Best 5 Ways to Make Money From Blogging

Ways to Make Money From Blogging
Blogging Revenue

Blogging Meaning

Blogging is the act of creating and sharing information via the internet. Blogs are written by people who have something to say and want to share it with others. For example, blogger meaning is a person who writes blogs. You can think of a blog as a journal that anyone can read, but you don’t have to be an expert in order to publish your own content. You just need a computer or other device that allows you to post content online, such as WordPress or Blogger. You can easily make money from blogging, if done right

There are many different types of blogs out there, depending on what kind of audience they’re targeting. Some blogs are written for parents who want to share tips about raising children; other blogs are aimed at businesses looking for new ways to connect with customers; and still others focus on education or entertainment for their readers.

The point is that blogs are everywhere! They cover everything from politics and current events all the way down to gossipy stories about celebrities who’ve gone through divorces or gotten into fights with neighbors over parking spaces! These are some of the blogging examples.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise with the world. It’s also a great way to find new clients and build your brand. If you’re not sure where to start, let us help you get started by sharing this handy guide on how to blog!

Best Appraoches for Blogging

The approaches that can be used to make money from blogging are:

● Google AdSense

● Affiliate marketing


● Paid ads and collaboration

Reselling business

Reselling business is one of the best approaches to make money from blogging. Here, let’s learn how to do reselling business through blogging. You can divert your blog readers into reselling business and sell products to them to generate income.

(Blogging se paise kamane ke bahut sare tarike hain, par reselling business unme se best approach hai. Blogging se reselling business karke aap samaan bech sakte hain aur bahut sare paise kama sakte hain.)

Set Up Your Blog and Connect With Reselling Business

Blogger Money
Money From Blogging

Basically, blogging refers to creating a WordPress website in a particular niche and continuously posting content in it. When people search for that particular content on Google, your website may appears in front of them and from there you may get traffic. You need to divert that traffic to your blog and then to the reselling business, from where you can generate maximum revenue.

(Blogging me aap 1 WordPress website banate hain aur usme content post karte hain. Jab Google par log us content ke bare me search karte hain to ho sakta hai ki aapki website unko dikhe aur jisse aapko bahut sara traffic mile. Aapko us traffic ko apne blog par bhejna hai aur phir reselling business. Isse log aapka samaan kharidne ka mann banayenge aur aap paise kamayenge.)

Steps to Create a Blog and Make Money From Blogging

Blogging How to Start
How to Create a Blog

Here, we will discuss all the steps required to create a blog in order to make money from blogging:

Step 1: Register Your Domain For The Blogger Website

Domain Purchase

The first step is to create your own blogging website on WordPress (blogger with WordPress) which can be easily done through Hostinger. Visit Hostinger’s website and choose the plan according to your requirement. Then, click on add to cart. Now, choose your domain and continue with the checkout process by choosing any suitable payment option such as UPI etc.

(Khudka blog banane ki pehli step me aapko khudki blogging website banana hai, jo aap Hostinger se bana sakte hain. Iske liye aap Hostinger ki website me jaye aur apni zarurat ke hisab se plan chune. Phir add to cart par click kare. Apna domain chune aur payment kare.)

Now, go to the premium web hosting’s setup and click on claim free domain and connect your domain with it by searching for it. You will be asked to either migrate the old website or build a new 1, select according to your requirement.

(Ab premium web hosting ke setup par jaye aur ‘claim free domain’ par click karke usse domain ko connect kare. Ya to aap purani website ko migrate kar sakte hain ya 1 nai website bana sakte hain.)

The next step is to select a platform where you need to click on WordPress, as here we are creating a blog website in WordPress. Then they will ask you to create a WordPress account by selecting a suitable theme for your website. Update the location according to our requirements. As you complete the domain registration, your website is all ready to start.

(Agli step me aapko WordPress ka account banana hai aur achchi si theme chunna hai. Location update kare. Jaise hi aapka domain registration pura ho jayega, aapki website ready ho jayegi.)

