Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. It is also one of those things that sounds like a lot of fun, but we are sure many people still wonder if it is worth their time or effort. So, today we want to walk through the affiliate marketing process with this affiliate marketing for beginners guide, so you can decide for yourself if affiliate marketing is right for you. Here, we will tell you everything about affiliate marketing like; how much money you can earn with affiliate marketing, difference between affiliate marketing and reselling business, and which one is more profitable. 

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What is Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners)?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission (a percentage of the sale price) by promoting a product or service using your website.

The reason you would want to do this is that it allows you to earn money for your time, not necessarily for the actual product you’re promoting.

You can use affiliate marketing to promote products from any category, and there are even sites where you can promote products from other countries!

All the big product marketplace websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc who sell their products online run their own affiliate program. In this program, the person who wants to do online marketing or promotion of the product needs to register on the website and thus generate a unique link for any product. With that link, if a customer buys the product, that affiliate person or marketer will get money online directly. Money will be credited directly to their bank account. There are various terms and conditions applicable under this affiliate program.

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What Is The Affiliate Commission?

If any person, online promoter, or digital marketer complies with it and brings maximum sales with that affiliate link, they generate a huge earning. This earning is known as affiliate commission. Affiliate commission is different for each and every product. For example, the affiliate commission is 9 to 10% for footwear. Whereas, the affiliate commission for mobile phones is 4 to 5%. There are many different ranges of products and every range of products has different affiliate commissions. 

Every website and big company have different-different affiliate rates. In general, the affiliate commission lies between 8 to 10%. There are more than 50000 active affiliate marketers who promote these links through blogs, websites, and YouTube, sell products and do online earning as commission. 

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Difference Between Reselling Business And Affiliate Marketing

People often get confused between affiliate marketing and reselling business. Many of the resellers got confused whether they should jump on affiliate marketing or do reselling business only. For them, here let’s reveal the biggest difference between the two. 

1. In reselling, we create our own brand whereas in affiliate marketing we don’t create a brand but do someone else’s branding and sell their product only. In affiliate marketing, you just get a commission, which is a fixed amount. This is the biggest difference between reselling business and affiliate marketing. 

2. In the reselling business, you i.e. resellers decide their own profit. Here, you decide according to the customer, how much profit you need and how much you can earn. Whereas, in affiliate marketing, you get commission which does not change and which is usually a very small amount. 

For example: You will earn 8 to 10% commission on a 500 Rs product while doing affiliate marketing. Whereas, in reselling you can sell the 500 Rs product to 600, 700 or even 800 Rs. 

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3. If you see the nature of business, reselling business is premised over providing customer service. Your whole focus is to provide the best service to the customers. By providing them the best products, you can generate recurring sales. Whereas, in affiliate marketing, your main concern is to promote products. The maximum you promote the maximum you will get commission. Recurring sales actually rather happen in reselling business. A person who once clicked the link to buy a product rarely comes back to that link to buy another product. 

4. In reselling business, the future is very stable. Once you put effort in marketing, you don’t need to put that effort on marketing again and again. But in affiliate marketing, you need to come up with new content and blogs each and every time. You need to come up with new social media posts, new YouTube videos, etc, so that you could bring maximum audience and customers to your business. 

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Which One Is More Profitable: Reselling Business or Affiliate Marketing

Well, which is more profitable between the two depends on your passion and purpose. If you create content such as YouTube videos, social media posts and you are good at designing and Instagram promotion, then affiliate marketing is the best option for you. In short, if you like to promote a product instead of selling it, then you are for affiliate marketing. 

Whereas if you want to earn money instantly and wish to create your own brand and if you dream of growing into a scalable business in future, then reselling business is the option for you. Many people want a brand tag with them, they want a scalable business in the future, want employees working under them, and hence they get into reselling business. All in all, if you want to own and run an eCommerce business in future, then you should start with reselling business. By starting with reselling business, they could convert into social selling, dropshipping and then could stabilise into eCommerce business.

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So, with this affiliate marketing for beginners guide, you might have understood that affiliate marketing totally depends on your passion and your knowledge about the domain. If your domain is related to the product, then affiliate marketing turns out to be very beneficial for you. Without knowledge, you might not be able to do good affiliate marketing. 

If you surely want to do affiliate marketing, then I would suggest that please don’t opt to do affiliate marketing for any product but do it for software. Also, you can do affiliate marketing of online courses as it has a high commission rate. On amazon, books have high affiliate rates. Always try to choose digital content or software for affiliate marketing to gain more commission.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is affiliate marketing still profitable?

Whether affiliate marketing is profitable or not, it totally depends on what product you choose as well as what strategies you choose for marketing. 

Q. Which industry is best for affiliate marketing?

Technology and digital content are best for affiliate marketing. 

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