5 Best Marketing Strategies You Should Try in 2022

There are numerous gurus on YouTube, Instagram & other platforms who teach you the digital marketing strategies for your business but when it comes to the marketing strategies for your offline business no one can teach you the genuine strategies you should follow. It can be taught by the one who grows its Offline business. Marketing plays an important role in growing and promoting your business.

A bad marketing strategy can destroy your business but a good one can easily build you local business to an International Business. So, here I will teach you the 5 Best Marketing Strategies you should try in 2022 to grow and attract new customers to your business.

“Es blog main, Mai apko 5 esse tareke btaunga jinse aap aapne business ki sales increase kar skte ho, or aapne business ko apne Local Area mai promote kar skte ho”.

1. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing (Marketing Strategies)

Marketing Strategies
Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Do you know in India, the average time spent by the users in a day is 27 minutes, and more than 73% of users check WhatsApp before going to sleep? We all are on WhatsApp and we do share lots of things on WhatsApp on daily basis but have you ever shared your business catalog or your products or services.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is one of the best Marketing strategies, lots of brands have also joined WhatsApp & send information or notifications on WhatsApp. Like Cred, MakeMyTrip and other brands have joined WhatsApp. The only problem with Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is that now WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to share posts to more than 5 users. But still, here I will tell you how you can use this marketing strategy and can send the bulk WhatsApp message.

” Bulk Whatsapp Marketing sabse bdia tarika hai apne Business ko local area mai promote karne ka. Whatsapp pai Photo, Video, Text sabh kuch share kar skte hai lekin problrm sirf ek hi hai ki 1 baar mai 5 se zyada share nahi kar skte.”

Collect Database:  First, collect the database from your own contacts or if you want to buy the database then you can buy it from several sites on Google. ( Aapne ass pass kai area ka data collect karo or agar kharedna chate ho to Google pai jaake khaared bhi sakte ho)

How to Do Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Content For Promotions: Now, Create content that you want to promote through WhatsApp Marketing. You can promote content in various formats like images, PDF, Video, and in-text Format.

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Marketing Mix
How to Create Content

( Data collect karne kai bad, essa post bnao jisse share karoge. Ye post Video, Photo, Text kuch bhi ho sakta hai ).

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Server: Now, after creating a post you can buy a WhatsApp Marketing server that helps you to send thousands of messages at a time. There are hundreds of servers available on Google but some of these servers can block your number from WhatsApp or from some you can send only 1000-2000 messages in a day. We have our own WhatsApp Marketing server which helps you to send more than 20,000 messages in a day without blocking your Whatsapp number.

Digital Marketing
Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

( Post banana kai bad use WhatsApp pai share kar skte hai. WhatsApp pai zyada se zyada share karne kai liye WhatsApp Marketing Server le skte ho jisse aap bina apne number block karae 10,000-20,000 logo ko share kar skte ho haar din)

2. Viral Content Marketing (Marketing Strategies)

Influencer Marketing
Viral Content Marketing

Viral Content Marketing is among another viral content marketing strategies you can follow to promote your business. This strategy has been used by the top-class industries like Amazon Prime & Zomato. Amazon Prime used this strategy to promote its show Mirzapur and created a hype.

Nowadays, Content goes viral within minutes so you have to identify the content and once you identify it you can add your own business ads after it or can create a content that is highly relatable to that Viral Content. Now the question is how you can do viral content marketing (marketing strategies):

Identify Viral Content: First thing you have to do is to identify the viral content in your local area. You can identify the viral content on Instagram easily.( Esse Content dhundo jo market mai bhut viral ho)

Add your business: Once you identify the Viral content you can add your business add on that content. Suppose you identify the viral video as of 1 Minute and after the 1-minute video, you can add 15-20 seconds of your brand’s ad. You can do this editing from the Kinemaster.

(Aapne business ki ads ko viral content kai bad add kar do taki jaise hi video khatam ho logo ko aapki add dekhe )

Promote the Viral Video: Now you have added your brand add in the viral content, now you can promote it using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. The More people shared the content to more reach you will get.

