Content Marketing Explained : 6 Step Process

In this blog, we will be sharing every single detail about content marketing. We will explain the step by step process of how content marketing can be done. Also, you will get to know about the tools and software using which you will be able to easily handle your content marketing journey.

(Yahan par hum content marketing ke baare mein puri information denge. Aur sath hi aise tools and software ke bare mein bhi batayenge jinka use karke aap easily content marketing kar payenge.)

What Is Content Marketing ?

Content marketing is the process of creating, distributing and managing high-quality content that helps you reach your target audience. It involves a lot of research, planning, and creative work. Content marketing helps your company build a reputation for being reliable, informative and trustworthy. It also helps you build relationships with customers who trust you to provide them with valuable information about what’s new in your industry or product line.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful tool for any businesses. It is one of the most important elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. With it, you can stand out in the crowd and show your customers that you care about them. It also helps you build trust with potential customers, which will make it easier for them to buy from you.

This is especially important if you are selling a product that is not easy to find or produce, like handmade items or products made with natural ingredients. If your customers are looking for something unique or hard-to-find, it’s important that they feel confident about buying from you because they know that their purchase will be well-made and high-quality.

If your business sells products online, content marketing can help make sure that people see all of the information about your products—from reviews to price comparisons—in one place instead of having to search through different websites or social media posts.

In short, content marketing helps you connect with potential customers in meaningful ways through relevant high-quality content that they’ll want to share with their friends.

What Is The Purpose of Marketing ?

Content Marketing
Purpose of Marketing (Content Marketing)

People usually think that marketing is directly proportional to sales. But the notion is not correct. The actual purpose of Marketing is to build trust among the audience. It is trust which leads to building brand reputation and generating sales. Also, it increases the goodwill of the brand. Content marketing is the best technique to build trust among the audience. Marketing gives value to the audience for free and in return, you will gain their trust. That trust eventually leads to customers and sales.

The most important marketing technique these days is content marketing. Content marketing is important in every case, if you have an eCommerce, brand, startup, influencer, or want to grow your family business. It is a very important factor to scale up your business.

(Marketing ka asli maqsad sales nahi balki logon ka vishwas jitna hai. Agar log aap par aur aapke brand par vishwas karenge tabhi wo aapke customer banenge. Content marketing aapke business ko badhane me bahut helpful hota hai.)

How to Become a Content Creator ?

Content Creator

Let’s understand how to become a content creator and do content marketing for your business. When it comes to content marketing, there are many questions that come to the minds of the business owners such as;

●     Which platform to use for content marketing?

●     Which type of content should be created?

●     How to schedule content?

●     How to grow content?

This blog will help to deal with all your confusion and help you to become a content creator with ease. Before that, let’s understand the types of content.

2 Types of Content

2 Types of Content

2 Types Of Content

There are 2 types of content.

1). Engaging Content:

The content which we see on the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is known as engaging content. This is sharable content. Such contents are posts, reels, etc.

2). SEO Content:

The content which we see on the platforms like Quora, Google and YouTube is known as SEO content. These types of content appear as a search result when a user searches them on search engines. Such contents are blogs and videos etc.

If you want to show something to your audience, you should opt for engaging content. Whereas, if you want to inform something to your audience, you should opt for SEO content.

(Jo hum Instagram, Facebook jaise social media platforms par dekhte hain, wo engaging content hota hai. Aur jo Google aur YouTube jaise search engines par dekhte hain, wo SEO content hote hain. Jab humko audience ko apni product aur services dikhani hoti hai to hum engaging content banate hain. Aur jab hume audience ko kuch inform karna hota hai tab hum SEO content banate hain.)

Steps to Follow While Creating a Content

Content Creation

Here, we will tell you the step by step process to create and promote content. Following these 6 steps will help you to create content in the long run and get success from it.

Step 1- Content Research:

Content Research

Ask yourself about the topic in which you are interested and also which has demand in the market. You can check how many people are interested in a particular topic. For this, there are keyword research tools available. Some good tools for keyword research are Semrush, AHREFs, etc. Put your keyword in these tools and you will get to know how many people are searching for that particular keyword. Choose a keyword that has more search volume and low competition.

(Content research le liye sabse pehle aisa topic decide karen jisme aapko bhi interest ho aur logon mein uski demand bhi ho. Kisi bhi topic mein kitne log interested hain, ye pata karne ke liye aap Semrush aur AHREFs jaise tools ka use kar sakte hain.)

Step 2- Content Script:

Content Script

The second step of content marketing is scripting. Scripting is an art on its own. It is a very crucial step and success depends on how you script your content. Some powerful tools for scripting are Evernote, Trello, etc.

(Agli step mein aapko apne content ki scripting karna hai. Scripting ke liye aap Evernote aur Trello jaise tools ka use kar sakte hain.)

Step 3- Editing:

Editing Tools

The next step is shooting, editing, and production of content. Editing is the part where you make your content error-free and make it concise and precise. If your content is video, then Inshot, Powerdirector, Kinemaster, etc tools will be helpful to edit them.

(Agli step hai, content ki editing. Isme aap apne content ko edit karke errorfree aur concise banate hain.)

Step 4-Content thumbnail:

Content Thumbnail

Thumbnail is very important to define your content. It plays a crucial role to get clicks to your content. A good and attractive thumbnail gets more clicks as compared to a thumbnail that is not effective. The quality of content comes second, but the first thing that attracts clicks is thumbnails. You can design a thumbnail with the Canva tool. The thumbnail should contain personal branding.

(Kisi bhi content mein clicks laane ke liye thumbnails bahut important hote hain. Aap jitna achcha thumbnail banayenge, utne zyada aapko clicks aayenge. Thumbnail banane ke liye aap Canva tool ka use kar sakte hain.)

Step 5-Content posting:

Content Posting

Always make sure to optimize your content while posting. For optimization, the title of your content should contain the main keyword, description of the content should also contain primary and secondary keywords. Make sure to use hashtags. You can use the Buffer tool to automatically post content on all social media platforms.

(Content posting karne ke liye zaroori hai ki aap usko optimize karen. Iske liye aapko content ke title mein aur description mein keywords ka use karna chahiye. Buffer tool ka use karke aap sare social media platform par automatically content post kar sakte hain.)

Step 6-Content promotion:

Content Promotion
Google Adwords

Promotion of content is very important to make sure that maximum people look at your content. Good content also sometimes doesn’t perform well due to lack of promotion. Always make sure to promote your content on each platform.

For example, you can get the option of promoting your video on Google Ads, whenever you upload it. By investing a little amount of money, you will be able to attract the traffic of thousands of people. Similarly, you get the option of promotion whenever you post any content on Instagram. Further, you can also promote the content through the Facebook ADs manager. Whatever the medium of promotion you choose, you only need to assure that your content should be viewed by more than 5K people. Promotion leads to social sharing.

(Content ka promotion ya marketing karna bahut zaroori hai. Iske bina aap ka content achcha hote huye bhi kai baar achcha perform nahin kar paata hai.)

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