Best Shirt Wholesaler For Reselling Business

If you are looking to start an online reselling or dropshipping business by taking shirts as the main product, then this blog would be helpful for you. The very first thing a reseller needs to do in a reselling business is the genuine wholesaler of the supplier to get the best product at the best possible price. Here, we are going to solve that issue only. We are featuring the best shirt wholesaler based in Delhi. 

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Genuine and Trustworthy Shirt Wholesaler

Now let’s get the detail about the genuine, trustworthy, and professional shirt supplier for reselling or dropshipping business:

  • The wholesaler we are talking about is SG Clothing
  • The name of the founder is Jaspreet Singh. 
  • They started their business in 2016 and we have been connected with them since 2017.
  • They are operating their business from Delhi.  
  • Jaspreet basically designs shirts and then passes them to manufacturers. After manufacturing, manufacturers send the branded high-quality shirts back to them.
  • They deliver the shirts to resellers at a very reasonable price. Resellers sell their shirts further. 
  • Their main aim was to bring the shirts in the affordable range and avail them to the people so that people could easily buy and resellers could easily sell the shirts. 

Initially, resellers were hardly able to sell shirts as they were costly. SG Clothing has brought the prices very down to make them easily affordable by both resellers and people. 

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How Their Business Gets Started

Initially, they had a customer outlet i.e. a small shop. From there they started sharing their products on Facebook as in 2016-17, people used to sell online on Facebook. Then after the trend of WhatsApp began, they started selling on WhatsApp. Till then, they were working on a direct B2C model and were selling directly to customers. But slowly resellers started coming into the market. 

The owners of SG Clothing came to know that the new segment is coming to the market and it is essential to serve them too. The business also picked up very fast from there. After the growth of resellers and technology, their business passed from B2C to B2R. They started focusing majorly on resellers. Also, they have invested a lot in photography. In the coming time, they are going to launch their mobile app from where all the resellers can easily buy the products. 

When they started in 2016, their per day sales were 2 to 3 shirts. Today, they sell out 250 to 300 shirts per day. In every shirt, their margin is somewhere between Rs 70 to 80. Today, Jaspreet has more than 3000 resellers who are successfully working with them online, generating revenue, and helping them to grow their business. 

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What Are Their Growth Factors

Let’s know what are the special factors on which they work for their business growth:

1. Photography

They focused on the photography of products right from the initial days of their business. Actually, photographs are the things that sell online, instead of the product. Customers buy any product only after seeing the photo. 

2. Product Review

They kept on getting good reviews from their customers due to their good quality products.  They used to show those reviews to people. 

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3. Product Quality

They always kept the quality of the product genuine. They kept the quality very good according to the price range.

4. Affordable Price 

They always kept the price affordable instead of keeping it extraordinary. They have tried to keep them in a range so that the resellers can easily sell and earn a margin.

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How to Do Business by Connecting With Them

Let’s now understand their business process and how you could do business with them as a reseller:

If you want to do business with them, simply message them on their WhatsApp number 8901112611. They will verify with you after connecting as there are many fake resellers available in the market. They will verify whether you are a genuine and professional seller or not by checking your page, group, etc. Once verified they will add you to their broadcast list. 

You will get their broadcast update on a daily basis. Whenever you want to place an order with them, simply message them and they will create a final group. You will need to put the order, photo of the article, and payment screenshot in the final group. 

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As they receive an order, they keep the order separately. After that, the packaging of the order is done and the product gets dispatched the same day. You will get the tracking ID on WhatsApp. Their whole business process runs like this. 

They were working on prepayment till now. They are going to launch cash-on delivery very soon. Also, they are well-known due to their exchange feature. They easily provide exchange in case of any inconvenience. Customer support is very important and is available with very few wholesalers. There is always a benefit with Jaspreet that they provide very good customer support. 

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Some Tips to Do Business With Them 

If you also want to do business with them, here are some tips that you should follow:

Build a Shopify business, take products from the wholesaler and display them on the Shopify website. With a little investment, you could easily create your brand. If you have orders in bulk, you can place orders for them to build your own brand. This is the best product for doing dropshipping business as they could sell out very fast, because of affordable price, good quality, good photography, etc. 

So, this is all about the best shirt wholesaler for the resellers to call out a reselling business. In the future, they are planning to shift their customers from WhatsApp to reselling apps and do all the transactions through that reselling app. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the best place to sell shirts?

The best way to sell shirts is by selling them online through social media platforms or the Shopify website. 

Q. What is the best quality for printing shirts?

Cotton and polyester

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