Best Home Business Ideas 2022

Are you looking for home business ideas? If you want to start your own home-based business, then look no further. Here we are sharing one of the best business ideas which you can do by sitting at home.

The business idea we are sharing here is selling kitchenware or home decor products from home. This is nothing but a reselling or dropshipping business of kitchenware of home decor products. You will be able to browse the whole business model right from where to outsource, which is the best wholesaler, and how you can do this business without any investment.

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How to Choose a Product For Reselling or Dropshipping Business?  

If you want to do reselling or drop shipping business, then you should choose products that are free from size issues and quality issues. Also, the product should be available easily, have good demand, and be easy to ship. If you take care of all these points, then you could be easily successful in reselling your business. Kitchenware and home decor is the best category for reselling business, which covers all these points. You can start selling initially with WhatsApp groups. When your business grows, then easily you can dropship by creating your website.

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Benefits of Choosing Kitchenware and Home Decor Products For Dropshipping

There are many benefits of choosing kitchenware and home decor products for a dropshipping business. These benefits include:

1. These products are in high demand. 

2. They have low delivery costs.

3. These products provide a high-profit margin. 

Both products are very profitable products using which online selling can be done easily.

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Best Supplier For Kitchenware and Home Decor Products

Where to get these products? There are many online suppliers in India who can provide you best-quality kitchenware or home decor products at the best price. Here, we are featuring one of the best wholesalers of kitchenware and home decor products. We have chosen the wholesaler after doing proper research, verification, and comparison. 

1. The name of the wholesaler is Sagar Patil. 

2. Their brand name is

3. Today, there are 5000+ resellers connected to them.

4. They have 2000+ products in their stock.

5. On a daily basis, they ship 500+ products.

6. They have varieties of kitchenware and home decor products. 

7. Currently they are operating from Sangli, Pune.

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How to Sell Home-decor Products Online?

1. Connect

The first step is to connect with the wholesaler. Take product images from them. Also, ask them for product prices, so that you can add up your margin to the price. 

2. Create Catalogue

In the next step, create your own product catalogue. For this, visit and select an A4 size template. Put all the images one by one and add your prices. Also, don’t forget to write your brand name. Canva allows you to create PDF catalogues free of cost. You can also download the catalogue by clicking on the “Download” button. 

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3. WhatsApp Group Marketing

Now, create multiple WhatsApp groups in which you can add your friends and family members at the initial level. Once you are done with adding or creating a WhatsApp group, you need to update them on a daily basis. 

Also, you should necessarily keep different numbers for marketing and sales. Most people do marketing and sales with one number only, you should avoid doing this. Use different phones for marketing in which you will create different WhatsApp groups, upload photos, and display profiles. When customers want to buy the product, redirect them to another number, which is only for sales. Keep marketing and sales completely separate. 

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4. Database

Slowly, when you start doing business, you will start developing databases. You will have a wide collection of phone numbers. Collect a huge customer database. 

5. Update

Use bulk WhatsApp marketing software to update people in one go. In WhatsApp groups also, you can upload the products in limited quantities. Also, you can’t use broadcast features to continuously update people. You need software to update 1000s of people every month. There is a software named” bulk WhatsApp” for this. 

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How to Use Bulk WhatsApp

Simply go to bulk WhatsApp and create your account. Go to your devices, scan the QR code, and start your WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp will be started once scanning is done.

Now, simply go to the campaign below, then navigate through the broadcast, and select which type of message you want to send. For example, text, text and image, text and button, etc. Attach pdf catalogue. Copy and Paste the numbers where you want to broadcast and click on the save button below. You can easily broadcast to customers with this tool. The tool allows you to message 10000+ people in 1 day. 

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How to Grow This Business (Home Business Ideas)

There is a time when you need to shift your business to a website. But you need to understand the difference between an eCommerce website and a normal website. You can’t shift directly to an eCommerce website at the initial level. Initially, you should build a social commerce website which means a WhatsApp store website. Build your eCommerce website only when you get 2000 to 3000 people to query per day. When you are not able to manage practically on WhatsApp, move to an eCommerce website in that situation. 

The social commerce website allows you to upload products easily as well as save the database of customers automatically. With this, you can directly redirect customers to the WhatsApp of your sales number. In social commerce websites, people don’t get the buy option, but they get the “Connect on WhatsApp” option. By clicking on the option, people will be able to connect with you on WhatsApp. Here you can continuously update them with products and do continuous selling. This is the best idea to grow your kitchenware and home decor business at a basic level. 

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How to Make a Social Commerce Website

Initially, if someone wanted to build a social commerce website, they only had the option to custom-build it. But now we have come up with a platform using which you can easily build your social commerce website. The platform is available on

The Process to Build a Social Commerce Website Through

Visit the website and then find and move to the “become a seller” option. There you will get the option to “create your WhatsApp store”. After finishing the sign-up process, you will be able to create your social commerce website free of cost. Fill in the brand details and upload business videos, if any. Your WhatsApp store will be created and the people who connect with you will redirect to your WhatsApp. You will also be able to see the leads in the dashboard. Like this, you will be able to do your business through social commerce websites.

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How to Grow Website/ Sales

Whatever product you are selling, search for that particular product online on YouTube. You will get marketing videos related to that product. Take any video of your choice and use it for Facebook advertisements. By running the Facebook ADs campaign with these videos, you can bring huge traffic to your website. When you run Facebook ADs, you give money to Facebook and in return, Facebook gives you leads. The only thing you need to do is match how much money you are investing in ADs and how many leads you are getting back. 

Sales should be done completely on WhatsApp. WhatsApp API is best for the sales process. Through WhatsApp API, you can sell on WhatsApp at a big level.

This is all you need to know about doing and growing the reselling or dropshipping business of kitchenware or home decor products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of business should I start?

If you want to earn ample money by sitting at home, then reselling or dropshipping business is the best idea. 

Q. What business can I start with no money?

Online selling business for Kitchenware and home decor products can be started with no money.

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