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For 90% of the people, Instagram is a social media application where people post their photos and videos. But for the rest 10% of the people, Instagram is a social commerce application, where they operate their business. Instagram is a great place to run and grow a reselling business these days. Yes in India there are more than 5 lakhs shopping pages in Instagram who are operating their online business. They are successfully earning online. 

If you are wondering how Instagram works for resellers? Then, with this blog you will get the complete and detailed information about how you can start a reselling business from Instagram. You will understand the complete Instagram business model by going through this blog. 

So for those who want to use Instagram as a social commerce application, here we are going to tell you about a business model which does not require any investment or inventory and it can be started anytime and from anywhere. And in future you can also grow this business and scale into an ecommerce business. Let’s understand this business model in detail.

(Doston Instagram par aajkal bahut sare log shopping pages banakar apna business run kar rahe hain. Yeh bahut easy process hai aur aap achcha khasa paisa kama sakte hain. Aaiye hum aapko is blog ke zariye Instagram ke business model ki complete process samjhate hain.)

Pros and Cons of Instagram Business Model

The pros of this business model is that you can easily earn 25 to 30K per month, without any investment. And once it is set up, it is easy to grow and scale. But along with unlimited advantages there are cons of this business model. 

So, let’s also understand some negative aspects of this business model too. The setup is little time consuming which takes approximately 1 to 2 months. Further, in India, you might find it difficult to find good suppliers. And the third negative aspect is that there is a lack of knowledge and knowledge providers for this business model. So, with this blog we will help you to eliminate all the obstacles and provide overall knowledge of this business model. 

(Agar is business model ke bahut sare advantages hain, to kuch disadvantages hain. Unhi disadvantages ya rukawaton ko overcome karne ki hum is blog ke zariye aapki madad karenge.)

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How Instagram Business Model Work

Lets now first understand how this business model (Instagram Business Model) works:

So first of all, you create a business page on Instagram for marketing to increase your reach to more and more people. People start connecting with you by visiting that Instagram page. From that page, you need to redirect people to your social commerce website. From social commerce websites, people get redirected to your WhatsApp. And finally from there onwards, the sales get started and your business starts to generate revenue. 

(To aaiye samajhte hain ki kis tarah se yeh business model work karta hai, iske liye aap sabse pehle Instagram par business page banate hain, jisse marketing karte hain. Us page se log connect hote hain aur phir aapki social commerce website par jate hain. Social commerce website se WhatsApp par log jate hain aur phir finally aapki sales hoti aur revenue generate hota hai.)

6 Steps Process to Start Instagram Business Model

Here, we will reveal the steps to start an Instagram business model. It is a 6 step process.

  1. Shopping page: The very first step is to create a shopping page on Instagram. 
  2. Social commerce website: Then create your social commerce website.
  3. Supplier research: Research and find a very good supplier and connect with them. 
  4. Product posting: Take photos of products from them and then automate them  for posting.
  5. WhatsApp Sales: As people see photos and come to your WhatsApp, then you need to do sales. 
  6. Instagram Marketing: After sales, to continuously grow your business, you need to do Instagram marketing. The more marketing you do, the more you will be able to connect with people and the more you can generate revenue. 

(Instagram business model ko operate karne ki 6 step process ko hum yahaan par reveal karenge. Wo steps is tarah se hain, shopping page, social commerce website, supplier research, product posting, WhatsApp sales, aur Instagram marketing)

How to Prepare Good IG Shopping Page

It is an 8 step process to create an effective shopping page (Instagram business model).

Step 1: Create a Username

Step 2: Create a logo

Step 3: Give a profile name

Step 4: Select categories

Step 5: Write an effective bio

Step 6: Write extended bio

Step 7: Provide links

Step 8: Provide highlights

This is a quick guide to create a shopping page on Instagram but if you want a detailed process, then navigate through.. 

(Instagram par ek achcha shopping page kaise banana hai, iski 8 step process. In steps ko follow karke aap bahut easily Instagram par shopping page (Instagram business model) bana sakte hain.)

Read here to get complete detail about how to create shopping profile on Instagram..