(Bulk WhatsApp Marketing server use karke apne Viral content ko Whatsapp pai promote kar sakte ho )

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3. Make a Review Video from Politicians (Marketing Strategies)

Marketing Strategies
Review Video

Now, this is one of the marketing strategies you have never heard of. Politicians are the one who advertises themselves from the start. They advertise themselves in newspapers, bodings, and on other platforms. Usually, everyone knows them, we all know our area MLA and other politicians.

Now you might be thinking Why Politicians? If you want to promote your business in the Local market then you need someone who is well known in the local area and Politicians are one of them. You can connect with any politician MLA, Parshad or any one in your area.

You can make a short video with politicians; it can be a review video and inaugural video or any kind of the video. Once they made a video for you, you can simply promote it through Social Media. The people who followed that politician will definitely visit to your business.

(Hum sabh aapne area kai MLA ya local politician ko jante hi hai, or hamare aas pass kai log bhi jante hi hai , to agar hum unke sath aap apne business ki video banate ho to log ko zyaada trust hoga or video zyada promote hogi)

Marketing Strategies
Affiliate and Reselling Program

Most of us can’t grow our business because we won’t give the business opportunity to others. If you want to promote your business in your local area then you have to provide the business opportunity to others. Most of the people might not show any interest to your business but they will definitely show interest in the business opportunity which you are providing to them.

First lets understand what is Affiliate and Reselling program

Affiliate program: In Affiliate marketing, you provide others the business opportunity by providing them certain commission per sale. For Example Mr. Y joined the affiliate program of Amazon, Now Amazon will provide them certain commission whenever Amazon get the sale through Mr. Y links. E-Commerce business like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other E-Commerce business provides Affiliate partner program.

(Affiliate Marketing mai aap logo ko commission dete ho taki jabh bhi vo aapki sae karvate hai)

Reselling program: In Reselling Program, You provide a special discount to people who joined your program and they add their margin and sell that product in the market. For Example, Suppose you are selling shoes at Rs 800 and Mr. X has joined your Reselling business so you are providing him shoes at Rs 650 now Mr. X can add his margin of Rs 200 and sold the shoe at Rs 850. Through this you earned your margin and Mr. X earned his desired margin.

(Reselling Programme mai aap logo ko discount dete ho taki vo apna margin add karke aage sell kar sake).

Let’s suppose you are selling shoes and there are 100 people living in your area then only 3-4 people would be interested in buying shoes from your store. If you provides them Business opportunity like providing them Earn Money Online options, Join our reselling partner program then out of this 100, 30-40 will definitely show interest and will grow your business. There are lots of people who are looking for part time income and looking to start the business incomes. So, Reselling Business has become a great opportunity for them.

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5. Social Media Marketing (Marketing Strategies)

Social Media Marketing

Lots of people has still not know the power of the Social Media. You can attract millions of customers from Social Media. Whenever the local shop owner thought of the Marketing, they thought that they will place a banner on Streets and will sponsor some functions to get more customers.

The things has been changed, the market has been moved from offline to Online. Online marketing can easily give you a huge return. There are number of Social Media Marketing strategies you can follow such as Influencer marketing etc.

Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads are the same as they both owned by the same company. Facebook Ads is the best way to reach out to the thousands of customer by spending very less amount. You can easily reach to up to 1000 of Facebook users by spending Rs 100-150 only. You can either run this ads by hiring the Digital Marketing Agency or you can do it by yourself. If you want to learn Facebook Ads you can contact us, we will teach you in-depth details of Facebook Ads within 45 Min.

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Marketing Mix
How to Run ADs

(Social Media ek bhut bdia tareka hai apne business ko grow karne ka, Social Media se bhut saare businesses ko fayeda hua hai. Netflix or Amazon prime Social Media se bhut fayeda utha rahe hai. Aap Facebook Ads ka use kar skte ho or dusre influencer program ka use karke apne business ko promote kar skte ho).

(Agar Aapko Facebook Ads sikhna hai to aap hume contact kar skte ho )

Digital Marketing
How to Do Social Media Marketing

So these are the 5 marketing strategies you can follow to grow your local business. If you follow all of these marketing strategies, your business will definitely grow. Check out our courses at our website

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