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If you are into an online business or thinking of entering into one, then you must be aware of the importance of Instagram to sell your product or service. Instagram is the platform that can bring your first organic customer and sequentially many more customers to you. But for this, you should know how to use and manage Instagram for your online business. This blog will give you a clear understanding to sell on Instagram for your online business.

(Is blog mein hum baat karenge ki kis tarah aap Instagram ka use karke apne online business mein customers laa sakte hain.)

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How to Attract Customers on Instagram

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5 Step Process to Convert Instagram Users Into Customers

Basically, converting a normal viewer into a paying customer on Instagram is a 5 steps process. Each next step is a step towards the conversion of Instagram users into customers (sell on Instagram).

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5 Step Process to Convert Viewer to Customer

Step 1: Viewer at Instagram

A regular user of Instagram who comes to your profile by looking at your content or some recommendation is called a viewer.

Step 2: Follower of Your Instagram Account

When the user likes your content and something related to your brand, it gets converted into a follower.

Step 3: Active Follower of Your Instagram Account

Now, when your follower starts liking each of your activities on Instagram just like viral bhayani Instagram and keeps liking and commenting on your content, it is an active follower.

Step 4: Lead For Your Business

When your active followers visit your website or WhatsApp with the aim of purchasing your product or service, it is called a lead.

Step 5: Paying Customer of Your Online Business

Finally, when the person (lead) purchases your product and pays you for that, it gets converted into paying customers.

(Instagram ke normal user ko aapke online business ke customer me badalne ki total 5 steps hoti hain.)

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Methods to Organically Bring Customers to Instagram

There are 2 methods to bring organic customers to your online business through Instagram:

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How to Get More Customers on Instagram

Method 1: List Your Account in Search Engine to Sell on Instagram

How to Sell Products on Instagram
List Your Account in Search Engine

For this method, you need to create an appropriate shop on Instagram along with proper optimisation (SEO). SEO includes the stuffing of keywords. Put the primary and secondary keywords everywhere in the account, so that the Instagram search engine will know about your target keyword. When the Instagram user searches for that particular keyword on Instagram, your account will appear in the search list. The primary and secondary keywords are usually decided on the basis of brand and location.

Sell Product on Instagram
SEO Tricks

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Method 2: Get Customer From Engagement to Sell on Instagram

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Engagement Tricks

In this approach, you engage users with your content ideas. For this, your content plays a very vital role as it is the only factor with which more and more traffic comes to your account. So you need to put a whole lot of effort into your content to make it more effective.

These two are free approaches to grow your business organically and sell on Instagram. Moreover, it requires a lot of patience and hard work to bring customers with these approaches.

(Instagram ke through organically apne business mein customers laane ki 2 methods hain. 1st approach mein aapko aapke business account ka SEO karna hota hai. Aur 2nd mein aap engagement ke through apne online business mein customers laate hain.)

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Techniques to Bring Leads to Your Instagram Account

There are some techniques with which you can bring traffic to your Instagram business account easily.

Dummy Account Technique

In this technique, you can create 3 to 4 dummy accounts along with 1 primary account. Instagram allows you to handle 5 accounts at a time. With the help of a dummy account, you can redirect the traffic to your primary account.

(Is technique mein aap 1 primary aur 3 se 4 dummy Instagram account banate hain. Dummy accounts se traffic ko primary account mein transfer karte hain.)

Cross Promotion Technique

Selling Cakes on Instagram
Cross Promotion on Social Media

There are many online resellers who want to promote their business to sell on Instagram. You can collaborate with them. In the collaboration, you both promote each other’s brand on the Instagram account. But this strategy does not bring the required amount of traffic.

(Cross-promotion technique mein aap dusre online resellers ke sath samjhauta karte hain. Isme aap 1 dusre ke brand ko apne Instagram business account mein promote karte hain.)

More steps to sell on Instagram..

Local Listing Technique

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How to Get More Customers

In this strategy, you need to list your business in the online local directories. For example, Indiamart, Justdial, Google my Business. Register your business on such local listing websites. With this, your business appears at the top of the result when a user searches something related to your business.

(Is technique ka use karke aap apne business ko online local directories mein list karwate hain. Isse aapka business user search result mein upar aata hai.)

Next techniques to sell on Instagram..

