How to do Social Media Marketing 2022 | 6 Viral Strategy

Social media marketing for an online business works best if you follow proper strategies and work accordingly. Here we will learn step by step strategies to do social media marketing to promote an online business. If you are a digital marketing student, or doing social media marketing for your own company or owning a digital marketing agency and taking care of client’s social media, this article will help you. These steps are very important to create your social marketing strategies:

(Yahaan hum step by step social media marketing kaise kare or unki strategies ke baare mein baat karenege jinka use karke aap apne business ka prachar karke usko badha sakte hain)

Step 1: Select a Specific Social Media Platform for Social Media Marketing

Instagram vs YouTube for Marketing

Always remember to choose a specific platform for posting about your products or services. Search for an effective platform that is suitable according to your requirements. Posting on any particular platform without proper knowledge may lead to failure and may not connect with the target audience. There are two types of platforms for social media marketing.

Two Types of Social Media Platform

1 – Engagement Based.

2 – Search Engine Optimization Based.

Engagement-based Platform

Works on an Engagement basis: If you want to show your service to your target customers, then use this platform. The maximum people get engaged with your post, the maximum it will get viral. For example, a lawyer will use these platforms to share his law-related knowledge with everyone. Examples of such platforms are Instagram, FB, Pinterest, etc.

SEO-based Platform

Works on an SEO basis: If you want to tell your customers about your service, then use this platform. For example, a painter will use these platforms to share his artistic skills. Examples of such platforms are Youtube, Google, Blogs, etc.

While doing social media marketing, always select a principal platform according to your service, and then create content for that particular platform. And then create many subsidiary platforms. The content should be designed according to the principal platform and you can repost the content to your subsidiary platforms. With this, you will be able to connect with more target audiences.

(Hamesha apne products ya service ki social media marketing ke liye sahi platform ko chunna chahiye. Ye 1 bahut zaroori step hai kyuki bina suitable platform ko select kiye posting karne se aap audience ko engage Karne me successful nahi ho payenge.

Social media marketing karne ke liye 2 type ke platforms hote hain. 1 platform engagement basis par aur dusra platform SEO basis par work karta hai. Aap apni zarurat ke hisab ka platform ko choose kar sakte hain. Instagram, FB, Pinterest, etc engagement based platform ke examples hain. Youtube, Google, Blogs, etc SEO based platforms hain.)

Step 2: Plan Content Series for Social Media Marketing

Create Content Series to Hook Your Audience

Now, as you have chosen the platform, the next step is to plan a series of content for social media marketing before posting.  All your contents should be in series and it should be a continuation of the previous 1. All the contents should be correlated to one another. That is the only way to hook your audience with your channel and make them get back to you again and again.

The best example of this would be a TV serial or web series. It is designed in a way to hook the audience and compel them to come again and watch the next episode. Without such connection or continuation, it will be difficult to keep the audience engaged through social media marketing for the long run.

(Agli step mein aapko social media marketing ke liye content post karne ke pehle usko series mein plan karna hai. Aapke post ka har content dusre ka continuation hona chahiye. Jab aapke content 1 dusre se connected rahenge tab hi aap audience ko long run ke liye engaged rakh payenge.)

Step 3: Optimization of Your Profile by SEO

Optimize Your Profile to Get on the Top of Search Engine

It is the crucial step to make your social media marketing work right and give the best results. For this, whatever platform or social media you are choosing to post your content, optimize it first. The type and quality or content decide the engagement but optimization decides the ranking of your profile in the search result. Whenever any user searches for something related to your category, your profile should come in the top results, and this will only become possible with optimization. Use primary & secondary keywords everywhere in your profile to optimize it. This step is responsible for bringing organic traffic in the account.

Content Promotion Tricks

(is step mei aapko apni social media ki profile ko optimize karna hai. Ye aapko content post karne ke pehle hi karna chahiye. Jo bhi platform aap content post karne ke liye choose karenge, usko har jagah primary aur secondary keywords ka use karke optimise karen. Isse aapki profile user searches ke top results mein aayegi. Is step ko karne se organic ke chances bahut badh jate hain.)

Step 4: Content Creation for Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

Now, you have to create your content to post on social media accounts.

Basically, there are two types of content.

1st is Core Content that is related to product, service, testimonials etc. It is totally based on the detailing of your product or service. With this you inform everything about your product or service to your target audience. Core content should be posted on Instagram posts etc. These types of content are designed to keep your audience informed.

2nd is Engaging Content, which should be emotional, funny or something with which the audience can connect. It is sharable content, Instagram reels etc. These types of content are designed to keep your audience engaged.

Both types of content are essential for your profile. The core content is meant to increase sales, whereas the engaging content is meant to attract more traffic. It depends on your business strategy, and which type of content you want to use.

Use Brandspot 365 To Get Premade Content

(Ab aapko apne social media mein post karne liye content taiyar karna hai. Content 2 types ke hote hain. 1 core content aur dusra engaging content. Core content se aap apne audience ko apne brand ke bare mein inform karte hain, uski detailing dete hain. Aur engaging content, audience ko engage rakhne ke liye banaye jate hain. Social media marketing mein dono type ke contents important hote hain. Ye aapke brand aur strategy pe depend karta hai ki aap kaunsa content use karna chahte hain.)

Step 5: Content Posting

Content Posting

Next important step for social media strategies is content posting. There are 3 essential factors for content posting.

Schedule and Timing: Analyze the timing which works for you to post content in order to gain more traffic. Schedule your content in advance before posting.

Pattern: Analyze which pattern works for you to post content on social media.

Automation: Automation is very important so that it gets posted automatically if you forget anytime. There are tools and software available that enable automation of posts.

Use Creator Studio To Post On Facebook & Instagram
Use Buffer to Auto-Schedule Your Post

(Agli important step hai, content posting. Content posting ke liye 3 zaruri baaton ka dhyan rakhna hota hai, schedule and timing, pattern aur automation.)

Step 6: Content Promotion

Content Promotion Tricks

Mostly, people lack this step. They think that their content will grow automatically but this doesn’t happen. After creating a proper library or content, you should promote it effectively by using some paid techniques.

How to Promote Content With Facebook Ads

(Sari steps follow karne ke baad content ka promotion karna bahut zaruri hota hai. Bina promotion ke aapka content grow nahin karega. Iske liye aapko kuch paid techniques ka use karna chahiye.)

Social Media Marketing Is a Part of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

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