How to Manage Customers in Whatsapp: 5 Best Techniques You Should Try in 2022

Have you ever faced difficulty in managing the customers on WhatsApp or You didn’t able to sell the products to all the customers? I have seen lots of resellers who did great Online Branding and Online Marketing but when it comes to sales they weren’t able to manage the customers and end up losing them. Here, I will tell you the best ways to manage customers in WhatsApp and how to convert sales faster.

(Agar aapko WhatsApp pai customers ko manage (manage customers in whatsapp) karne dikkat hoti hai to aap bilkul sahi jagah aae ho. Idhaar mai aapko 5 esse techniques btaunga jo aapko customers ko manage karne mai help karege)

I have done a lot of marketing research to find out the ways of managing customers effectively. I have a list of Resellers or Online sellers who still uses WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp Business. For doing the Business on WhatsApp you need a WhatsApp business. Here are the reasons why you should join the WhatsApp business:

You can create a Business Profile on WhatsApp business App and provide valuable information like Email, Address, Website, and Business Description.

(WhatsApp Business mai aap apne business ki details jaise Email, Address, Website or description daal sakte ho).

In WhatsApp Business, you get an option of Quick Replies so that you can answer the same questionin no time.

(WhatsApp Business mai aapko Quick Replies ka option miltahai jisme aap customers kai same question ka jaldi hi answer kar skte ho)

You can organize your contacts and chats with labels like New Customers, Pending Payment, New Order, etc.

(Aap customers ko alag alag category mai bhi daal skte ho jaise)

So these are the reason why you should use WhatsApp business instead of Whatsapp, now let’s discuss the ways to manage customers in WhatsApp.

1.  Save Customers Number

Manage Customer

The first thing you should do is save your customer’s contact numbers. I saw that instead of saving the number mostly resellers just reply to them without saving the number. If you want to increase your sales and want to manage customers in WhatsApp easily then you should always save the contact details,There are many benefits of saving customers contact details:

(Bhut saare businessman aapne customers ka number save nahi karte. Agar aapko Customers ko WhatsApp pai manage kara hai to aapko unka number save karna chiye. Number save karne kai bhut fayede hai)

Your WhatsApp stories are only visible to your contacts and if you save your customer’s contact details they can see the stories of the products and can even reply to that stories if they want to buy or have any query.

(Aapki product ki WhatsApp story aapke customer ko dekhege)

You can use the contact details for Bulk WhatsApp marketing and SMS marketing which eventually increase your sales.

(Bulk WhatsApp or SMS marketing kar skte ho).

You can create your own database with your Customer’s contact details.

(Aap apne khud ka database bnna skte ho).

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2.  Flag Your Customers

Manage Customers
Flag Your Customers

This feature is only available in WhatsApp Business. In WhatsApp business, you can label or flag your customer according to its buying journey like if you customer just texted you then you can add him or her to the New Customer label and if any customer has made an order then you can add them in New Order.

This helps you to identify the customers quite easily and help you to prevent mixing up the customers. You can checkout the label button on the top right corner. Whenever you click on the Label button you will saw different labels that you have created, you can easily find the customers buying journey and can easily manage customers in WhatsApp.

(Ye feature sirf WhatsApp Business mai hi hai. App customers ko alag alag label mai de skte hai. Jaise jo new customer hai new customer ka label, Jinki payment pending hai unhe Pending payment mai. Esse aapko ye pta rahega kiski payment aa gye, kiska order agya or kiski query hai).

3.  Pinned Your Group

How to Handle Customer
Pinned Your Group

This technique has been used by me to increase sales and this technique has given me a proper result. If you are a reseller or seller selling products on WhatsApp (manage customers in WhatsApp) then this technique is for you.

(Ye technique use karke aap aapne kafu time save kar skte ho or sale bhi increase kar skte ho)

I create a 3 blank group and pinned them. In one group, I save my content like product details and product images so that whenever the customer asked me about the products or particular image I just have to go through that group and then send them.

(3 Blank group bnao. Pehle group mai content details save karo jaise Product ki image, or uski description taki jabh bhi customer aapse details manage to aap use de sake.)

I also create a blank group of final orders, So I always knew what order I have placed and what order I haven’t placed. This helps me to provide the customers faster service.

(Dusre group mai final orders jo place ho chuke hai vo daalo taki pta rahe kon sa order place hua hai or kona nahi)

In another group, I saved the customer’s queries. So that I always know what customers have asked and whether I have answered them or not.

(3rd group mai customers ki queries kai answer save kar lotaki jabh bhi customers puche to jaldi see reply kar sako)

If you want to increase your sale and want to manage customers in WhatsApp then you should definitely use this technique. This technique helps you to provide faster service to the customer and you can easily manage customers in WhatsApp (customer management service) without any trouble.

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4.  Create Templates

How to Deal With Customer
Create Templates

Now another technique which you should definitely use is Templates. This feature is only available on WhatsApp Business. In WhatsApp business, you get an option of Quick replies.

You can create an answer to the question usually asked by most of the users like whether the product is available or not, How to place an order etc. You can create templates for this question and whenever the customer asked this question you can send them the answers instantly. You can even create a Thank You message for your customers so that whenever they place an order they get a proper thank you a message.

This helps you to provide faster replies and you can impress your customers with your Thank You messages.

(Ye feature bhi sirf WhatsApp business mai hi hai. WhatsApp business mai aap quick replies bnna skte ho. Jo bhi queries customers ki ho uska Quick reply bnna skte ho taki jabh bhi customer ki vo query ho to aap ek dum se reply kar skao)

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5.  Catalogue to Manage Customers in WhatsApp

Customer Management
Create Catalogue

This feature is also available on WhatsApp Business only. In WhatsApp Business, you can create a Catalogue of your products and can send them to your customers.

Even your customers can saw the Catalogue whenever they saved your contact details on WhatsApp. This way you can showcase your products to a huge audience without any hassle.

(WhatsApp Business mai aap Apne products ka catalogue bnna skte ho taki customers usse dekhe or order de sake, Ye feature bhi WhatsApp Business mai hi available hai)

So these are the 5 techniques which you should use to Easily manage customers in WhatsApp. If you have any doubt or any query you can comment down below. You can also marketing WhatsApp course for more details.

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