How to Create Social Commerce Website

With our platform i.e. Social seller, you could easily create a social commerce website. For creating a social commerce website, follow these steps:

  • Visit 
  • Then click on Become a seller option”.
  •  Now, create your account. 
  • If you are an online seller, then you can create your account for free, whereas if you are a wholesaler then you can create a premium account. 
  • After creating an account, you have to set-up your store properly along with brand name, other information about the store, cover picture, logo. 
  • Now, setup group marketing on WhatsApp. Basically in 1 WhatsApp group, only 256 members are possible, but here you can keep multiple WhatsApp links. 
  • For all these multiple links, you will get 1 single link. 
  • Now you only need to do marketing of this single link. People who will come with this WhatsApp link will automatically be divided into multiple WhatsApp groups. 
  • You will also get a WhatsApp marketing tool here. 
  • Now you can create different categories and upload your own products. 

So, with this you are up with your social commerce website. 

(Hamare social seller platform se easily aap apni ek effective social commerce website bana sakte hain.)

How to Find Good Suppliers

  1. Get wholesalers from

You can get different types of wholesalers from there who will provide you products on a 1 to 1 basis. 

  1. Find wholesalers on Instagram Page

Go to the search option of Instagram and type wholesale and type wholesale_producttype. For example, wholesale_shoes. You will get a list of wholesalers.

  1. Youtube channel (Social Seller Academy)

The whole video series is named as wholesaler connect. You can connect with them by watching our YouTube video. You will also get their whatsapp number from there. 

  1. Database scraper tool

We have created a tool named database scraper using which you can scrape database of wholesalers in Instagram.

(Humne yaha par aapke sath achche suppliers khojne ke sare tarike share kiye hain. Aap koi bhi tarike se apne liye genuine wholesaler dhundh sakte hain.)

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How to Do Posting Automation

Now to run your Instagram business model successfully, it is necessary that you should keep your posting automated. Manually posting requires a lot of time. A software can help you to post 3 to 4 posts automatically in your social media account.

To get an automation software, first you need to decide the platform where you want to sell your product. For selling on Facebook or Instagram, you have a very good tool named Facebook creator studio. It is a type of app which is also available in website form. From there you can schedule your post. Just upload your products there and automatically they will get posted in your Instagram pages or Facebook. If you are a beginner and just starting your business then do at least 6 posts in a day.  

(Instagram business model ko achchi tarah se chalane ke liye ye zaruri hai ki aap apne posts ko automate karen. Posts ko automate karne ke liye aap kisi achche software ka use kar sakte hain.)

5 Steps Process to Automate Posting

  1. Select platform for posting
  2. Creator studio for auto posting
  3. Posts 6 products in a day
  4. Do not reveal price
  5. Use Hashtags for SEO

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How to Do Sales on WhatsApp

To understand sales in WhatsApp, first we need to understand the types of WhatsApp:

  1. WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp business
  3. WhatsApp Business API: know about whatsaapp business api in video. 

How to Deal With Customers on WhatsApp

  1. Profiling: Understand the category of customer and then create a profile accordingly. 
  2. Quick Reply: Understand the questions your customers would ask and prepare answers in advance. 
  3. Broadcast: Broadcasting should be done on a weekly or monthly basis. With WhatsApp business API, you can do bulk broadcast or catalogue broadcast.
  4. Teams: After your business has grown properly, prepare your own team on WhatsApp. 

(WhatsApp me sales ke liye aapko sabse pehle WhatsApp ke types samajhna zaruri hai. Hamari batai hui steps ko follow karke aap easily WhatsApp par customers ko manage kar sakte hain.)

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How to Do Sell on WhatsApp Groups

What is next in Instagram business model..

How to Do Instagram Marketing

It is a 3 step process to do marketing on Instagram. It is the most important technique. The more you do marketing on Instagram, the more your business will grow. 

Strategies to do marketing on Instagram shopping page (Instagram business model):

  1. Two Page Strategy

Create two pages of your own on Instagram, 1 is for shop and 1 is for marketing. Marketing page should contain something with which users get attracted towards your account and the shopping page should contain the information about the product which you want to sell. 

  1. Collaboration 

You can collaborate with accounts similar to your account for free. You both can exchange your followers. Paid collaboration is also available which is popularly known by the name influencer marketing. 

  1. Content Marketing

Prepare a viral content with which more and more people come to your account. The only thing that works to go viral on Instagram is content marketing.  

(Instagram par marketing karne ke 3 strategies hain, jo hain two page strategy, collaboration aur content marketing.)

Here we have learnt every required information to understand Instagram business model. By using these steps you can successfully run and grow business on Instagram (Instagram business model).

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