How to Create an eCommerce Website

Do you also want to create your own website to grow your online business? Do you know whether you should invest in an eCommerce website or not? We are here to clear all your confusion regarding an eCommerce website. Read till the end to know how to create an ecommerce website, whether you should create such a website or not, and in which stage you should create an eCommerce website. 

Creating an eCommerce website is not just about designing a unique website and uploading products. It requires planning, execution, and maintenance to keep the site engaging, relevant, and informative for customers. Ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace because of the convenience it provides to customers in one place instead of searching across multiple websites or stores. Creating an ecommerce website will help you sell your products online and reach a wider audience. There are many platforms that provide all the features needed to create an ecommerce website. Some of them are Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can create your own ecommerce website while keeping it user-friendly and search engine friendly too.

Need For an eCommerce Website

It is not always necessary for an online business to create an eCommerce website. You can create a website but it is not necessary that it should be a completely automated website. You need not to create a full-fledged looking website from day 1 only. Let’s learn when to create an eCommerce website. 

When to Create an eCommerce Website

At the initial level you should create the eCommerce website from the basic level. You need to test the product whether it is demanding in the market or not. After testing is done you can create a full fledged automated website. Many people make mistakes to create full-fledged websites at the initial level, but with this they might lose many potential customers due to not having any source to directly connect with the sellers. 

If you are starting your online business then understand that the customer needs to communicate with the seller before buying the product from your website. But firstly they need to communicate with the seller to build trust. They need to know whether the place or person from whom they are buying the product is trustworthy or not. To build this trust you need to do deep interaction with people and clear all their queries at the initial level. 

4 stages of ecommerce

1st Stage (Beginners Stage)

This is the stage where you just have started your business. You should not create an eCommerce website by investing thousands at this stage. At this level, you can create a social commerce store to launch a basic type of website. This can be done for free of cost without investing any money. Our social seller tool would help you to create social commerce websites for free. 

Why Social Commerce Website Is Important

Social commerce websites are important at the initial level of an online business. You can do everything at a social commerce website which you do at an ecommerce website in terms of marketing. You can run facebook ads, get and track the audience, capture the database of the audience. You can do every task which is important for any website. Also, the website enables you to connect with the audience through WhatsApp. They could connect with you and for retargeting you can also connect with them. 

The dashboard of the website helps you to manage the whole website. Here, you can see the total number of viewers, total products, how many people are connected with you, and how many people joined your whatsapp group, etc. It also has the feature to list multiple groups and they will provide you 1 group link. You need to do marketing of that 1 group link only. Your sales at the initial level can be easily done through this social commerce website.

2nd Stage 

When you go ahead of the first stage and test if your product is running in the market or not. Now, you might want to grow your business by making some investment and bringing automated sales. This can be done with the help of the Instamojo tool. The tool enables you to create a basic online store. 

Instamojo is one of the best payment gateway which also provides the option to create an online store. In this stage, you can test your marketing. 

3rd Stage

After your marketing testing is done, now you can create a Shopify website. When you are sure that your product is tested and you want to create a proper brand, create a Shopify website at that stage. 

Shopify is the best platform to create an eCommerce website at the initial level rather than creating a custom website. It provides many integrations to connect various tools with the Shopify website. For example, you can connect Razorpay for payment gateway, Shiprocket for logistics, Interakt for WhatsApp marketing. Like this you can do various types of integrations. Shopify also provides various themes. 

4th Stage

When you reach the fourth stage and take your business to a startup. You might want to do some innovations which are not possible in eCommerce websites. You might want to do some custom coding and want to get some features which are not there in any ecommerce website till now. In this case, you create a custom website for your business. 

There are many technologies for developing custom websites but it is better to have your own development team. Keep your team of backend and front end developers and then create your own application. It will need some time and money. 

You can connect with us to understand what type of website you should create according to your business requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is ecommerce profitable in India?

If done right, eCommerce is profitable in India.

Q. Can a beginner build a website?

At the beginner level, one can build a social commerce website. 

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