5 Video Marketing Strategies to Generate Sales

Video marketing is not just about uploading videos on your company’s social media pages and website. It’s about creating content that matches your brand story and gets you noticed by the audience you want to target. Video marketing is a more lasting impression and 400% more powerful than images, text, or other forms of content. It is the perfect way to engage with your audience in a dynamic way that they won’t forget anytime soon. 

Video marketing has become an important part of any business strategy. It helps brands connect with their customers at a personal level like never before. However, this type of marketing poses its own challenges as well. Creating videos that are engaging while also conveying the right message is tricky for most marketers. If you’re looking to implement video into your marketing strategy, here are 5 video marketing strategies to generate sales. In Fact, with these strategies you can grow your business very fast and get maximum reach to your brand. 

There are a variety of video marketing techniques available. Today the big companies or brands use video marketing to bring maximum traffic to their website, generate maximum trust to their brand, and eventually bring maximum sales for their product. Let’s know the 5 video marketing techniques:

Top 5 Video Marketing Techniques

1. Video SEO Technique

Video SEO or search engine optimization is the technique in which you create videos which can easily rank on search engines. Today, people make a variety of content on YouTube, but some people make videos which maximum audience use to search. Now you might be thinking how this can be done, how we would know what people are searching on YouTube. 

There are many tools which would help you to determine what people are searching on YouTube. Vidiq is one such tool in which if you put any keyword, it will give you a list of topics which people are searching related to that keyword. Also, the tool displays the search volume, search competition, and in fact the search term rating. You will be able to determine what the maximum people are searching on YouTube. Whatever, the people are searching maximum about your business, prepare a video on it. 

3 very important factors for video SEO are:

1. Title: Title of the video should be very clear. Use the main keyword on the title.

2. Thumbnail: the thumbnail should contain the main keyword.

3. Tags: The video should contain multiple tags. Keep different keywords related to the main keyword on the tags. Also, put 3 to 4 long tail keywords and keywords related to your YouTube channel. 

Best technique to find the best searched topic is to put your keyword on the YouTube search bar, the search engine will automatically suggest the top searching topics related to that keyword. The topic appearing at the first topic has the maximum possible search volume. 

The 2nd best technique of video SEO is you can create your own blog and put your video on the blog. Publish your video content on the blog and when the blog ranks on Google and people come to your videos from the blog, they eventually convert into your paying customer. You can easily do video SEO with YouTube and blog and rank your video on top of the search result.

2. Live Videos

The 2nd best technique for video marketing is reaching the audience through live videos. Live video calls can generate more trust as compared to recorded videos and eventually it generates more sales. To attract more audience in your live video calls, prepare interactive live video calls. The best example is live video call games. With this, we can engage with the audiences. 

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3. Testimonial or Recommendation Video

Testimonial or recommendation videos are the videos which we make from our client’s perspective. This video content tells their experience after using your product. This is an overview or feedback which people give about the product. It helps to generate trust. 

Testimonial or review video format is very powerful to gain trust. When someone recommends something, this video format is known as testimonial format videos. People believe in such things and ultimately become your customers. 

There is a logic behind it, people in India are more likely to buy things based on the recommendations. If you reach directly to customers and tell them to buy your product, then they might not trust you or your product or buy it. But if someone else recommends your product and asks to buy, they might trust it easily and buy your product. In this video marketing technique, we create an advertisement, and do paid promotion in all the social media platforms and attract sales. 

4. Short Video

This is the video marketing technique which is bringing maximum traffic these days and generating maximum sales. Short videos are popular in all the social media platforms whether it is YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. All these companies are promoting and boosting short video content on their platform very fast. 

For example, if you put 50 reels on Instagram, at least 1 reel guaranteedly would bring a huge traffic. But for this, the video should have something which people view and like. For short videos, we create 15 to 20 seconds short videos in which we follow 80/20 rule. In the 80% part, you need to put content and in the 20% part, you need to put out a call to action. 

Two things are very important in short video content which could help to make your content go viral. First, your content should be trendy. You should prepare content which is on trend and should have trendy music. The second one is suspense. You need to keep the suspense in the video to make people watch the whole video. 

5. Video Advertisement

All the social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, have the feature to promote your video and show sponsored video. YouTube is the best platform for video advertisement. WhatsApp is also a good platform from which you can bring millions of views in your videos. All these platforms allow you to run ads. You can also run instream ads and rank your video on the basis of SEO, so that whenever any person searches any keyword on YouTube, your video will appear at the top. 

Learn more on 5 video marketing strategies to generate sales..

How to Promote Videos

Creating a video is somewhat easy but the main concern is how to promote that video. In the initial stage, the best platform to promote videos is WhatsApp. You can share it in your groups and stories. WhatsApp marketing is very important to bring maximum views on your videos in the initial stage. 

In the very first step you need to create a video and upload it on YouTube and then promote the video link. For this we use bulk WhatsApp marketing software. In this software, you can login through your multiple whatsapp numbers. The software allows promotion through multiple accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long should marketing videos be?

It should be 15 to 20 seconds long.

Q. Is video content engaging more?

The straight answer for this is yes. Video content is 400% more engaging. 

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