10 Business Ideas for College Students in India

Are you a college student in India who is looking for some part-time earnings? As a student, there are many wishes you won’t be able to fulfil due to lack of money. Or you want to support your parents from the early stage of your life along with your studies. Then, this blog will help you to do so. Here, we will let you read the 10 business ideas for college students to help them earn money. So, let’s start with this.

(Agar aap college student hain aur kuch part time paisa kamana chahte hain, to ye article aapki help karega. Yahan hum aise 10 tarikon ke baare mein baat karenge jinse aap college ki padhai karte huye side mein kuch paise bhi kama sakte hain.)

Idea 1: Notes Selling Business Ideas for College Students

best business idea for students
Notes Selling Business

Notes selling is the very first best online business ideas for college students. There are different priorities of college students when it comes to notes. Some prefer to make on their own, some take from their seniors, whereas the other students prefer to buy notes. They opt for the option according to their comfortability and requirement.

If you have your well-written notes, then you can sell them to earn some money. For this, compile your notes properly and make their pdf. You can use the tool camscanner to prepare the PDF.

Instamojo is the best app through which you can sell your notes by uploading them. Just register there and upload the notes. To sell your notes on Instamojo, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Make a PDF of your notes

online business idea for students
How to Sell Notes

Step 2- Go to Instamojo

Step 2 – Click on create new

Step 3- Click on add product from the Store product option

side business for students

Step 4- Click on the digital file

Step 5- Upload notes

Step 6- Make and upload a cover picture

Step 7: Write title and description

Step 8: Set price

Step 9: Click on the Save button

business idea for beginners in India

You will get a selling link using which you can sell your notes. Then promote your notes by using any free or paid marketing techniques. Once your link of notes gets viral, you will be able to earn a lot of money.

(Agar aapke paas achche se likhe huye notes rakhe hain to aap 1 achcha khaasa business kar sakte hain. Is business mein aap apne notes online bech sakte hain. Notes ko online bechne ke liye aap Instamojo name ka app use kar sakte hain.)

Idea 2: College Merchandise Business Idea for College Students

best business ideas for students
College Merchandise

College merchandise is another a great business ideas for college students. Most of the colleges have their t-shirts printed with their name. Custom designing in t-shirts is very popular in colleges. People use it to print slogans etc and use it in colleges. You can also use this merchandise online business to earn money. If there is any fest etc in college, the business will boom. You can buy high-quality t-shirts etc according to your choices from websites such as Vistaprint, Beyoung etc. You can easily earn money in your college using this business idea.

small business idea for students
How to Sell t-Shirts

(Aap custom t-shirts print karwa kar unko college mein bech sakte hain. Is business idea se aap acha khaasa paisa kama sakte hain. Kisi fest wagaira le samay to yeh business bahut zyada chalta hai.)

Idea 3: Meme Community Business Ideas for College Students

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Meme Community

Meme community business business ideas for students to earn money. These days, all the colleges manage their meme community. You might have found many meme pages belonging to different colleges on Instagram. You can also create a meme page for your college. To create interesting memes, you can use an app named meme chat. Memes are very sarcastic and people use to follow these meme pages for their entertainment or to gain some knowledge. After gaining enough followers, you can use that page to earn. There are many ways to earn money from meme pages. The major requirement to get success in this business idea is the creativity of your mind.

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How to Create Meme

(Aap apne college ka meme page bana kar bhi paise kama sakte hain. Jaise hi aapke meme page mein zyada followers aa jayenge, aap uska use karke paise kama payenge.)

Idea 4: Whatsapp Travel Agency Business Idea for College Students

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WhatsApp Travel Agency

This is also another option for college students to earn money and i.e. WhatsApp travel agency business ideas for enterpreneurship as college students. As college students, people need to travel a lot. You can become a travel agent to help such students book their tickets. You can get their tickets booked at low rates compared to online websites such as Makemytrip, Goibibo, etc. For this, you need to register on a B2B travel agency portal. There are 3 such genuine portals available in India and those are Tripjack, My partner by Makemytrip, and Akbar travels. You can book flight tickets, hotel rooms, etc for students and earn an ample amount of commission.

