How to Get Orders for Reselling Business | 5 Easy Step Process

In any reselling business, the biggest difficulty any reseller encounters is getting Customer orders. Most of the resellers don’t even know the concept of orders appropriately. They think that they will get orders as soon as they start their reselling business. But this is actually not the truth. In this blog, we will tell you how you can take orders in reselling business and also how you can increase the number of orders.

There is a 5 step process behind the placement of any order after which people come to you to give orders. You need to understand these 5 step processes appropriately. If you miss any of the steps, you might not get the orders in the desired quantity.

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5 Step Process to Get Customer Order

Step 1: Bring Traffic to Reselling Business

The very first step to getting customer orders for reselling business is to bring traffic to your business. The more traffic you will get, the more order you will get in your reselling business. But here you should get the right people in the traffic. Any reseller doesn’t need millions of followers, but they need the followers which eventually get converted into customers and become paying customers

Step 2: Save the Database of the Traffic

Whenever you get traffic, you need to collect the database of that traffic. Database collection is also very important, as it directly impacts your selling process. The database consists of customers’ names, customer contact numbers, and product interests. 

Step 3: Get Leads

The next procedure is to get leads from those saved databases. Leads refer to the people who are eventually ready to buy your product. Suppose you have a database of 1000 people and you send bulk WhatsApp messages to those 1000 people, you will get leads from them who will eventually be interested in buying the product. They will do sales communication with you. 

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Step 4: Sales Communication

The next process is to do sales communication with the leads you get in the above step. You should properly ask the leads about their requirements and budget. Also, show products to them. Do not engage in sales with them, but inform and guide them about the product which is in their budget and suitable for them. When you consult or guide anyone, they automatically start trusting you. Make sure to make your customer feel comfortable in buying your product. 

Step 5: Recieve Payment

For this, you should first inform the whole policy to the customers such as delivery date, dispatch date, return and exchange, address format, etc. Also, share payment details with them. You can get the payments from customers either with a QR code, UPI details, Instamojo ID, Razorpay link, or Paytm payment link

So, these are the 5 steps procedure to get customer orders in a reselling business. Resellers mostly have difficulty in the first and last steps. They encounter difficulties in getting followers and how to close the sales process. Let’s understand how you can achieve this.

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How to Get Followers Safely?

Many times Instagram bans resellers’ accounts if you don’t have the right people as followers and with the right procedure. You can get followers on Instagram accounts with 2 techniques. 

1. Instagram SEO

Instagram SEO means if someone searches for your product on Instagram, your store ranks at the top. The customers come to you after searching. 

2. Sharing

In the second technique, some big page or account shares your Instagram posts in their stories. 

There are many other techniques to get followers on Instagram accounts, but these are the two major techniques. We need to focus on both techniques. You can ask your friends and family members to share and also you can follow the discount strategy. For example, if someone runs your account on their story, you will give them a 10% discount on the products. Most people do pay collaboration for getting followers on Instagram. You can get huge traffic just by giving 2K to 3K for sharing a post.

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How to Get Confirm booking?

Many times, people come to you asking queries about the products but don’t confirm the booking. To handle this, we recommend that you should not do sales with them. If you do sales, people will be getting away from buying products from you. This is because they don’t develop trust in you.

If people come and enquire about the product, means they are interested in the product. Then they don’t buy means they don’t have trust in you. We need to increase that trust level. Whenever people come to your WhatsApp, simply guide them on which product they should buy and in which product their money will be saved. Give them options and also send them live pictures to gain trust.

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Create Scarcity Among Customers

After doing the above steps, if still customers don’t buy, create scarcity among them. Inform them that you have very limited stock of the product and if they don’t book the order within 24 hours, there is no guarantee that the product would be available or not. The product is in high demand and selling very fast.

Show Them Reviews And Feedback

Show reviews and feedback from old customers on how happy they were with using your product. Create a pdf document of the reviews and feedback and share it with the customer. 

If you follow all these steps, your bookings will definitely increase.  

To help you easily get orders, we are soon launching an ordering app named as “Order App“, so that customers can place orders through WhatsApp, and as a reseller, you can accept or reject orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What platform is best for reselling?

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Q. Is reselling online illegal?

No, it is not illegal to resell products online. 

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