Best Facebook Marketing Strategies to Sell products in 2022

Are you into selling or Reselling Business and looking to sell on Facebook? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog, I will tell you the best Facebook Marketing Strategies you should follow to sell products on Facebook and grow your business online.

(Agar aap Selling or reselling business mai ho to aap bilkul sahi jagah aae ho. Yaha mai aapko Facebook Marketing Strategies btaunga jo aapke business ko grow karne mai help karenge).

Facebook for sales is one of the great platforms for online sales. It even has the Marketplace where you can post the content of your product and start selling. Facebook has more than 310 Million Indian users which is way more than any other social media channel and that’s the reason most businesses spend millions on Facebook Marketing Strategies.

(Facebook ek sabse bdia platform hai products sell karne ka. Facebook pai 310 Million esse Indian users hai jo haar week Facebook Check karte hai. Yahi reason hai ki bade bade business Facebook Marketing Strategies pai invest karte hai).

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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Free Promotion

Facebook Marketing
Free Promotion

The first thing you have to do is to create a Facebook Brand Profile and start posting products and other stuff on it. Don’t do it on your personal Facebook page create a separate one for your brand.

What’s more to learn on facebook marketing strategies (Facebook digital marketing) for your online business?

( Free Promotion mai sabse pehle Facebook pai aapko Page create karna padega)

Sell on Facebook
Create Post

Now the next thing is posting. If you want to attract the local audience you first have to post the stuff they would like. Like post local News, Memes related to your local area, and give a shootout to local people. This way you can grow your Facebook followers. Once you grow your Facebook Followers you can start porting the Products and don’t forget to post memes and news on a daily basis so you won’t lose your Followers.

(Page create karne kai bad usme daily post dalna shuru karo or audience attract karne kai liye isme Meme, Local news or Shoutout daalo taki log zyada share kare or jisse aapki account ki reach increase ho)

For Example, I have created a page named Surat Fashion and to attract the local audienceI started posting Memes and local news along with the products to gain followers and sales.

(Maine Surat Fashion kai name se Page banaya tha usme daily Memes, Local news daali or audience grow kari or sath sath products bhi post kare jisse mere sale bhi increase hue)

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell your Products on Facebook, It’s Facebook’s own Marketplace for resellers and sellers where they can post their products and can easily grow their sales. Buyer can filter their search by location, Price, and Category to get the product they want.

Marketing FB
How to Share Products In Facebook Market Place

(Facebook Marketplace, Facebook ki khud ki marketplace hai jaha seller or resellers products daal skte or buyer vaha aake products dekh skte hai or order bhi kar skte hai )

Now what most of the Resellers doing wrong is that they select the wide-area like 100-200 Km to get more reach but this reach won’t help you to get more sales. To get more sales try to select areas between 20-30 Km to get more and more sales.

(Marketplace mai bhut saare seller bhut bada area select karte hai jaise 100-200 Km jisse reach bad skti hai lekin sale nahi. Agar sale increase karni hai to area 20-30 Km hi select karo)

The next thing which you might be doing wrong is that you are posting Branded or First Copy products. Facebook doesn’t allow you to post Branded or First copy products in its Marketplace. To solve this Problem you can go to the and upload your product image there. On Canva you can edit your products image and can blur the Brand logo or name on Canva.

( Agar aap branded ya First copy products daaloge to Facebook block kar dega. Usse bachne kai liye, Facebook pai post daalne se pehle use pai edit karo. Canva pai Product ki photo daal kar Brand ka logo or name blur kar do)

The next thing which you should keep in mind while posting products is to do branding of your products on Facebook. While Posting the Products try to post your brand logo, your contact number, and your business details. Through this, you can do the branding of your business and whenever the users saw your post they will come to know who posted this and easily get the business details

(Dusri Cheez jo zyada tar log nahi karte, vo apne brand ki details or logo nahi attach karte. Agar aapko apne business grow karna hai to aapne business ki branding acchi tarah karni hogi. Apne product content mai brand logo lagao or contact details daalo taaki jabh bhi aap post karo to user ko dikh jaeki ye post aapka hai)

So, these are the Facebook Marketing strategies to grow your sales with Facebook Market place. If you want a positive result then do follow these facebook marketing strategies.

Which one is the next facebook marketing strategies you should learn?

Facebook Paid Promotion (Facebook Marketing Strategies)

Paid Promotion is the best way to increase the sales and reach of your business. If you are willing to spend little and get the most out of it then you should try Facebook Paid Promotion. You can take help from Facebook Ad agency for this purpose. By just spending Rs 100 you can easily get reach 1000-2000 Facebook Users. Facebook Paid promotion is the best way to get sales and reach quickly.

Facebook Ad Agency
How to Do Paid Promotion

(Paid Promotion ek sabse badiya tarika hai apne business ki reack or sales increase karne ka, Agar aap Facebook Ads mai Rs 100 spendkarte ho to aapko 1000-2000 ki reach easily mil sakti hai)

How to Get the Best Results From Paid Promotion

· Create a page on Facebook (Facebook pai page bnao)

· Post a slideshow video of products that showcase all of your products ( Products ki slideshow bnao jisme saare products showcase karo)

· After posting the Video, Boost it. While boosting make sure to select the Relevant Audience. ( Video daalne kai bad unhe boost kar do)

· Select the budget of Rs 100. ( budget Rs 100 ka Select karo)

Once you AD approved by Facebook you can easily get a reach of 1000-2000 users, with this reach you can easily get the queries of 100-200 people and if you are a great Reseller you can easily convert 20-30 into sales. So by just spending Rs 100, you can get 20-30 sales which is really great Return on Investment.

( Jaise hi aapki Ad approve hogi aapko aaram se 1000-2000 ki reach mil jaege. 1000-2000 ki reach mai aapko 100-200 logo ki query mil jaege jisme atleast20-30 log to product le lenge)

If you want to gain full knowledge of marketing FB Ads then WhatsApp or Email us and we willprovide you an in-depth knowledge of Facebook Ads strategy.

So, with this we have discussed everything about facebook marketing strategies that will help to grow your online business. To get more knowledge about Facebook marketing and digital marketing, buy our courses from social seller website.

Facebook For Sales
How to Run Ads
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