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Growth of Influencer

Instagram influencers are at boom these days. You might have seen profiles of various influencers through your Instagram profile. According to researchers, there are more than 73 million Instagram users in India. Among the users, there are more than 5 lakhs Influencers. It is growing at the rate of 25% each year.

Influencers make their own reels, videos, etc to promote their own product or someone else’s brand. They not only get popular with this but also earn a lot of money. Have you ever thought about how the Influencers’ businesses work, how they earn and how much money they make? This article is dedicated to answering every single question related to Influencer marketing and Influencers.

(Aajkal influencers marketing bahut zyada popular hai. Is video mein hum influencer marketing ke baare mein puuri jaankari denge.)

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, the influencer promotes the product or service of any brand in return for money. They use their social media accounts to promote the brands of their customers.

Influencers are the people who make content for the public. When an influencer promotes any brand, it increases the brand value. Also, the brand will get more reach out of this. You can also call the influencers the small version of a brand ambassador.

(Influencer marketing mein 1 influencer kisi brand ki product ya service ko promote karte hain, jiske badle mein usko paise milte hain.)

How to Become an Influencer

How to Become an Influencer

It is very easy to become an influencer. You can become a successful influencer within your comfort zone and earn money online. The only requirement is an Internet connection. You don’t need any investment for this, just need to develop effective content. One important factor to create and posting content is consistency. You need to maintain consistency in your content, as an influencer, in order to develop a brand. Let’s understand stage by stage, how to become an Influencer, develop effective content and maintain consistency in it:

How to Create Content

(Yahaan hum stage by stage ye discuss karenge ki aap 1 successful influencer kaise ban sakte hain.)

Stage 1: Decide Your Own Idea

Decide Your Own Idea
Engagement Base Content
SEO Based Content

The very first step is to decide your own idea with which you want to create your content. The idea here can also be called Niche. To decide on an idea for creating content, you need to figure out these important factors.

1. Interest: Figure out your interest and make it your niche. If the idea is of your interest, you will enjoy your work and never get bored of creating content, irrespective of the result.

2. Demand: To become popular in the market as an influencer, it is essential that the audience want to know about your content. For this, you need to research market demand in advance.

(1 successful influencer banne ke liye sabse pehle aap ko apne content ka idea decide karna hai. Isko hum niche bhi bolte hain. Koi bhi idea 2 factors par work karta hai, demand aur interest.)

Stage 2: Scripting and Shooting

Scripting and Shooting

The script is most important to design any content, whether it is an image, video, or blog. You can’t deliver the right content without writing a script in advance or making an outline. Scriptwriting for content works on 2 important models.

1. PAS model: PAS stands for problem, agitation, and solution. In this model, you discuss the problems of the audience, how the problem is affecting people and what are the probable solutions for the problem. This gives proper information to the audience which increases their knowledge and they like your content.

2. AIDA model: AIDA stands for attraction, interest, desire, and action. This model mainly works for creating video content. In this model, you attract the target audience, create interest in them, create desire in them to achieve something, and at last teach them about how to take action to achieve that particular desire.

The next step after preparing the script is shooting. Before shooting any video or any other content, prepare a draft of it.

Shoot Your Video

(Agli step mein aapko content ke liye script prepare karna hai. Kisi bhi content ka script 2 important models par work karta hai, PAS model aur AIDA model. Script prepare karne ke baad aapko content shoot karna hai.)

Stage 3: Edit Your Video

Edit Your Video

Editing content (images and videos) is very important before posting, to make them look attractive and classy. Unedited content may not attract the target audience and leads to failure. There are many tools available for editing images and videos. You can use any according to your suitability. Some of the free editing tools are Canva, Inshot, Kinemaster, VN Editor.

(Kisi bhi content ko post karne se pehle usko edit karna bahut zaruri hota hai. Tabhi aap zyada se zyada audience ko attract kar payenge.)

Stage 4: Content Posting


The next important step after editing your content is posting. You need to be very careful while posting any content in order to make it go viral. There are some important points that needs to be taken care of, for content posting which makes it liked by the audience:

● Title

● Thumbnails

● Tags/ Hashtag

Do proper research before creating the above 3 important factors for your content. Choosing the right title, thumbnails, and hashtags will make your content appear at the top of the user search list.

(Ab next step mein aapko apne content ko post karna hai. Posting ke liye aapko 3 zaruri baaton ka dhyan rakhna hai, title, thumbnails aur tags/hashtags. Ye 3 cheezen decide karne se pehle achche se research karen.)

Stage 5: Content Marketing


The last step is to promote or market your content as maximum as you can. The maximum audience watches your content, maximum is the possibility of earning money through it. For this, you need to promote your content effectively by yourself. You can also use some paid methods to promote your content. Some paid methods include asking some other influencer to promote your content, ADs etc.

(Influencer marketing ki last step hai, apne content ko promote karna. Jitna zyada aap apne content ko promote karenge utne zyada log use dekhenge aur aap paise kama payenge.)

How The Business Model of Influencer Marketing Works

There are a number of Influencer marketing agencies in India. As you become a successful influencer, you can approach such agencies. Search for such agencies and they will connect you through the brand as an influencer partner and in return, you will get the commission.

Search Influencer Marketing Agency

(India mein bahut sari Influencer marketing agencies hain. Jaise hi aap 1 successful influencer ban jate hain, aap un agencies ko contact kar sakte hain. Wo aapko brand se introduce karwa denge aur badle mein aapko commission milega.)

How Much Money Does an Influencer Make?

Earning of Influencers

This is all about Influencer marketing. With this, you might have got an overall idea about Influencer marketing and its importance in the coming future.

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