Earn Money with Online Selling Automation

Online selling is a great way to make money. Millions of people buy products online, meaning it’s an opportunity to make money by selling your own products. Selling online also reduces costs and provides ready-made marketing for most sellers. 

There are several ways you can sell your own products online, such as an e-commerce website or through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. However, with so many other sellers on those sites, it’s hard to stand out and attract customers. The solution is to use automation software so that you can spend less time on the administrative tasks of selling and more time on growing your business. 

Online selling automation is a method of streamlining the process of selling your products online in order to save time and effort. This article covers the top 5 strategies for using online selling automation to grow your business faster than you could without it.

How Online Selling Automation Is Helpful

Today more than 50 lakh people are doing social selling business in India, and 99% of them do all the work manually. Only 1% of people automate their social selling business

All the online sellers work very hard. They create content 1 by 1 content and then do posting and also they manually deal with customers. After doing all the hard work, they hardly attract 1 to 2 sales. Then what is the solution for this? 

Hard work is essential but do it smartly. Repeating the same task, again and again, is not smart work. You should automate your online business so that whenever you don’t even work your system works and you keep on earning money. Here we will learn the 5 techniques to automate social selling business. But first, understand what social selling and automation are. 

What Is Social Selling

Social selling means selling products or services through social media. In social selling, you create your community by creating content on social media, gaining trust, and selling products to that community only. 

Social selling is more profitable in India. It can be started easily, and people could trust it easily, as they could engage with the content, easily connect on WhatsApp and communicate. If you create a website for online selling, you need to spend a lot on marketing. Therefore, people in India who want to do online selling start with social selling. After social selling has grown properly, one could easily shift to eCommerce

It is easy to start a business in social selling. You don’t need any investment or a website and you can easily create a business ecosystem with the help of just social media applications such as Instagram, and Facebook. YouTube, etc. In the social selling business, people do marketing through social media applications, post content, and create a community. You bring customers to WhatsApp and email accounts and communicate with them and easily sell products to them. This could become a lot easier when you automate this whole process. 

There are many tools available in the market to automate social selling businesses. Automation is nothing but you set a process so that you don’t need to do the same task again and again manually. Automation is helpful to bring speed to your business. You can grow your social selling business to a big scale through automation. 

5 Process to Do Social Selling

To do social selling business, the 5 processes that should be essentially followed are:

1. Create content: Here you need to create content such as images, videos, etc to post on social media.

2. Posting: The second step is to post the content on different social media accounts.

3. Promotion: Now, promote content and your social media profile through various platforms. 

4. Customer engagement: Next is to communicate with the customers who come to your WhatsApp or email. 

5. Order booking: The last step is to receive orders from customers.

Many people do all these processes manually. Let’s learn how you can automate all these 5 processes. 

How to Do Automation

1. Content Automation

Content is the main factor for the growth of any business as it generates trust. You need to create your social media profile so that anyone could easily get all the information about your business and could trust you and your business. For this, it is necessary that you post the right content which could generate trust. 

Some of the content beneficial to generate sales are: 

  • Testimonial content: Create testimonials of feedback and reviews of customers. This is the utmost powerful tool to gain the trust of the customers.
  • Business process: This is where you need to show people how your business functions. Here, you could show them how you store products, how packaging and manufacturing are done, etc. When people see your business process, they could easily trust your product or service. 
  • Business growth: Here, you need to show statistics about how your business grows. It is also one of the best ways to gain trust. 
  • Discount and offer: People in India are price sensitive, they like to get discounts and offers on products and services. It creates excitement in them and can easily convert them. So, it is necessary to post giveaways, offers, discounts, games, etc from time to time. It helps to quickly gain trust and generate sales
  • Engaging content: These contents are crucial to bring new audiences to your social media profile. Engaging content includes short videos, reels, etc. Further, if you are posting static images, you should essentially put a call to action. 

After setting all these 5 types of content, your content automation is done. Now, it’s time for posting automation.

2. Posting Automation

After creating content, the next step is to post those content on different social media profiles. Manual posting is very time-consuming, therefore let’s understand how to automate posting. For posting automation, it is compulsory to create multiple profiles of your brand, so that if 1 account is banned or disabled, you will have another profile. Instagram itself provides the feature to post 1 same content on 5 different accounts at one point in time.

Further, if you have more social media profiles, you can use a tool named “clone app”. With this app, you can create a clone Instagram account. You could also automate posting with Facebook creator studio free of cost. You can list and schedule your Instagram post there. 

Hootsuite is also one of the best tools to automate posts. With this tool, you can automate posts in 10 social media accounts at 1 particular time. This is one of the best-paid tools available in the market. The more effectively you automate your posting, the more effectively your business marketing can be done. 

3. Promotion Automation

The next step of social selling business is the promotion of your brand, business, and content. Now, let’s understand how to automate promotion. For this, when you post content, you need to see which of your content is performing better. You need to run the Facebook engagement ad by taking that high-performing content. When you pay Facebook to run an ad, it will bring traffic to you in return. With this technique, your promotion gets automated. Now when people see your ads, they will approach you to buy your products or services. For this, you need to do sales automation

4. Sales Automation

For sales automation, you need to create your social commerce website where people see every information about your business and connect with you on WhatsApp. They feed their database in the backend. From there you could also do retargeting. 

It is necessary to automate the sales process to manage the traffic. Two factors are very important for sales automation. 

1. Quick replies: Customers don’t want to waste their time, therefore, you should prepare in advance. That means you should create templates in advance about the answer to the questions that customers could ask about your brand or product. 

2. Chatbot:  Create your own chatbot to communicate with customers. This can also be done through WhatsApp business. Further, Pancake is also a good tool that allows you to manage multiple social media chats in 1 platform. Interakt is also a good tool to create a proper chatbot and WhatsApp automation. 

5. Payments Automation

With payment automation, you can avoid any hassle while accepting payments from customers. Cashfree payment is a platform where you can create payment links and then share the links with the customers. With this customers could easily pay and you could easily receive payments from customers.  

If you are having difficulties in receiving orders from customers, then the “order app” can be helpful for you. With the app, you could easily create an order link and share the link with customers. Everything is done by the customer, you only need to accept or reject orders. You can also do shipping through the order app. 

You might have learned how you can create a big business with social media through automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start working on automation?

While shifting your online business to automation, prepare strategies and go step-by-step to automate each process.

Q. Is automation hard to learn?

It is easy to automate the selling process. Also, one can easily learn and implement them. 

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