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Today we will know about the reselling business which started with just INR 30,000 and today is generating more than 20 crores of revenue per month. This is one of the fastest-growing startups in India and its name is We will cover the complete case study about and come to know about their marketing strategy and product strategy. By using their strategy, you can also start the same type of startup. Further, by walking on the same footprint you can also start your business at a small level. So, let’s read the detailed case study of

About The Company,

This company was registered in 2012 by its founders, Prabhkiran Singh and Siddarth Munot. They both were IITians and were fond of becoming entrepreneurs from their college time. During their college time, they first started doing domain reselling. They bought a domain named in 2010 and thought to use it for their business. 

They have done many businesses during college time including a t-shirt printing business in which they received a good response. Hence, they thought of taking and growing that business further. Their idea was to print trending dialogues on t-shirts. As soon as they launched the business, they started receiving very good responses. With the business, they have raised more than 84 crores in funding till now. 

Business Model

Their business model is very simple, they wanted to bring all the trending quotations and dialogues into lifestyle and fashion. Whatever goes trendy, they use to print in t-shirts. Before jumping into selling their products, they created their social media base. They have created their meme page and after its growth, they jumped into eCommerce and selling. In just 3 months, they got 75000+ followers and likes on Facebook

The main reason for their success is that organic traffic directly gets forwarded to their website from social media. Through their social media handles, they used to get more than 5 lakhs of traffic per month. They ship their products in 90+ countries and their overall fanbase is more than 17 lakhs. 

The Instagram page of has more than 10 lakh followers. They have more than 3000+ t-shirt styles that they offer to their customers. The main factor about their startup is it is deeply connected with Bollywood. Also, they become an official merchandise partner of big banners like Yashraj, t-series, etc, 

Growth Analysis of

Let’s now understand what they have done that gave them very instant growth and converted it into a big company. There are 7 parameters of growth that help to grow very soon. You can also include these 7 parameters in your business and grow it like them. is growing by 15 to 20% each month by using these parameters. Let’s increase our awareness about these 7 parameters:

1. Business Name

The first parameter for the success of their business is their quirky and attractive business name. is a name that gets pasted to anyone’s mind forever if they heard about it once. People visit their website again and again due to their name. 

2. Social Media Campaign

The second biggest factor of their success is their viral social media campaign. Their social media marketing strategy is very strong. They kept on posting content which is more familiar to the people from day 1. If you visit their social media page, you will find that their page is loaded with very good memes. They don’t have any requirement to invest in paid marketing as their followers themselves get converted into their customers. Their marketing and product both are related to their niche and that is entertainment. 

3. High Product Margin

The margin they earn by selling their products is very high. In every t-shirt, they make 50 to 100% of their earnings. 

4. First Mover Advantage 

Their business was the first in the market of their type. There were no such startups in India when their startup started. There were no such platforms available that could provide such customised t-shirts and continuously keep them updated. 

5. Social Commerce First

The fifth important point of their success is they first started with social commerce and then shifted to eCommerce. Many startups make the mistake of suddenly jumping on an eCommerce website and due to this they don’t get any profit and their business fails. To get success in your business, you should not directly jump into the eCommerce website.  

6. Change According to Trend

They are still stable in the market and growing continuously because they continuously change according to trends. There is no other eCommerce website that can change its products according to trends. They don’t keep the pre-manufactured t-shirts with them, they put the image of the t-shirt with a trendy quotation on social media, and whenever they get an order, they manufacture and sell it. 

7. Zero Dead Stock

The next point for the success of their business is they don’t have any dead stock, as they always work on demand. They work on a 100% margin as they always have livestock. 

Future Plan And Strategy

In an interview, the owners of revealed that right now they get 15% of orders on WhatsApp. They slowly moved from social commerce to eCommerce and now they are again moving towards social commerce, which means WhatsApp selling. Not only them but there are also many other startups in India who are moving back to WhatsApp selling. In the future, their target is to do 25% of their selling through WhatsApp. They have the plan to increase their product range and choose many other products such as mobile covers, laptop covers, etc to do customization and selling. 

How You Can Implement Their Strategy in Their Business

Here are some strategies of Bewakoof which you can follow to grow your business:

1. Search for a good and unique brand name that is both funky and attractive. The name of the brand should be creative and should have good appeal to the audience.

2. Secondly, create your social media presence which means pages and campaigns. Instagram is in boom these days, which means you can get success very soon if you do content marketing on Instagram. Wait till your page gets 30K followers before launching your merchandise or website. 

3. Initially, you can launch a social commerce website or you can run your business through WhatsApp. Start with reselling and when you get a high order volume, you can easily print and sell t-shirts. 

4. Try to earn a good margin and keep on making your official merchandise partner. You will get bulk orders from merchandise partners. 

With this, you will be able to grow your business very fast. After the proper growth of your business, you don’t have any need to do anything, don’t create much content, just sit and invest in paid marketing. Create your proper company and raise funds from investors. You can also take out a loan. Through this, you can grow your business and team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the CEO of Bewakoof?

Prabhkiran Singh

Q. What is unique about Bewakoof?

Their unique and attractive business name and business idea. 

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