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The online shoe business is the best choice for you if you are looking for something to do. You can make your dreams come true by running an online shoe store. It will give you a lot of benefits and opportunities.

Shoes are a product that literally can make you a millionaire if you sell them online. 90% of the people who start shoe businesses fail. The biggest reason is that the shoe business is a heavy business. To start a business, one needs to keep a heavy stock. You might have seen that if you keep a model of a shoe, you need to keep it in 4 different sizes. Also, you need to keep different quantities. That is the reason, most people are not able to maintain variety. All the online portals like Amazon & Flipkart are running well because they don’t have the stock but have many wholesalers as well as varieties. 

The business model today we are going to tell you would not ask you to keep the stock. This is a no-risk business model. Initially, just start your business by marketing and check whether the customer segment is set or not, the marketing strategy is properly working or not, the online sales funnel is working or not, the website is properly working or not, and digital marketing is properly running or not.

After testing all these, if in the future your business goes into positive cash flow, which means profitable, then you can start keeping your own stock. Many of you might have understood that we are going to talk about the shoe reselling business. If you want to start your own online shoe business but don’t know how to do it, then here you will get all the needed information. 

We will tell you complete detailed information about the online shoe business including how to start it without investment just by sitting at home, all the strategies and processes to do an online shoe business, and how to develop and grow as a brand. Also, we will tell you the best wholesaler for reselling your shoes reselling business. 

Why Online Shoes Business?

One of the most important benefits is that you get to sell shoes to people all over the world from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to spend money on travel or any other expenses because your customers will be coming from all over the globe. This means that you don’t have to worry about stocking up your inventory or hiring salespeople if you run this type of business because it is a very low-cost, low-risk business model when compared with other retail businesses such as brick-and-mortar stores or boutiques.” The online shoe business is a great opportunity for those who want to start up their own business. 

Thousands of people in India are doing online shoe reselling business by making an Instagram shopping page. Actually, the concept has come from the USA. It started in the USA 10 years back and many resellers are already there till today. But India has recently get aware of this business model. In this business, you need to do the whole marketing of your business with Instagram. When you get a huge amount of followers then you can start selling to customers through WhatsApp. Whenever you get any order, you place that order to the wholesaler through a drop shipping model. Then, the wholesaler directly delivers the order to the customer with your brand name. 

How to Start Online Shoe Business in India

Many big wholesalers are there in India with whom you can connect to get products for your online business. They will update you on a daily basis with images of shoes. By connecting with them, you can easily start your shoe business at the initial level, by creating an Instagram page, YouTube channel, or eCommerce website. We have noticed it is very easy to sell on social media.

Once you get followers, continuous posting and a habit of continuously marketing on Instagram will help you gain more followers and more people will start becoming your customers. As they start liking your product and service, they also refer other people to buy from you. This way your online store starts running properly.

Difficulty in Starting Online Shoe Business

Initially, it takes approximately 2 months to set up an online business. In the whole shoe reselling business, the most critical point is finding a good wholesaler. People find difficulties in finding a genuine and trusted wholesaler who can provide genuine products at wholesale prices. Many people pretend to be a wholesaler but they might not, they might be some resellers or frauds. But we will tell you the trusted wholesaler for your online shoe business whom we found after searching a lot and doing proper verification. 

Trusted Wholesaler For Online Shoe Business

So, we are featuring the most trusted and genuine wholesaler for your online shoe business:

  • The brand name is Talwar Shoes and the founder is Mr. Mani Talwar.
  • They started their business 5 years back in 2018.
  • They started their business as a reseller. As their page and business grew, they started keeping their own product stock. Today more than 10000 resellers are connected to them.  

You can also connect with them and start your own online shoe business brand. 

How to Do Online Shoe Business by Connecting With Them

Here are the steps to be followed to do an online shoe business by connecting with them:

Step 1: Simply go to their WhatsApp and ask them your queries. Also, tell them that you want to connect as a reseller. 

Step 2: In the next step, they will add you to their broadcast list.

Step 3: They will send product updates on a daily basis.

Step 4: Then you can share the products on your social media like Instagram, etc.

Step 5: The order you will receive, you can place back to the wholesaler.

Step 6: They will deliver the product directly to your customer with your brand name. Your customer will never get to know that it is their brand, but not yours.

Reasons Why Resellers Grow With Them

The reasons which help the resellers grow with them are:

  1. They provide premium quality shoes.
  2. They give regular stock updates, which means daily or weekly you will get new varieties to give your customer. 
  3. They provide strong customer support. Moreover, they dispatch the order within 24 hours of receiving the order. 

Service Provided by Them to The Resellers

  • Fast shipping
  • Return and exchange (if you have parcel opening video)
  • New offers and discounts for active resellers
  • Daily Broadcast

If you want to connect with them for a brand new online shoe business, go to their WhatsApp. Their WhatsApp number is +91 8146054018. 

You might have understood the reselling business model. In case of any doubt, you can read our reselling business for beginners blog

How to Grow a Shoes Business Online?

Let’s understand how you can grow your online shoe business. It is difficult to grow a shoe business directly in online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. There are plenty of sellers already operational there which creates a lot of competition. All this makes it difficult to create your own brand. So, it is important to create your own brand first. 

The genuine and ideal platform to create a shoe brand is Instagram. Hence, initially, you can start with Instagram. There might be thousands of people who might have tried and are trying to create a shopping page on Instagram. But 90% of them might not succeed. The reason is they keep on posting similar content as they get from the wholesaler.

You need to create some differentiation and show that you have a unique brand and shopping page. For this, you need to do little investment and strategic marketing. Create your own idea and content by getting the product from the wholesaler. Instagram would not take action on self-generated content. If you keep on posting the same post the same as other accounts, Instagram would ban that post and possibly the account too. 

So the most important thing to grow an online shoe business is to view the product from the wholesaler and share it on WhatsApp. But to put the content on Instagram, create it by yourself. 

How to Get Traffic On Instagram For Online Shoe Business

Suppose a wholesaler updated a product and you want to resell it. Get it from your wholesaler and do proper photography and videography of the product from every angle. Then prepare a post out of it and schedule and post it on Instagram. Post it with different viral audio. Instagram would understand that you are creating unique content and start boosting your post. Secondly, you will also gain customers’ trust with this. But this might not help you to gain the needed traffic to run an online shoe business. 

To get the maximum traffic, you need to do cross-promotion so that new audiences will come and watch your content. The process of cross-promotion includes:


Collaboration is very important for cross-promotion if you have started a new one. There is no substitute for this. Hence, you can collaborate with people running big meme pages, and influencers who are interested in your brand. With this, you will get 100% ROI.


Collaborate with any influencer who is getting popular in the fashion segment. Send your product to them free of cost and ask them to prepare videos and content for it. Use the video and content you will get from them for further marketing. 

These are the 2 important techniques to grow at the initial level. Collaboration as max as possible with big meme pages and influencers. When you slowly grow your brand, then create your own custom new brand and launch it in the market. Till now, you already have your customer base and people who trust you. You can get maximum margin and your name in the product will create a proper B2C brand. You can also take it to the startup model. 

You might have understood how you can create your own online shoe brand just by sitting at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start an online footwear business?

To start an online footwear business, search for a genuine and trusted shoe wholesaler. Then create a shopping page on Instagram and post regular content to get more traffic. Forward the potential customers from Instagram to WhatsApp. There you need to bulk WhatsApp marketing and retargeting to gain more and more customers. 

Q. Is it profitable to sell shoes online?

If done right, it is very profitable to run an online shoe business and sell shoes online. 

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