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Are you searching for a new business idea that you can start by sitting at home without any investment? Then you have landed at the right place. Here, we will tell you the most profitable business model which you can start with zero investment just by sitting at home. We will provide the whole in and out about the bedsheet reselling business. You will get to know how the bedsheet reselling business works, and how you can start, grow, and earn. We will also tell you about the genuine wholesaler with whom you can connect to do this business. 

What Is Bedsheet Reselling Business

A bedsheet reselling business offers the opportunity for you to start your own brand of bedsheet reselling. Reselling means buying in bulk directly from manufacturers and reselling them to retail consumers at a profit. This can be done by anyone with little knowledge of the matter. There are plenty of benefits of doing reselling business with bedsheets. You can grow your business and earn an ample amount of money if you do this reselling business in the right way. 

Benefits of Bedsheet Reselling Business

When there are many products in the market, why should one opt for a bedsheet reselling business? Well, here we will understand some of the benefits of a bedsheet as a product for reselling business which would help you understand why one should choose it for reselling. 

1. Bed Sheet comes in the category of home decor which has the least competition. 

2. Bedsheets are the products in which you will hardly get any size issue, so there are fewer chances of return or exchange of the product. 

3. One can easily get high-quality products as there is a huge variety available. 

4. These products could easily sell through both online and offline channels. 

5. As we already understood, there are fewer chances of return, but with this product, you can earn a high profit. 

6. These products provide high margins as compared to other products for reselling. 

Trustworthy Wholesaler For Bedsheet Reselling Business

Now, let’s know the profile of a genuine and trustworthy online wholesaler with whom you can connect on WhatsApp and start your business. As a reseller, you can take products from them, on a one-on-one basis. You can easily do your bedsheet reselling business by connecting with them. What you need to do when you get an order is place it with the wholesaler and the wholesaler will directly deliver the product to the customer’s place. So, let’s get the complete information about the wholesaler:

1. Name of the wholesaler is JVLT i.e. Jay Vaibhav Laxmi Traders. 

2. They have been manufacturing bedsheets for the past 20 years. 

3. Initially, they were selling offline and there were many offline retailers who took products from them. 

4. Recently, they started online selling through reselling business. They give their products to resellers so that the resellers can sell the products further. 

5. As a reseller, you can take products from them at wholesale price and sell them further to customers. 

6. They have 3000+ resellers connected to them who sell their products online through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. 

7. They manufacture different categories of bedsheets. 

8. You can connect with hostels, and hospitals for bulk orders and take from the wholesaler to sell. 

9. They have a manufacturing area where their products are manufactured, a storage area where their products are stored, a packaging area where the packaging of their products is done, online orders area where orders from customers are taken and indirectly dispatched to customers. 

10. They also provide COD to trusted resellers

11. They also provide return and exchange services to the resellers in case of any problem. 

You can connect with them to become their reseller through their WhatsApp number 8979039496. Tell them about you so that people could trust that you are a genuine reseller

They will add to their broadcast list and update products on a daily basis. 

How to Sell Bedsheets

Now, here we will understand how you could sell bedsheets as a reseller. Before selling you should understand your ideal customer. For bedsheets, ladies between the age of 25 to 55 years are the ideal customers. In general, these products sell on the basis of recommendations. Most of the sales orders you get are done with your friends and family members.

To grow outside your group, you can make affiliates. Start with your surroundings to find who all want to do online business with you and make them affiliates. Tell them to sell your product as an affiliate in return for a fixed commission. With this technique, you can make as many affiliates as you want. Those affiliates will further sell your product and you can earn a good amount. 

So, with this, we have discussed everything about the bedsheet reselling business including how you can start, grow, and get success. I hope you would have liked reading this article. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is selling bed sheets profitable?

Yes, a bedsheet is a home decor product that always remains in demand and one can earn a huge profit with it. 

Q. How do I start selling bedsheets online?

Firstly, find a genuine wholesaler to take bedsheets from them at wholesale price. Invest time and money in social media marketing, connect with the audience through WhatsApp, solve their queries and sell bedsheets to them. 

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