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There are many resellers or businesspersons who want to create websites to do online business. For them, there are many tools and apps to create an eCommerce website for free. In this blog, we will give you detailed information about how to create an eCommerce website without any investment. We will give you a brief about some of the best website builder apps using which you can create an eCommerce website without any investment or with just a little investment. These tools will help you to create your own eCommerce or drop shipping business. 

The best website builder app can help you build your own high-quality website in just a couple of minutes. You don’t need to be an expert web designer to use it. In fact, most of them are pretty easy to use even if you have never built a website before. And this is why they have been very popular among small businesses that don’t have time or resources to learn how it works.

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6 Best Website Builder Apps

1. Shop 101

If you have recently started your eCommerce business and want to create your website, then Shop 101 is the best app for you. It is a simple app that enables you to easily create an eCommerce website according to your needs. Initially, it was completely a website builder application. But now it is converted into a reselling application, but still you can make a website for your business using the app. 

To create an eCommerce website using Shop 101, visit the app and go to “Settings”. From there you can create a website with a subdomain. Later on, you can customise it and convert the website into your own domain name. The website enables you to upload products and see the traffic and sales on the website. You can easily manage the website through a mobile application. 

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2. Instamojo

If you are selling any specified 1 or 2 products, then Instamojo is the best option for you to create a website. With Instamojo, you can create your website or list the products. Basically,  Instamojo is a payment gateway website but they also have a feature using which you can create your product catalogue. You can list your product there and take a link and forward it to your customers. From the link, customers open your website and select the product which they want to buy and purchase the product. 

The only recommendation is not to list too many products in it as the interface is not very good. The payment process is good but a little shortcoming is it does not have a good interface for many products at a time. 

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3. Selz is also an effective tool to create an eCommerce website. This is a little heavy eCommerce website builder and this should only be used to build a professional website. Hence, if you want a professional eCommerce website then only use Selz. They provide both trials and paid versions to their customers. It is a very easy and user-friendly website builder.

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4. Godaddy

If you want to create a simple website with your own domain name then this is the best option available. In case you are ready to invest at least 2000 Rs per month, then you can create your eCommerce website with Godaddy. This website builder provides many features using which you can make a website. You can create normal, blogging, or eCommerce websites with this tool. To build an eCommerce website with Godaddy, visit the website and select eCommerce, and then click on “Create”. 

It is not a suitable and reliable tool for listing multiple products because its SEO ranking is very low. The website you create is not very interactive and mobile-friendly.

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5. Shopify

If you are not having any troubles related to money, then there is no other better platform than Shopify. It is one of the most used and recommended website builders all over the world. Most drop shippers and online sellers use Shopify to build their eCommerce websites. It is the top online website builder eCommerce platform. You can create interactive websites and also can put various themes into them using this tool.

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6. Boutir

Last but not least on the list of best website builder apps is It is one of the best mobile apps to build an eCommerce website. You can create a website with it for free of cost which means without any investment. The tool enables you to create a very good and interactive website in the easiest possible manner. The structure of this app is very good. The tool also allows you to integrate the website with various other platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook pixel, etc. Facebook pixel helps you to easily retarget your customers, and increase your sales and conversion a lot. With this, you can upload products in many ways and create a catalogue.

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If you are about to create an eCommerce website, then sell only low-priced products on the website. Website is not very beneficial if the product is more expensive, as customers could not easily pay if the product is priced more. For expensive products, most customers prefer to interact with sellers before paying for the product. That is why WhatsApp is effective at selling high-priced products. 

If you want to build your own custom website from scratch then contact +6260276927. We will create a personalised website from the source for you according to your requirements and suitability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best app for creating websites?

With the Boutir app, you can easily create an eCommerce website. 

Q. Can I make an e-commerce website for free?

Yes, there are many platforms that enable you to make eCommerce websites for free or with little investment. 

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