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Online Business

You all might have searched for the Best Online Business or best online earning business. There are hundreds of YouTube videos and Blogs suggesting to you lots of business ideas like Affiliate Marketing, Drop-shipping business, Start your own blog, etc. Most of you might get confused with these business Ideas. When I started viewing these videos and reading the blogs I also got confused.

(Aap mai se zyada tar best online business search karte honge. Online bhut saare videos of blogs hai jaha bhut saare Youtubers or bloggers alag alag cheeze btate hai. Alag alag cheeze dekh kai aa bh confuse ho jate hoge)

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Top 5 Online Business

Finally, after doing great research work I came to the conclusion that revenue is not the only thing you should focus on. Along with Revenue you should also on building your brand and winning the trust of your audience. So here in this blog, I will be suggesting to you the 5 best online business models that you can do in2021.

( Kafi reseaching kai bad maine ye sikha ki sirf Revenue kamana hi importantnahi hai brand bnana or apni audience ka trust jeetna bhi important hai. Es blog main aapko 5 best online business btaunga jo aapko 2021 mai karne chahiye )

For more detailed information you can watch our Youtube videos where I have described everything in detail.

( Or information kai liye aap hamari youtube videos dekh skte hai )

1st Best Online Business: Drop-shipping

Online Business in 2022

The first best online business that you should definitely try in 2021 is Dropshipping. During the Pandemic the online sales have grown rapidly and it’s expected that the sales will definitely increase in 2021. If you want to start an online business with a great Profit margin then you should definitely try Drop-shipping.

Basically, Drop-shipping means buying products from the Wholeseller and then put it on the website to sell them to the customers. While starting the drop-shipping business, you first need to focus on brand building. You should create a Business card, Logo and start the promotion of your website.

( 2021 mai aap Drop-shipping start kr skte hai, Coronavirus ki vajah se Online Sales kafi increase hue hai or 2021 mai or increase hogi. Drop-shipping mai aap ek wholesaler se products lete ho or usse online E-Commerce website pai sell karte ho)

Online Business
Process of Drop-shipping

In 2021 building an own E-Commerce website is quite easy. There are lots of platforms where you can create an E-Commerce website. In Drop-shipping you build your own E-Commerce website and you can either buy the stock or can import the content from the wholesaler.

( 2021 mai E-Commerce website banan bhut easy hai. Bhut saare platforms hai jaha aap E- Commerce Website bnna skte ho. Drop-shipping mai aap aapni E-Commerce wesbite bnna kar wholesaler se content lekar ya products leka r usse post kar skte ho)

You can offer multiple products to your customers. After building a website you can promote your website on Digital Platforms like Facebook and Google. Drop-shipping is growing and it’s currently the best online business you can start in 2021.

In 2020 online sales jump from 148 million in 2019 to 161 Million in 2020. Even during the pandemic the online sale has grown to 10% and it’s expected that the sales will increase from10%-15% in 2021.

(Apni Website banane kai bad aap usse online promote kar skte ho Facebook pai or Google pai. 2020 mai online sales 148 Million se 161 Million tak chli gye thi. Pandemic mai bhi online sales 10% se zyada frow kar gye)

2nd Best Online Business: Online Course

How to Start Online Business
Online Courses

Now the second most profitable best online business is selling online courses. In Pandemic, most of the YouTubers and Instagramers have started their online course and have generated great revenue. Big ventures like Unacademy and Udemy have managed to earn a great revenue in Pandemic by selling courses online.

(Dusra sabse badhia Online Business hai Online course sell karna, Pandemic mai bhut saare YouTubers or Instagrammers nai ye start kiya tha)

Read more to learn on best online business..

How to Build Your Online Course

Online Home Business
Create Online Courses

Identify Your Skill: To make a perfect Online Course the first thing you need is to Identify your skill. If you are good at cooking, then you can create a course on cooking where you will be telling everything about cooking.

( Apne skill dhundo jisme aap acche ho vo cooking ho sakte hai, Singing or koi bhi skill jiski aapko knowledge ho)

Make your Course Structure: Once you identify your skill set then you can create a course. You can divideyour course into different modules or chapters.

(Apne course ka structure bnao, course ko chapters or modules mai divide karo)

Segment Your Course in 10-15 Chapters: Don’t create a too short or too lengthy course. If your Course is too short then most of the students won’t be showing interest and if it’s too lengthy then they might feel boring. So, create around 10-15 chapters in your course.

(Apne course ko na zyada lengthy or na zyada short karo, apne course ko 10-15 chapters me divide kar lo)

Make Your Course: Now to make a video of your course, you need a Mic, Mobile Camera, and Editor. You can buy Buy a Mic and can use Filmora to edit your Videos.

