to the customer’s inquiries, which makes the customer lose their interest. New and recent customers are like hot leads. You need to reply to them as soon as possible. One thing you can do to avoid this by specifying the time to contact you in your ads or text them the time.

Reselling Business

(Pehli Galti jo bhut saare Reseller karte hai ki vo customer ko bhut late reply karte hai. Esse mai customer apne interest kho deta hai. Jaise hi aapke pass customer ki koi message aae usse tabhi reply kijeye, ya usse ek time bta dijeye ki es time pai vo aapse bat kare)

More on Mistakes of Resellers..

Instagram Excessive Follow Unfollow

This is the second mistakes (mistakes of resellers) resellers make. Instagram is the most used application by today’s youth. This is one of the best platforms for any marketer who wants a wide range of customers. But the thirst for quick success makes you do foolish things and one of them is following and unfollowing people for numerous numbers of time can get you blocked from the application. Instagram is not something to play with. You need to grow your account slowly. Start from 100 and then with baby steps increase that number. DON’T RUSH.


(Bhut log kya karte hai ki, Instagram mai Excessive mai Follow Unfollow karte hai or phir Instagram Block kar deta hai. Agar aap esse activities Instagra pai karte ho to Instagram aapke page ki reach bhi rok skta hai)

No Discounts For Customers

The third mistakes of resellers is that they dont give discounts to customers. For new hot leads every single day you need to give discounts to the customers. You don’t need to cut down your profit to provide discounts. Start from an increased rate and then bring it down to a reasonable price which benefits both parties. You can also give personalized discounts like “Sir/Ma’am I’d like to give 10% extra discount just to make sure you have this amazing product at your disposal.” This can give you an edge over your potential customers.


(Aap apne customers ko discounts de skte ho. Discount dene kai liye aapko apne profit kum karne ki zarrorat nahi hai, Aap customer ko thodi zyada cost bta skte ho or uske bad us cost pai discount de skte ho)

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Low Quality Products

Another mistake resellers (misktakes of resellers) is selling low quality products. Remember that you’re running an online business. The only way your customers are able to get in touch with you are by looking at the post and pictures you provide them with. So, be alert of the quality of your posts, low-quality pictures can give put your image down to drain. You will get more engagement and traffic through high-quality posts.


(Low Quality kai post instagram mai at daalo, Instagram Low Quality vale post ko promote nahi karte. Aapka account bhi low quality images se bhar jaega or Followers ko vo iitna accha nahi lagega)

Learn more mistakes of resellers down the blog..


Think like a customer, how can you gain their trust. When we notice that other customers ordered the same product which has our similar interest. By looking at the feedback they give we take our decision. So, make awareness about the reviews and feedbacks that you receive from your potential customers and those in your reach.

Online Resellers
Reseller Site

(Business mai sabse badi cheez hoti hai trust. Agar aapke customer aap pai trustkarte hai to aapko orders aate rahenge. Trust gain karne kai liye aap reviews, Feedback whatsapp pai or Instagram pai daal skte ho)

What is next in the mistakes of resellers??


The next mistake resellers (mistakes of resellers) make is they dont follow up. Most important rule of personalized marketing is “Follow-up”. Don’t stop getting in touch with your previous customers whether they made a purchase or not. Save their contact, add them to your WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists. RECONNECT OR RETARGET, make this your motto.

Reselling App
Reselling Business

(Zyada tar Reseller apne customer ko Broadcast list mai or Groups mai add hi nahi karte. Agar customer kuch buy nahi karte to usse chor dete hai. Aap apne customer ko haar cheez detail mai btao pane business kai bare mai products updatekarte raho. Taki next time vo aapse zarur le)

Another one in the mistakes of resellers…

Updating Products

Don’t stop updating your product, the thing that may not be useful now doesn’t mean it never will be. Keep updating your product in small intervals. Make this like one of your routines, do this with your Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need to keep them engaged. Keep a database never lose your customers.

Best Reselling Business

( Kuch Reseller apne groups or Broadcast list mai ek hi baar products Update karte hai. Esse aap apne customer kai sath relation nahi bna paoge.Aap agar particular time mai update karte rahoge to customer interaction bnna rahega.

What mistakes resellers (mistakes of resellers) make in website creation?

Website Creation

We learn from businesses better established than us. So, you think making a website would give you widespread recognition among people. But trust me it reallyisn’t the beat reselling method. Like I said before go slow. Start from applications like Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. I’m giving you an application reference called “Tool Bikaayi”, it helps you to make a catalog of all types of product you’re having and gives you a direct option to make a sale through Whatsapp. This can ease up your work and gives a happening modern look for your products.

How to Do
How to Start

(Bhut saare Reseller ye sochte hai ki aagar website bnna lenge to sale aajege.Essa nhi hote,agar customer ko website se hi lena hota to vo Amazon se le skta hai. Customer aapke pass aata hi esliye hai kyoki usse trust hai. Website banne kai liye bhut kuch karna padta hai, Daily marketing, SEO, Timely delivery or bhi bhut kuch jisme bhut invest lagti hai)

Reselling Apps

Next in the mistakes of resellers is they start theri reselling journey with the reselling apps. Using a marketing application like meesho may look profitable in beginning but really are not. They are probably having some kind of resellers like you which increases your competition. And that can lead to a reductionin prices thus making your profit margin low. Always try to get in contact with your customers personally. Show them what you have is unique. You provide the best services. This can be a trump card that can ace up your level.

Reselling Business

( Bhut saare Reseller Meesho or GlowRoad Platform use karte hai or sochte hai ki profit accha milega. Lekin Vaha aap jaise bhut saare resellerhai or us chakar mai aap apne profit margin kum karteho. Aap koshish karo ki aap custmere khud interact kare or apne acche accheproduct unhai send karo. Agar aap apne customer ko acchi servicedete ho to vo aapko hi orderdenge)


At last when nothing works, what resellers do (mistakes of resellers) is they quit. Lastly, BE PATIENT!! In any kind of business,big or small. Because just like JeffBezos was not Jeff Bezos in one day, you need to have a consistent mindset. Keep working hard, face failuresand most importantly learn from them. Ifa customer refuses to buy your product ask the WHY? And what can you change or do better. Find your target customers according to your products. Never stop following-up.


( Bhut saare Reseller, badi jaldi Reselling Business chor dete hai. Unhe jaise hi order aana band hote hia vo chor dete hai. Apko failures se sikhna hoga, koi bhi business ek din mai develop nahihota. Agar customeraapko order nahi de arha to us se reason pucho or us cheez ko theek karo)

We have discussed the overall list of mistakes of resellers that make their reselling business a loss. Now, notice what mistake you are making and start correcting them today itself.If you aim high, neverlose hope and always be up for inculcating a better habit or method.

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