Influencer Marketing Technique

How to Sell Image on Instagram
Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the best idea to get lots of traffic to your business at a quick time. This technique definitely demands some investment but it is also the most beneficial one to grow your business. You can search for Influencers through your account. Influencers on Instagram include celebrities, memes pages, vloggers etc. The influencers advertise your brand in their account and their followers will get converted into your customers.

(Influencer marketing technique mein aap 1 influencer hire karte hain, jo apne Instagram account mein aapke business ko promote karta hai.)

Instagram Ads

The next strategy to grow an online business and sell on Instagram is Instagram Ads. If you are ready to invest money, then this technique is very beneficial. You can get a heavy lead with this technique and that lead will get converted into your customers very quickly.

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Facebook ADs Manager
Sell on Instagram
Traffic ADs on Facebook

(Instagram Ads chalane mein aap ko thoda sa paisa kharch karna padta hai. Par isse bahut achchi lead generate hoti hai.)

What is next to sell on Instagram?

How to Convert Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers (Sell on Instagram)

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How to Convert Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers

If you already have lots of customers in your business account, you should follow these techniques to convert them into paying customers (sell on Instagram or Insta sale).

Tag And Discount Technique

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Tags and Discount

The tag and discount technique works when you ask your followers to tag your brand in their stories and in return give them a reasonable discount. With this, there are chances that the followers of that particular Instagram account will get converted into your lead.

(Tag and discount technique mein apne followers ko apne brand ko unk stories mein tag karne bolte hain, jiske badle mein aap unko discount offer karte hain. Isse unke Instagram account ke followers aapke business ke lead mein badal sakte hain.)

Personal Branding Technique

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Personal Branding

In the personal branding technique, you inform your followers about your personality. For this, post your pictures, videos from time to time. Moreover, share about your experiences, journey etc. In short, share your personal identity with the followers, your interests, hobbies etc. With this, the followers feel connected with you personally and easily get converted into customers.

(Personal branding technique mein aap apne followers ko apni personality show karte hain. Iske liye aap apni pictures, videos share kar sakte hain. Sath hi apni journey, experiences, interest, etc, apne followers ke sath share karte hain.)

Invite Technique

How to Sell Products on Instagram
Invite Strategy

In this technique, you invite your followers to look at your updated catalogue. To achieve this. run stories, posts, videos, etc and share and post a link of the invitation there. With that link, the followers get redirected to your WhatsApp account.

(Invite strategy mein aap apne updated catalogue ko dekhne ke liye apne followers ko invite karte hain. )

Sold Out Technique

Sell Product on Instagram
Sold Out Images Strategy

In this strategy, you need to update the sold outpost in your Instagram account from time to time. This acts as the triggering and action-oriented posts for the followers. With this, they get a positive feeling about your business and take immediate action to buy your product or service.

(Sold out strategy mein aapko time-time par apne Instagram account par sold out ki post upload karna hai. Isse aapke followers jaldi se jaldi aapke products ya service kharidne ke liye trigger honge.)

Testimonials Technique

Can You Sell Stuff on Instagram
Testimonial Strategy

Here, you need to take a video (max 2 to 3 minutes) of your customers in which they are giving positive feedback about your brand or product. Testimonials are very impactful to create trust among the followers.

(Testimonials strategy mein aap apne customers ke 2 3 minutes ke positive feedback record karte hain. Isme wo aapke brand ya product ke bare mein achi baaten batate hain.)

Live Image Technique

People know that there are many resellers who are into reselling business these days. It becomes very difficult for the audience to trust every reseller. Therefore, if you post live images of the product, it builds trust in the audience that the product is actually with you.

(Is technique mein aap apne products ki live images post karte hain jisse audience ko yakeen hota hai ki product sach mein aapke paas hai.)

Scarcity Technique

Whenever you post any update about your product, write a caption such as limited Stock, only a few pieces left etc. This triggers customers to take action due to the fear of scarcity of products and do not delay buying.

(Is strategy mein aap apne product ke sath limited stock, few pieces left jaise captions delta hain. Isse customers products khatam hone ke darr se jaldi se kharidne ka decision lete hain.)

If you follow all these tips and techniques regularly to sell on Instagram (sell product on Instagram), your online business will grow soon.

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