How to Book Tickets

(Aapne dekha hoga ki college students ko bahut zyada travel karna padta hai. Aise mein aap travel agent ban kar dusri companies se kam paise me tickets book karke paise kama sakte hain.)

Idea 5: Ready-to-eat Business Ideas For College Students

Ready to Eat Food

The college students who are not localides mostly do not get sufficiently good food. They always remain in search of good food to eat. Therefore, if you run a business selling ready-to-eat food, it would probably generate good part-time income. You can use brands such as Cupamania, moms, etc to keep ready-to-eat food. Or from somewhere else too, you can store the food items which you can sell to the students as required. This is also one of the best home business ideas for college students.

(Zyadatar college student jo hostel wagaira mein rehte hain, unhe achcha khana nahi mil pata hai. Wo hamesha acha khana khane ke liye pareshan rehte hain. Aise me aap ready to eat food unko zarurat ke samay bechkar achcha khasa paisa kama sakte hain.)

Idea 6: Reselling Business Ideas for College Students

Reselling Business

Reselling business is in a boom these days. But, as a college student, you should deal in a specific category for reselling business. Some of the niches for students to do reselling business are Snickers, watches, hoodies, or t-shirts. This business idea does not require any investment, you only need to connect with the supplier on WhatsApp. Then, you need to promote their products and sell them as you get the customer. You can get the details of genuine wholesalers through our website.

(Apne college ke dino me reselling business karke bhi aap paise kama sakte hain. But agar aap 1 student hain to aapko kuch selected categories me hi deal karna chahiye, jaise snickers, watches, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.)

Idea 7: Create a Social Media Website for Your College

Social Media Website

This is one of the best side business for students. Create a social media website by involving the students of your college. Facebook was started in the same way. By registering on the website, students can easily be able to connect. And in return, you can charge a subscription amount.

(Agla business idea me aap apne college students ko mila kar 1 social media website create kar sakte hain. Jab students us website mein register karenge to aap badle mein unse subscription amount lekar paise kama sakte hain.)

Idea 8: Student Enrollment Business Ideas For College Students

Students Enrollment

For this business idea, the colleges themselves are supporting students. In this business idea, if you enrol a new student in your college, the colleges offer a commission amount in return. You only need to help students to get college admission and in return, you will earn money.

(Aap naye students ko college mein admission dila kar bhi paisa kama sakte hain. Jab bhi koi bachcha aapke through college mein admission lega, to college badle mein aapko commission ke roop mein paise dega.)

Idea 9: Build Projects Business Idea for College Students

Build Project

If you are from an IT field or have certain skills which you can use as a freelancer, then you can earn money. Build projects online according to your time and earn money with it. To get projects as a freelancer, register yourself at websites such as Fiverr.com, Upwork, etc. This will not only help you to earn money but also become a master in the skill. Further, the developed skill will help you to get a job after college.

(Agar aapke paas koi aisi skill hai jisse aap ghar baith kar project bana sakte hain, to aap isse acha khasa paisa kama sakte hain. Aap us skill ka use karke freelancer ki tarah kaam kar sakte hain.)

Idea 10: Drop Servicing Business Idea for College Students

Drop Shipping Business Ideas for College Students

In this business idea, you only need management skills. You need to deal as an agent between the service provider and client. Contact any person who is great at certain skills and sell that skill. Add your commission amount along with the service provider fees.

(Drop servicing karke bhi aap college mein padhte huye paise kama sakte hain. Agar aap kisi ko jante hain jo kisi skill me mahir hai to aap uski skill ko bech sakte hain. Aapko uske liye client dhundhna hoga aur bich mein aap commission ke roop mein paise earn kar sakte hain.)

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