How to Make a Website on WordPress

Having your own website is like having your own home on the internet. It’s a place where you can share information, ideas, and photos with the world. Creating an effective and user-friendly website may seem like a challenging task in the beginning but once you get past the initial hurdles, it gets much easier.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which means that it’s a type of website that makes it easy for anyone to create and manage their own site. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 25 million WordPress websites out there. By reading this blog, you will be able to set up your own website on WordPress with little investment, as we are going to tell you the whole procedure to create a website on WordPress. 

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How Website Rank on Google

Every website has its own set of content. There are many keywords under the content which Google keeps on searching. Usually, people create their websites and put blogs under them. Blogs contain a lot of information along with keywords that Google sees and crawls. And if someone searches the same keywords on Google, it ranks your website on top of SERP. So that the people get information about what they were searching for. 

But how can you do this? It is very simple, whenever you create a website and put blogs, pages, or content in it, you index them on Google. It means you submit your website on Google. From there, Google comes to know about your website and content and it saves your content. If someone comes to Google and searches for that particular keyword, Google matches it from its database and shows your website on top to that user. This is how website ranking is done. For this, it is necessary that your website should be simple, easy, and fast and content should be SEO optimised. This all can easily be done on WordPress, now let’s understand what WordPress is. 

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content management system) platform. This is a platform where you don’t need to do coding. You simply need to integrate your website with WordPress. With the WordPress platform or dashboard only, you will be able to create your pages. The platform enables you to access various plugins for using third-party services. Also, the WordPress website builder contains many themes to create different types of websites. Basically, this is a drag-and-drop platform from where you can easily create your website. 

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How to Start a Blog on WordPress?

You will need two things to start a blog on WordPress, domain, and server. The server is the main storage and the domain is the link that is unique to you. After deciding and getting these 2, you are all set to start your blog on WordPress. 

How to Create a Website?

Follow the below steps to create a website on WordPress:

1. Visit the Google search engine and search for “Bluehost”. Bluehost is the company from where you can buy hosting and domain and can create WordPress websites directly. You will be able to start a blog from Bluehost only. The platform allows you to buy a domain for just Rs 169. You can also get free domains from here which include .biz, .co, and .CLUB. .co is an easily recognised domain Internationally. .CLUB domain name can be bought if you are creating any community. If you have a business and are doing any business-related work, then you could buy .biz.

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2. Simply click on get started. You will be able to see different plan options to buy. After selecting a plan, simply click on “Select”. Type the domain which you want to own, if it is available then you will be able to get it for free. 

3. Sign in and fill in all the information which is necessary and then click on the “Submit” button. Complete your payment details. 

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4. After signing in you will get the option “Create your website”. Now select the primary purpose of your website i.e. blog, store, business, or portfolio. Let’s select a blog website and then select your blog category. From the next drop-down menu, select why you are creating this website. Simply click on continue. 

5. In the next step, you could select the name and tagline of your website. Then click on “Continue”. Next, they will ask you to select a website theme, either you could select any theme from there or skip and select any theme later from WordPress. 

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6. In the Bluehost dashboard, go to “My sites” and then click on “Manage site”. Your site will appear, you need to click on “Log into WordPress”. Your WordPress panel is created through Bluehost. It is the easiest way to create a website on WordPress. 

7. Now the first thing you need to do is delete all the unnecessary pre-installed plugins from the website, as plugins make your website heavy. For that, navigate through plugins and install plugins, then select all the plugins and select deactivate from the drop-down menu and click on “Apply”. Select all the plugins again and select “Delete” and apply.  

8. Now you need to install a theme. For that, go to “Appearance” > “Theme”, you will find many themes, click on “Add new”. You need to select the theme of your choice, but remember it should be light-weighted. 

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9. Then go to the theme option, and click “Install importer plugin”. After it gets installed, click on “See library”. Then, tap on “Build your website now”. 

10. In the next step, click on “Elementor”. Now you need to select the type of website. Select a blog and you will find different-different themes. Choose your theme, then click on “Skip and continue”. Then you can change the colour and font of your website. 

11. In the next form, fill in your details and then click on “Continue”. It will take a little time and your website will be created. 

12. Tap on “View your website”. You can change the content of your website, according to your requirement. For any customization or editing, click on “Edit with Elementor”. You can change and customise everything by visiting each and every section. After doing all the necessary changes, click on “Update”. 

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How to Post Blogs 

To post blogs on WordPress, visit the WordPress dashboard. Find the “Post” option from the left-hand side menu. Navigate through “All posts”, and delete all the already existing posts, if any. 

To create a new post, click on “Add new”. You can write your whole blog posts on the window that appeared there. By clicking on the “+”, you will find different options to add to the blog. If you are adding any images or videos in the post, do not forget to use the ALT tag, as it helps to improve your ranking in Google. An ALT tag is basically a short explanation for the images and videos. 

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Choose the category of your blog, from the right-hand side menu. Also, tags play an important role in blogs, put all those keywords about your blog or business in the tags, which you think that the user can search.

A featured image is an image that is the main image of your blog and that should be on top of your blog post. You can also write an excerpt which is a short paragraph about your blog. After writing the whole blog, click on the “Publish” button to publish the blog. 

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How to SEO Optimise Your Blog

For SEO optimization, you need to install new plugins. Hence, visit the “Plugin” option, and click on “Add new”. Search Yoast SEO and tap on it. This is the best plugin for SEO optimization, you will not only get suggestions on how to optimise but also where to use it. 

Click on “Activate” to get the plugin installed. 

What All You Need to Do For SEO Optimization

1. SEO title is the title of the blog.

2. Slug is the term that you want to write after the link.

3. Meta description is the short description that appears in the Google below SEO title.

4. The SEO analysis option is very crucial, it will tell you the SEO analysis of the page. The green colour shows that SEO is good for the particular portion whereas the red colour shows that you need to work on that particular point to improve optimisation.

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5. Tags option is very important as Google will understand which your business should be ranked under which category. You can create new tags by going through the “Add new tags” option. Also, you can write a description of the tag. 

6. From the categories option, you can create new categories. 

The more blog posts you create, the more Google will recognise and rank your business.

After creating blog posts, you also need to index them. For indexing purposes, you need to visit the Google search console and index each blog separately. So that blog will be registered to Google and on that basis, Google features your blog in the search result. 

This is all you need to know about making a website on WordPress, making it SEO optimised, and posting blogs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I create a free WordPress website?

With Bluehost, you can easily create a WordPress website for free. 

Q. Does WordPress cost money?

WordPress is a free website. But you will need to spend money on hosting and domain. 

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