When you log in to, you may see two options: dashboard and control panel. Click on the dashboard and you will be redirected to the backend of your WordPress website, from where you can upload posts.

(Jaise hi aap par login karenge, aapko 2 options milenge, dashboard aur control panel. Aapko dashboard par click karna hai, jisse aap WordPress website ke backend me chale jayenge. Waha se aap post daal sakte hain.)

Now, learn what is the 2nd step in the process to make money from blogging.

Step 2. Research Topics For The Blog

Blogging in Google
Blog Topics

To write a blog post, you need to first perform thorough research for the topic. You will need to find out blogging anme idea. Ubersuggest is the perfect research tool to come up with an adequate topic. For that, put the keyword (1 or 2 words relating to the topic) in the search bar and you will find the topics that are on-trend related to that particular keyword.

You can select the topic according to the search volume (how many people are searching for that particular keyword). High search volume means more people want to know about that particular keyword or topic.

(Koi bhi blog likhne se pehle aapko topic search karna hoga. Iske liye aap Ubersuggest tool ka use kar sakte hain. Search bar me keyword daale aur aapko usse related topics trending topics milenge. Aap search volume ke hisab se topic chun sakte hain. Zada search volume ka matlab hai ki zada log us keyword ya topic ke bare me jaanna chahte hain.)

What is the 3rd step to make money from blogging?

Step 3. Create Content For Your Blog

Content Creation
Content Creation

Add creatives and images to your blog. For that, you can take photos of products from Pinterest. Do not forget to mention the reference of source to the photos. Moreover, you can make your own creatives using “Canva”. Creatives or graphics add more value to your blog and may attract more traffic.

(Ab aapko apne blog ke liye creatives aur images add karna hai. Iske liye aap Pinterest se samaan ki photos le sakte hain. Photos ke source ka reference daalna na bhule. Canva se aap blog ke liye khud bhi creatives bana sakte hain. Creatives ya graphics aapke blog me zada traffic laane me help karte hain.)

Let’s know the 4th step to make money from blogging.

Step 4. Redirect Traffic to Reselling Business

Redirect Traffic to Website

Now, divert the traffic from blog to your reselling business. For that, ask your blog traffic for ‘call to action’ by mentioning WhatsApp number, email address or website link. The people click on any one or all, according to their requirement and take action to buy the product.

(Ab aapko traffic ko blog se apne reselling business par bhejna hai. Iske liye aap website ki link, email address ya whatsapp number daal kar logo ko action lene ke liye bole. Jab bhi log samaan kharidna chahenge to link par click karke aapke reselling business tak pahuch jayenge aur aapse samaan kharidenge.)

Step 5. Blog Marketing For Reselling Business

There are two techniques used for blog marketing, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing refers to the process when people come to you by searching through Google. Outbound marketing refers to the process when you are doing marketing by yourself using different social media platforms so that people get aware of your business and products.

Some of the applications used for outbound marketing are:

Facebook ads


● WA server for bulk WhatsApp marketing

(Blog marketing karne ke liye 2 techniques hoti hain, inbound marketing aur outbound marketing. Inbound marketing log Google par search karke aap tak aate hain. Aur outbound marketing me social media platforms ka use karke logo ko apne bare me batate hain.)

What’s next in how to make money from blogging through reselling business?

Best Products to Successfully Make Money From Blogging

If you want to succeed in your reselling business through blogging as well as make money from blogging, then there are some best or trending products you may choose for:

● Jewellery

● Watches

● High-quality T-shirts

● Bags

● Footwears

Selling low quality or low margin products through blogs will not help you to gain more profit.

So always choose products that may help you to earn more margin and should be in trend.

(Agar aap blogging karke reselling business me kamyab hona chahte hain, to aapko zada margin wale samaan chunna chahiye.)

So, here we have learnt how we can make money from blogging through reselling business.

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