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‌‌If you are thinking of starting your eCommerce business in the year 2022, then this blog is for you. Here, we will tell you the 6 important updates of 2022, in the eCommerce digital marketing universe. Also, we will talk about the new technologies and tricks in the field. So let’s get started.

(Agar aap 2022 mein eCommerce business start karne ka soch rahe hain, to ye blog aap ki help ke liye hai. Yahaan hum aapko eCommerce business mein 2022 ki updates technologies aur tricks kr bare me batayenge.)

1). Branding in eCommerce Business

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‌‌Branding is the first thing to make an impression on anyone. The people look at your logo etc first before taking any further steps. Minimalistic designs are in trend in 2022 when it comes to branding. Minimalistic design refers to using a simple background with soothing colours and nothing is highlighted much. The benefit of these designs is it gets the focus of the user and the website becomes light. It in turn increases the load time of the website. is a website where you can find various options and templates for minimalistic designs.

(eCommerce business ki branding ke liye 2022 mein minimalistic designs trend mein hai. par aap easily minimalistic designs ke bahut sare options aur templates access kar sakte hain aur unhe apne business ke liye use kar sakte hain.)

2). Product in eCommerce Business

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The competition has increased a lot this year with a lot of new players in the market. There are many global companies also investing in the Indian eCommerce business. Therefore, it is better to deal with a single product which is unique and no one can do better branding for that product than you. Now, the challenge is how to find such a unique product? There are many available for this.

eCommerce Marketing
How to Find Products is a tool which helps you find trendy products.

Wholesaledock and deodap are websites where you can find unique products at wholesale prices.

(2022 mein eCommerce business mein competition bahut badh gaya hai. Isliye aapko chahiye ki aap aisa product choose karen jo unique ho aur uski branding aap se achi aur koi na kar sake. se aap trendy products easily find kar sakte hain. Aur Wholesaledock aur deodap websites se wholesale price par apne eCommerce business ke liye unique products find kar sakte hain.)

3). Content in eCommerce Business

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There was a time when the content remained product specific. But now it has changed and now the content is your problem, but not a product. That means, your content should be based on the problems of the target audience and how your product is solving that problem. You need to focus on the problems. Live background photography of products is also in trend these days. People take more interest in the images with a live background. Write brand name or logo there. Brand PDFs, catalogues, and testimonials should be importantly there with you.

(Aajkal eCommerce business ke liye aapka content aisa hona chahiye jo logon ki problems ko define karen. Aapko content ke base kar logo ki problems define karne ke sath-sath aapka product un problems ko kaise solve kar sakta hai, yeh batana hai.)

4). Marketing

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A few years back, Facebook ADs and Google ADs were used to generate traffic. But, this year the marketing strategy has changed and the most important technique of marketing these days is content marketing. Your traffic depends on the type of content you are uploading on social media. You need to keep your social media business accounts updated with content. After that, you need to invest money in content which attracts more views, traffic, likes, and comments.

Influencer marketing is also a good technique these days for the marketing of your products. Influencer marketing helps to generate trust, increase brand value, and compels the customers to buy products. There are various agencies available in India which can help you to find the best and most suitable influencers.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Make your own resellers or sales associates: The maximum resellers you make, the maximum reach you will get for your business.

(2022 me marketing ki sabse important technique content marketing hai. Jitne zyada aap social media par content upload karenge, utna jyada traffic aayega. Influencer marketing bhi 2022 mein marketing ki achchi technique hai. Aaj aapko apne eCommerce marketing ke liye apne khud ke resellers banana zaroori hai. Jitne zyada aap resellers banayenge, utna zyada aapke business ki reach badhegi.)

5). Sales

Manage Sales
WhatsApp Api

Sales is the important step to converting the potential buyer into a paying customer. To generate more sales and earning, sales management is very important. Traditionally, there was automated eCommerce, where you just needed to click on the buy button to purchase the product. Now, the customers do not want to buy products from automated eCommerce and they want to interact with the customer support before buying the product. Therefore, you will find the WhatsApp button on any website to contact them personally. And if you are satisfied, then you can buy the product.

But, the sellers find it difficult to handle more customers at a time on WhatsApp. The solution for this is WhatsApp API. It enables you to deal with and engage with many customers at a time. Interakt is the best tool to handle customers. There are many important features the tool offers to deal with many customers at a time.

(Potential buyers ko paying customers me badalne ke liye sales sabse important step hai. Ab log koi bhi product kharidne se pehle seller se direct baat karna chahte hain. Iske liye aapko har website ke niche WhatsApp ki button dikhegi jisse aap personally seller se contact kar payenge. WhatsApp API ke through aap bahut sare customers se easily deal kar payenge.)

6). Retargeting


Retargeting or remarketing will completely change your eCommerce agency business in the year 2022. It is the technique that brings the highest numbers of customers. Retargeting is the process of approaching the customers again and again for buying your products in an eCommerce business. With this, you will be able to earn a huge amount of profit.

Before 2022, the retargeting was done via push notification platforms such as emails, SMSs, etc. But in 2022, the retargeting will be done completely on WhatsApp. The Interakt tool allows you to retarget many customers at a time. It makes your retargeting process easy. The highest number of retargeting leads to more sales.

(Retargeting ya remarketing matlab aapko apne one-time customer ko baar-baar product kharidne ke liye approach karna hota hai. Aajkal yeh process WhatsApp ke through hi hota hai. Interakt tool se aap WhatsApp ke through bahut sare customers ko ek sath retarget kar sakte hain.)

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