Dropshipping Business in India 

In this blog, you will get to know everything about dropshipping business in India. We will be everything right from what dropshipping is, how it works, to big dropshipping suppliers in India, the time and money required for dropshipping, and how to grow a profitable dropshipping business in India, etc. 

There is a myth among people in India that dropshipping business is like a magic wand and one can become rich overnight with it. People also keep on saying that this business can be started without any investment. But this is not the truth. Conversely, most people have lost their money due to the wrong implementation of the dropshipping business. The truth is that you need to invest both time and money in order to grow in the dropshipping business. Let’s learn here what are the requirements to get success in a dropshipping business

What Is Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is a business model that involves selling products directly to consumers through websites or apps. Dropshipping companies allow you to sell your products online, bypassing the need for a physical storefront. You can also use it as an opportunity to test new products or services before investing in a full-scale retail operation.

It is a single vendor eCommerce business that can be started and operated from anywhere just with a mobile phone and the Internet. In simple language, it is online trading in which you take a product from somewhere and sell it to somewhere by adding your margin. 

Why Use Dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows you to keep more of your profits by eliminating the need for inventory. You only pay for what you sell, so you spend less time and money on order fulfilment and marketing, which frees up more capital for other investments.

The word drop shipping was first used in countries like China and the USA. But it is also being used in India with the name reselling business. It is known as dropshipping in social media. In India, there are almost 50 lakhs+ people who are doing reselling business. They used to do dropshipping through WhatsApp and Instagram without having a website. 

How Does Dropshipping Work?

The first step in a dropshipping business is to create your own website or marketing page on social media. You should essentially create a brand logo and brand design in it. In short, you need to create an online store. 

Ask for pictures of the product from the suppliers or do your own photography. Post pictures and list the products in the store by adding your margin. Remember you don’t need to buy products from the supplier, but you only need to list them. 

When you get an order through WhatsApp, place it at the wholesaler. Wholesalers directly deliver products to the customers. The customers will get products on your behalf. The only thing you need to do is branding, marketing, and sales. Shipping of products, warehouse, and inventory all are the responsibilities of wholesalers. 90% of your dropshipping business depends on marketing. Content marketing or digital marketing such as Facebook and Instagram Ads helps to bring traffic to the website. 

How to Do Digital Marketing of Dropshipping Business?

Digital marketing is an essential part of dropshipping business. Remember to invest money in Facebook and Google for marketing dropshipping business. The crucial point of digital marketing in which the whole sales depends is the way you are retargeting. Once a customer comes through your WhatsApp for an inquiry, you save their database, then the whole thing depends on how you connect with them again and again. Email marketing and WhatsApp marketing are the best approaches used for remarketing to customers. 

How to Manage Customers For Retargeting?

Managing software for retargeting is not as easy as it sounds. It becomes very difficult to respond to and retarget each and every customer individually. People keep on thinking if they can manage each customer with just a snap. We want to make it clear here that yes it is possible to ease the process of customer management. There is a software named Interakt which helps you to manage customers. 

You can connect your Shopify website or WhatsApp through Interakt to easily manage your customers. With this software, you can send promotional messages to all the customers with just a click. Suppose you have data of 10000 customers and with Interakt you can send notifications to all of them at once. This is not possible while using normal WhatsApp. Today not only in India but also all around the world, dropshipping is done through WhatsApp. So it is very crucial that you should have a WhatsApp commerce tool to manage your business and Interakt is one of the best tools for the purpose.

Where to Get Products For Dropshipping Business?

If you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business, then you should invest time in product selection. Also, you should not select any random product, but select a product that has the scope of good margin. While calculating and setting the price of a product in dropshipping business, you should essentially include the marketing expense and management cost in the overall cost. 

Now, let’s get the information about 2 big wholesalers to start dropshipping in India. They could provide you with a variety of products at wholesale prices. You can take products from them and sell the products to your customers at your own price. 

So the first wholesaler is Wholesaledock. It is an online wholesale supplier platform. Here you can get products such as home decor, kitchenware, gadgets, etc at a wholesale rate. You can choose products from the platform and list them on your website, social commerce, or drop ship page to resel. 

The second big company is Deodap. It is also an online wholesale supplier platform where you can find products such as Electronics, home decor, kitchenware, gadgets, etc. You can choose products from here too and list them on your website. 

Time And Money For Dropshipping Business

Let’s understand what is the time and money required for a dropshipping business. In general, there are 30 – 40 days needed for building normal dropshipping websites or pages. Create good content, do branding, and test them between users. You only need to do this so that you would be able to implement new ideas. The investment you need to do dropshipping business is a 5-10k investment which may also increase further. 

You can market your products at zero investment in social media, then you could jump to dropshipping. For reselling, you need to test product demand in the market and then it can easily run on Instagram and WhatsApp, you will not require any marketing for this. Many people earn millions by just reselling and they are gaining enough followers. We suggest that initially, you should not invest in ads but invest in learning new things. Create the content on your own and start reselling on your own. When your content starts getting organic views then start investing. 

Running a branded drop shipping business is a good idea that eventually works in India. See the examples of big websites or stores, and how they started with dropshipping like the souled store, bewakoof.com. They were doing dropshipping with little investment and then converted to a big brand. The main point of converting dropshipping to a brand is branding. You should have a branding idea to convert your dropshipping business into a startup.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is dropshipping profitable in India?

Yes, dropshipping in India is highly profitable due to lower risk, huge market scope, amazing growth, and low loss opportunities. 

Q. Which companies do dropshipping in India?

There are many companies doing dropshipping in India, but for online businesses Wholesale Dock and Deodap are the best online platforms. 

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