Imitation Jewellery Business Idea

In the past, it was generally considered that imitation jewellery was a low-quality product. However, this perception has changed in recent years. With the boom in social media and the rise of fad culture, consumers have become more aware of the importance of quality when they are buying an item such as jewellery.

In order to meet the demands of fickle consumers, companies have started to produce better quality products. By doing this, they are able to increase their sales and capture a larger share of the market. It is also possible for a small business to start a jewellery imitation business if they have the skills and knowledge required. In particular, it is important for them to understand how customers perceive imitation jewellery and how this affects their decision-making process. 

In this blog, you will get to know how you can start an imitation jewellery business without any investment. You will get to know every detailed information about imitation jewellery business right from starting the business to finding the best wholesaler. Also, I will tell you how to grow this business and what are the marketing strategies. 

(Is blog mein hum aapko imitation jewellery business ke baare mein puri jankari denge.)

What Is Imitation Jewellery and Why to Do Imitation Jewellery Business

Imitation jewellery is a type of wearable art that involves replicating another item of jewellery. It can take many forms, but the most basic one involves creating a copy of an existing piece of jewellery by hand. Sometimes, it may involve creating a mould to cast the original design into a new piece of metal.

Now the very first question is why this imitation jewellery business?. Imitation jewellery is the perfect product for an eCommerce business. The reasons which make it perfect are:

Small size, easy delivery, high demand, high margin, and good wholesalers

This is a product with which you can start a business with little investment and grow it to a bigger level.

(Imitation jewellery eCommerce business ke liye ek perfect product hai. Iske bahut sare kaaran hain. Is product se aap kam investment mein easily business start or grow kar sakte hain.) 

How to Start Imitation Jewellery Business

The steps involved in starting an imitation jewellery business include:

1. Right Supplier 

The very first step is to find the right wholesaler or supplier who can provide you with good and trending jewellery at the lowest wholesale price. 

There are many ways to find a good wholesaler. You can find them on Indiamart, Instagram, YouTube, etc. At Social seller academy also, we feature the wholesalers connected with us. Here at the end of the blog, we will tell you about the wholesaler with whom you can start this business. 

(Imitation jewellery business ka sabse pehli step hai achche wholesalers khojna, jo kam kimat mein achchi quality ki jewellery de.)

2. Photography

After finding a good wholesaler for imitation jewellery business, you need to order a sample product to have your own photography. Photography is very important in the eCommerce business. The more attractive the photography is, the better sales you will get. Many wholesalers might provide photography by themselves. But we recommend you to do photography on your own. The more input you will put into photography, the better result you will get. 

Photography is of 2 to 3 types. 

1. White background photography: If you want to sell on Amazon, Flipkart, or Meesho then you will need white background photography. 

2. Live background photography: If you want to sell through social media such as Instagram or Facebook then you will need live background photography.

A call to action is very important in the photography of a product as with this people will get the clarity that the product is for sale.   

(Dusri step hai wholesaler se sample product lekar uski achchi photography karna. Jitni achchi aap photography karenge, utni zyada aapki sales hogi.)

3. Social Media Accounts

The next step is to create your own social media accounts. For an imitation jewellery business, you will need to create 2 to 3 accounts. One is on Instagram as it has maximum traffic and the second is on Pinterest as maximum people search for jewellery on Pinterest. So, from there you can easily get traffic to your jewellery business. The third account you will need to create is on YouTube. Youtube shorts are booming very rapidly these days. A single short video can be used both as YouTube shorts and as Instagram reels. All these 3 social media platforms are very ideal for social selling.

(Agli step mein humko social media accounts banana hai. Iske liye humko 2 se 3 social media accounts banane hain, Instagram par, Pinterest par aur YouTube par.)

4. Social Commerce Website

Social commerce websites also play a very crucial role when you create social pages. It is necessary that you create social commerce websites too. Initially, it is not possible for you to develop an eCommerce website so at the basic level you can create a social commerce website. There are many ways to create social commerce websites. You can make it on your own or from our tool. 

