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Here we will tell you everything about the latest and very useful bulk WhatsApp marketing software. the name of the software is bulk broadcast software. This is a beneficial tool for businesspersons who want to WhatsApp marketing of their products or services. You will get a lot of features with the software. We will give you detailed information about how this software works and what are the crucial features of this bulk WhatsApp marketing software. Also, we will tell you about the opportunity to become a reseller and earn an ample amount of money by selling the software online.

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How Bulk Broadcast Software Works

Download the software and fill in the complete information. Then you will be asked to put the key. There are 2 types of keys: a trial key which is valid for 1 day and another a subscription key which is based on your subscription. You can try using the software with the trial key and then take the subscription of the software according to your necessity. Paste the key and click on “Activate” to start using the software. Now, you can use the tool and enjoy its features.

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Features of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

The tool provides a list of features to its users. In the dashboard, you will be able to see the statistics and analytics of how your business is performing. 

1. You will be able to see total messages, pending messages, auto-reply, welcome messages, pause messages, messages sent, etc. at the dashboard. 

2. The software enables you to connect multiple devices with it and also you will be able to see how many devices are connected. In short, you can log in with multiple WhatsApp numbers and create multiple instances. 

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How to Create Instances

Go to the “Devices” option, then write the name of the instance and click on “Create”. You will get a QR code, which will enable you to link your WhatsApp account.  With this, your instance will be created. By following the same procedure, you can create multiple instances. 

3. With the “Send message” option, you can send messages in multiple formats. You can send messages in the form of text, text with media, button, button with media, list, menu message, etc. The tool also allows you to send personalised messages. Send the messages by manually typing or with the help of templates. A welcome message is important to please your customer. Also, auto-reply is very important to keep your customer engaged and convert them into leads. You can create auto-replies on the basis of keywords.

4. The “Contacts” option allows you to feed and save contacts. 

5. The software also provides a very good feature which is named “Unsubscribe”. This is a crucial feature to prevent your WhatsApp account from getting banned. Usually, when a customer is not interested in your product or services and doesn’t want any updates from you, they report or block you. Continuous reporting and blocking may lead to an account ban. But with this feature, the customer would be able to unsubscribe, in case they are not interested in your product or service. They will unsubscribe rather than block and their number will appear in another list. Next time, whenever you create any campaign, that person will not receive it. The probability of your number getting banned decreases a lot. 

6. “Number filter” is also a good feature where you can filter the numbers and know which numbers are active on WhatsApp and which are or not. Suppose you get a database of numbers from any particular area. You put all those numbers on the software and it will tell you which numbers are active in WhatsApp and which are inactive. Add the active WhatsApp numbers to the senders’ list and they will appear in the “Send messages” column. 

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7. “Group grabber” is also a good feature to beat your competition. This feature allows you to grab their targeted customers. Enroll in the competitors’ WhatsApp groups from all of your WhatsApp numbers which you use as instances in the software. This feature will scrape all the numbers from all your competitors’ WhatsApp groups. Get the whole database of their customers. For achieving this, navigate through the instance and select your desired instance and then click on fetch group. Now, select any particular or multiple groups from which you want to fetch the database and tap on “fetch all”. You will get the database of customers from that particular group. 

8. From the “Report” option, you will be able to know the details of each and every campaign. In case you are doing marketing for the client, you can also export the report. 

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Why Is This Software Completely Safe?

The very crucial feature of this software is that your number will not get blocked instead of doing WhatsApp marketing and sending unlimited messages. 

From the “Settings” option, you can set the time duration to send messages. You can create multiple and unlimited instances without any failure. Login with 100 WhatsApp numbers and start your campaign hassle-free. The probability of getting blocked or banned decreases a lot. By using the “Unsubscribe” feature, customers will not report or block you to decrease the probability of getting banned. Keep a 15-16 seconds duration between each message so that WhatsApp will not know that you are sending through automated means. You can also set the sleep mode to put the system inactive after each and every cycle.

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How to Resell Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software?

The very important thing about this software is that you can resell it and earn money online. Create a reselling business by selling this software. You can earn a lot of profit just by sitting at home by selling this software. You can resell this software by using its marketing power only. The only requirements to resell this software are desktop, mobile phone, and multiple sims. We will provide complete training to resell this software. 

These days, every business needs this type of software to grow their business and stay ahead of their competitors. So, there is a great scope to earn a heavy amount by selling this software and starting your own reselling business. 

So, this is all you need to know about this bulk WhatsApp marketing software or bulk broadcast software

Read to learn more about this bulk WhatsApp marketing software..

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which is the best WhatsApp marketing software?

Bulk broadcast software

Q. How do I send bulk marketing messages on WhatsApp?

With the help of bulk broadcast software, you can easily send bulk marketing messages on WhatsApp. 

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