Earn Money With Indian Dropshipping

Thinking of selling online and wanting to start your own business? Then you should consider an Indian dropshipping business. It is a great way to begin selling without having to invest too much money or time into getting started. It also gives you a chance to test the waters before going all in on your own eCommerce site

Indian dropshipping is basically a consignment sale model where you act as a middleman by buying inventory from suppliers at slightly lower prices and then selling it at market price after marking up the cost. Once the goods are sold, you pay the supplier directly from the proceeds, keeping your profits in the process. Sounds interesting? Let’s get started with some helpful information!

Here, we are sharing a business idea using which thousands of people are earning millions of money by sitting at home. After reading this, you will also be able to start your own online business. You will get complete information about Indian dropshipping, how you can start, how it works, etc. Also, we will tell you the wholesaler by connecting with whom you can start an Indian dropshipping business

What Is Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is basically an eCommerce business in which the sellers do not keep the inventory or products and do not invest in the product. They prepare their own eCommerce website with the lowest possible investment. The drop shippers take pictures of products from the wholesaler and keep them on their website and do digital marketing through Facebook and Instagram. Through the website, people connect with the seller to buy the product and as soon as the seller gets the order, they place it with the wholesaler.

The sellers don’t need to keep the product stock. Wholesalers directly deliver the product to the customer’s address with the name of the seller. Customers don’t even get to know that they get the product from the wholesaler and sellers earn margin in between. In this way, thousands of people run their eCommerce businesses and create brands only with digital marketing. 

Why Dropshipping Business Is Important

In India and even in the world, there are various types of online businesses, which you can start by sitting at home without any investment. But statistics say that drop shipping is the most profitable business of all. That is why today more than 50,000 people do dropship in India. But still, people get confused about how to do a drop shipping business. If you are one among them then this blog will help you to understand how you can start and run a dropshipping business.

How Indian Dropshipping Business Came Into Existence

Actually, the dropshipping business originated in China, when Alibaba launched its global retail website Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a website that contains all the products at a very low price. The people of the USA noticed that China is selling varieties of products at very cheap prices and they saw it as an opportunity. They thought of dropshipping products from China and selling them to customers in the USA. After that many people from the USA became drop shippers and earned crores of money. 

But suddenly problems started to arise as the drop shippers started getting bad-quality products. Hence they started getting too many returns from customers. Their profitable business has started becoming loss-making. After that, Indian dropshipping came into existence, and with this dropshipping started growing very fast. 

There are many wholesalers and suppliers in India who import products from China. After getting the product at the wholesale price from China, they carefully check the quality of the products before selling. Then they sell them to customers to lower the possibility of the product return. There are 50000+ sellers in India who dropship both in and outside India. With this, a drop shipper earns 2 to 2.5 lakhs on average in a month. The maximum of them does either no or little investment either the no or the least to create their business. 

The basic initial investment for creating a dropshipping business is creating a website, branding, and digital marketing. After that when you get the revenue by selling the products, you can use that revenue for marketing.

Types of Indian dropshipping

If you want to start an Indian dropshipping business, you should understand the types of drop shipping. Majorly there are 3 types of dropshipping in India

1. Marketplace dropshipping

2. Social media dropshipping

3. Shopify dropshipping

Marketplace Dropshipping

In marketplace dropshipping, people take Chinese products and sell them on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Indiamart, etc.  In between, they earn a commission. 

Social Media Dropshipping

Social media dropshipping is also known as social selling in India. There are 50 lakh + resellers who sell on social media. There is hardly any need to invest even in technicalities to do reselling business. You only need to take products from wholesalers and sell them on social media. Many people are earning millions by doing social media dropshipping in India

Shopify Dropshipping

In Shopify dropshipping, the drop shippers create a Shopify website and sell products through it both in India and outside India. By selling in other countries they are easily able to earn a good margin. 

The most important thing in Indian dropshipping business is digital marketing. You can easily get products, and create websites, but the most important thing is how you can create ads and do digital marketing. To learn digital marketing, you can take our course. 

Genuine Supplier For Dropshipping Business

Let’s get the details of the supplier from whom you can connect, take products at the cheapest price, and do online selling further through dropshipping websites

1. The name of the wholesaler is ShopMania Wholesale, and their website name is ShopManiaWholesale.com

2. Name of the founder is Dipali Singh.

3. Basically, they are from Mumbai.

4. They started their business in 2015. 

5. Initially, they had a retail store. Later they thought of creating an online presence and therefore launched a B2C website

6. When they noticed that there were many people who were buying products from them and selling further and hence they started their online wholesale website

7. Today more than 1000+ resellers are connected to them. 

8. You can get different varieties of products from them such as household products, kitchenware products, electronics products, hardware products, health and beauty products, fashion products, etc. 

Services Provided by Them to the Dropshippers

  • Fast shipping.
  • Easy Return and exchange.
  • The best service provided by them to the drop shippers is they also can ship the product Internationally. 
  • They provide regular broadcasts in WhatsApp groups. 

You can connect with them through WhatsApp and their WhatsApp number is 9967865091.

We would suggest before trusting any wholesaler, test and verify their service on your own. 

This is all you need to know about Indian dropshipping business. I hope you would have liked reading this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you get rich through dropshipping?

Yes, if dropshipping is done in the right manner, it can surely make you rich.

Q. Do most people fail dropshipping?

Due to a lack of knowledge and proper strategy, most drop shippers fail during the first month of their business. 

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