How to Sell on Amazon

Do you want to sell products to millions of customers with the comfort of your sofa? Have you ever tried to sell on Amazon but failed due to a lack of knowledge? This blog would be helpful for you. Here you will get all the information about how to sell on Amazon. Friends, if you want to sell products to plenty of customers and earn an ample amount of money then Amazon is a great place. This blog would explain to you how to register, what are the requirements, how to list products, etc. Also, you will get to know the techniques to grow your orders very fast on Amazon. So, let’s begin.

(Agar aap ghar baithe-baithe lakhon customers ko product bechna chahte hain to aap Amazon par easily product bechkar aur paise kama sakte hain. Yahaan par hum aapko batayenge ki kis tarah se aap Amazon par products bechkar achche khase paise kama sakte hain.)

Why Sell on Amazon?

Before understanding the important tricks to sell on Amazon, let’s first have a look at why you should sell there. 

Well! Amazon is the most visited shopping destination where you can get access to crores of customers at 100% serviceable pin codes in India. Today more than 10 lakh people use to sell on Amazon who receive their payment within 7 days. 

Further, it is a great way to sell on Amazon to earn some extra money. It is also a lot of fun! You get to interact with thousands of potential customers every day. You can talk to them, show them the product you are selling, and see if they are interested in buying it. If someone wants to buy it, you can finally make a sale.

There are many ways to sell on Amazon. One way is to list your products on Amazon’s marketplace. This allows you to list any products that you already have in your possession. Then, other people can buy those products from you directly. Another way is to use Amazon’s Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program. This allows you to store and ship products for other people from Amazon’s warehouse. The best thing about selling on Amazon is that you can earn money while having fun! To become a seller on Amazon, you will need only 4 things: Email ID, bank account, GST number, and PAN card.

(Aaiye samajhte hain ki aapko Amazon par selling kyun karni chahiye. Amazon sabse zada visit hone wala shopping destination hair 10 lakh se bhi zada log yahan par sell kar rahe hain. Ghar baithe-baithe samaan bechkar paise kamane ka yeh bahut achcha tarika hai.)

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Benefits of Selling on Amazon

If you want to online sell on Amazon, this is the right time to become a seller there as you will get a lot of benefits. Amazon has come up with many new offers for new sellers. 

1. You can get the GST number from Amazon itself. Amazon has many third-party services. When you go to Amazon to become a seller, you can apply for the GST number from there only. With their help, you can easily get a GSTIN within Amazon itself. This also you can get at 350 Rupees only which is a limited period offer

2. Whenever you apply on Amazon, you will get listing support free of cost for 10 products from Amazon. 

3. The third most important benefit is that you will get a 50% discount on the Amazon selling fee. This is the fee that Amazon charges as a commission for selling products on its platform. A 50% discount means you will get 50% more profit.  

All 3 offers are for a limited time period. 

(Agar aap abhi Amazon par seller banna chahte hain, to ye uske liye right time hai. Abhi Amazon new sellers ko bahut sare benefits de raha hai.)

How to Create an Account on Amazon

It is very easy to create a seller account on Amazon, you just need to follow 4 steps. To create a seller account on Amazon, the steps to be followed are:

Step 1: Visit google and type Amazon seller central. This is the platform where you need to create your seller account. 

Step 2: Click on the first appearing link. There you will get the option “Start selling”. Click on it.

Step 3: If you already have an account then sign in, otherwise click on create an account by filling in all the asked information. 

Step 4: You will get the dashboard where you will be able to view all your selling history, earnings, etc.

(Amazon par seller account banana bahut easy process. Aapko sirf 4 steps follow karna hai aur sari information fill karna hai.)

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How to Grow on Amazon

Creating a seller account on Amazon is a pretty easy thing. But what is difficult is growing that account. We have discussed and understood it from an expert seller on Amazon. They are earning crores by just selling on Amazon. Here, we are revealing all 9 strategies from their point of view to grow on Amazon:

1. Listing Optimization

Listing optimization means optimising the product you are listing on Amazon. This helps you to make your product appear at the top in customer searches. To optimise your product listing, you should use different keywords. You need to put all the synonymous words with which people can search for your product.

2. Invest on ADs

If you want to sell on Amazon, it is very necessary that you invest in advertisements. Without investing in ads, you will not get many sales. Without sales, your motivation downgrades by itself. So it is very necessary to spend money on ads at the start to get more orders. 

3. List 50+ Products

Whenever you do products listing to sell on Amazon, you should list more than 50 products. Most people list only a few products and expect that they should get more and more orders. But it is rather possible. Amazon first analyses how active you are on their platform. When you own a big portfolio, Amazon will automatically give you a higher rank where you will get more visibility and more people will buy your product. 

4. Follow Guidelines

The 4th very important factor is to read and follow all the guidelines of Amazon. Avoid mentioning the words which are banned by Amazon. Further, do not upload a picture banned by amazon, rather upload the picture of the product you are selling to sell on Amazon.

5. Avoid Holidays

The 5th most important point is to avoid holidays. Amazon wants you to remain available for customers 24*7 every day. That is why you should take a minimum to the minimum holiday. The minimum you take a holiday, Amazon would consider you an active seller. Amazon keeps on promoting active sellers and that is why you will be getting more orders. 

6. Product Quality

The 6th most important point to grow on Amazon is always maintaining the quality of the product. The biggest mantra to sell on Amazon is to keep the quality of the product at its best as it would attract more customers and ratings. After buying your product, if people like it, they will give you positive feedback and rating. 

7. Rating

The next important factor to growing business on Amazon is rating. The more positive ratings you will get, the more Amazon will promote your products. Getting success on Amazon is directly proportional to the quality of the product.

8. Photography 

Photography is most important on Amazon. Keep the pictures 2000*2000. The main photo or background photo should be on white background. Other photos you can keep on different light backgrounds. 

9. Video on Listing

One more thing Amazon checks is whether you are having or not video in your listing. Video also holds much importance, therefore you should make a small video of the product. If you have a video of the product and you have listed it then your account or product will be visible to more people. Eventually, you will get more orders. 

(Amazon par apna business grow karne ki 9 strategies hain jo humne aap sabhi ke sath saajha ki hain.)

Amazon is a company that is more customer-centric. That’s why it might get strict for sellers sometimes, sometimes sellers might incur losses, and the company only takes care of one thing and that is customers. All the requirements of customers should be fulfilled. All in all, if you have a good quality product, then you can easily sell on Amazon and earn a good amount.  

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