On the social commerce website, you don’t need to put the buy button. Instead, you need to put a WhatsApp button so that people click on it and connect with you on WhatsApp. 

(Is business ke liye zaruri hai ki aap apni khud ki social commerce website banayen. Social commerce website banana bahut easy hai. Ise aap khud se bhi bana sakte hain ya iske liye aap hamare tool ka istemal bhi kar sakte hain.)

5. Promotion And Marketing

These imitation jewellery are very tiny, ticket-sized products. The product price may vary from product to product. It is not possible to gain many sales if you do manual marketing. You will only get 1 to 2 sales in a day. Therefore for these little products, you will need to do marketing automation. 

So the promotion and marketing of imitation jewellery business is a 2 step process. The complete marketing is done through Instagram ads, which are done through the Facebook ads console. You need to run 2 types of ads. 1 is a traffic ad with which more and more audiences will come to your social commerce website. Then you need to run retargeting ads on that audience. So that you can convert those audiences again and again. 

With these processes, you can easily set up your basic level of business.

(Imitation jewellery bahut chhote ticket size ke products hote hain. Isiliye in products ki manual marketing se aap zyada sales nahi kar payenge. Zaruri hai ki aap iska marketing automation karen, jisse aap zyada sales kar payenge.)

Wholesaler For Imitation Jewellery Business

Now, we have come to the important point where we will discuss about the wholesaler with whom we can do this imitation jewellery business. After a lot of research, we have found a wholesaler whose details we are sharing with you. 

  • Wholesaler name: Shubham Patel 
  • Brand name: Update Life
  • Operating from: Gujarat, Rajkot
  • Website name:
  • They have been in the reselling business for the past 4 years. 
  • They have more than 1000 resellers connected with them from all over India. 
  • They started their business as a manufacturer and today they have a manufacturing unit and shops too. 

The services they provide to the resellers are Cash on delivery, fast shipping, International shipping service, extra discount, and incentives, easy returns, and exchange (you must have parcel opening video). Their WhatsApp number is +917859850075. 

How to Grow Imitation Jewellery Business

Starting an imitation jewellery business is a bit easy. But growing it and taking it to the next level is a little difficult. The initial growth you will get from social media.

1. Short Videos / Reels

The maximum growth of any business we get is from reels and short videos. This 15-sec reel video is the most important thing from where you can bring traffic. So, you need to do a lot of experiments in reels. Suppose, if you need to create 50 different types of reels. All 50 reels should follow the 80/20 rule, in which 80% is the product and content and the last 20% should be a call to action. The people who will see the reel will provide 80% retention and 20% cta. There would be some reels that will be boosted by Instagram and Facebook in which you will get a maximum view. 

(Imitation jewellery business ko grow karne ke liye short videos aur reels bahut hadd tak kaam karti hai. Aapko bahut sari reels banani hai. Unme se kuch reels aisi hongi jo Instagram aur Facebook boost karenge aur aapko unse maximum views aayenge.)

2. ADs

You need to find that exceptional video that is getting maximum views and then run ads on it. The ADs will help you to get traffic to the website. From there you need to forward the traffic to WhatsApp. As you take people to WhatsApp, you can easily make sales. 

(Maximum views wali reel ko find karke aapko uspar ad chalana hai. Aur Ads se aapko traffic WhatsApp par le jana hai.)

3. Database

With the people coming to WhatsApp, first, do the manual sales. Save their database. After collecting an ample database, you need to do WhatsApp marketing on a regular basis. This is the most cost-effective way at the initial level with which you can easily convert sales. 

(WhatsApp par aane wale logon ke sath aapko manually sales karna hai. Ek achcha database banane ke baad aapko unke sath regular basis par WhatsApp marketing karna hai.)

So, here we have discussed everything about imitation jewellery business. Hope, the article would be helpful for you.

To get a total understanding of the business, take our reselling business course. We are also launching many new courses. You can also create social commerce websites with our tool free of cost. 

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