(Aab sabh karne kai bad aapko video record karne hogi, video record kai liye aapko ek mic, Editing app or ek mobile camera chiye)

Now when your course is ready, You should create a Intro Video and then start promoting it online through Google or Facebook Ads.

3rd Best Online Business: Digital Marketing Agency

Online Business Ideas in India
Digital Marketing Agency

Owning a digital marketing agency is another best online buiness. If you have a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing like how to do Promotions on Facebook and Google and know the basics of Photo Editing then you can start your own Digital Marketing Agency. You don’t need huge capital investment, you just need proper knowledge to start your own Digital Marketing agency.

(Agar aapko Facebook Ads or Google Ads ki knowledge hai to aap aapni Digital Marketing ki agency start kar skte ho. Digital Marketing agency kai liye aapko bhut zyada capital nahi chiye aapko bas acchi tarah promotion karna aana chiye)

Read more to get more information about best online business..

5 Things You Need to Start Digital Marketing Agency

Online Business Kaise Kare in India
Content Creation

Content Creation: Content is the most important part and if you are starting your own digital marketing agency then you need to how to create content, how to create content for Facebook Ads, and so on. (Digital Marketing kai liye aapko Content bnana karna aana chiye, Appko pta hone chiye facebook Ads kia liye kis type ka content chiye)

Online Business Type

Editing & Designing: Next thing you need is Editing & Designing. You should know the basics of Editing & designing an ad should know what kind of content is popular and what kind of content your followers are liking.

(Basic Editing or designing aani chiye taki aap content design kar sako, aapko pta hone chiye kis type ka content market mai chl raha hai)

AD Consoles: AD consoles are the pillars of Digital Marketing. If you are starting Digital Marketing Agency then you should know how to run ADs on Facebook and Google. ( Apko Ads run karni aani chiye, Digital Mareting ki Agency kai liye ye sabse important cheez hai)

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine optimization is another pillar of Digital Marketing. You should know which Keywords are great for ranking and on which keyword your client’s content should rank.

(Search Engine Optimization acchi tarah aana chiye. Agar aap Digital Marketing Agency start karne ki soch rahe ho to Search Engine Optimizations to must hai)

Digital Marketing Tools: You should have an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing Tools.

(Digital Marketing Tools ki knowledge honi chiye)

4th Best Online Business: Global Software Sales

Online Business Hindi
Global Software

Do you know the export revenue of the Indian IT industry is around 140 Billion USD and India is the top IT exporter in the world. IT services and software are always in huge demand.IT is the most demanded industry all around the world.

You can build up software from any IT Freelancer and start promoting it online to generate sales. You can sell the software all around the world. Lots of Indian has captured the U.S software market. They have build software for U.S people only and earn in dollars.

If you have a basic knowledge of IT and UX/UI then you can create a software and start promoting in U.S market to earn great revenue.

(India sabse zyada IT Export karti hai, India ka IT export revenue hai140 Billion USD. IT software pure world mai bhut demanded hai, aap IT software kisse freelancer se banva kai usse online sell kar skte ho. Aap U.S kai users kai liye software bnva kar usse U.S market mai bhi sell kar skte ho. U.S market mai sell karne se aapki income dollars mai hogi jiski India mai value bhut zyada hai)

Read more on best online business to get more information.

5th Best Online Business: Personal Branding

Personal Branding
Personal Branding

Personal Branding is another best online business which is keeps growing and will grow more in 2021. There are a number of Vloggers and Bloggers like Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast), Mumbaikar Nikhil, and many others who are earning great by building a personal brand.

Once you create a personal brand either on Instagram or on Youtube, Users will start following you. They will follow your lifestyle and will start trusting you. You can create your own page on Instagram or can create a YouTube Channel and start publishing the content on the page or channel.

Business Online
Personal Branding

Once you build an audience you can start selling lots of things like Software and courses, If you don’t want to sell anything you can earn from Adsense. You just have to build an audience who likes your content and trust you to earn.

( Personal branding ek or bhut accha tareka hai income karne ka. India mai bhut se vlogger sor Bloggers hai jaise Gaurav taneja, Mumbai kar Nikhil jo personal branding se Lakhs mai earn kar rahe hai. Ek baar aap personal brand bnna lo to log aapko follow karne lagte hai or aapke lifestyle ko follow karte hai. Ek baar aapki audience build ho jae to aap adsense se income akr skte ho or unhe software, courses sell kar skte ho)

So these are the 5 best online business which you should definitely try in 2021. All of these businesses will take time to grow and will take time to generate revenue but once you start to generate revenue from these best online business, you will earn a great profit Margin.

( Ye 5 best online business esse hai jo grow hone mai or income karne mai time lenge but jabh ek baar aapki income start hogi to kafi acchi hogi)

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