Important Instagram SEO Tips

Instagram has been a rising star among other social media platforms and with the introduction of new tools and features, it has become one of the big platforms on which businesses can perform marketing. This blog highlights some important SEO tips for increasing your Instagram followers, likes, and engagement using an array of SEO techniques.

In this blog, we will tell you how to do SEO on Instagram, so that you can bring maximum followers to your account. By using these techniques, you could easily appear at the top of Instagram search results. Also, you can get huge followers for free. 

Why Is Instagram SEO Important?

Instagram is a very fast-growing and one of the most established social media platforms nowadays. The platform is popular because of its unique features, which are leaning toward the user’s interest. When it comes to search engine optimization, Instagram is usually at the top of our list because it offers great opportunities for your business to reach out to more potential customers. And if you combine that with the fact that there are over 500 million users on Instagram then you can only imagine how powerful the results are when you do have such a large fanbase behind you.

People search for something daily on Instagram. It also has its own SEO system like Google. With Instagram SEO, you can bring your profile to the top of the Instagram search result.

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How to Do Instagram SEO?

It is an 8-step process to do SEO on Instagram. Let’s know what are these 8 steps: 

1. Optimise Profile

This is the very first and most important step for doing SEO on your Instagram account. You need to optimise your profile, but not the whole account. Let’s know what comes in an Instagram profile and how to optimise it.  Every piece of information that a viewer views at the top of your Instagram account is nothing but your Instagram profile. For example:

Username: Always keep the username short, recognizable, and searchable. The username should contain both primary and secondary keywords. Keep the username that most of the users search for in your niche. 

Example: formal_shoes wholesaler

Just as we have thumbnails on YouTube to attract customers, on Instagram we have DPs. Hence, keep a very attractive image to get clicks on your profile. 

Business account: Always create a business account for your business, don’t keep a normal account. Instagram gives preference to business accounts.

Fill all fields: Fill in all the information very precisely and carefully. Don’t leave any field blank on your profile. 

Add link: To track how many people are coming to your Instagram account, put a tracking link on the profile. 

2. Primary Username

Primary username is the next important thing to be kept in mind while doing SEO of your Instagram account. The Instagram Username is made up of 2 things: Primary keyword and a secondary keyword. You should keep both primary and secondary keywords together in the username. The primary username is the first part of the username. 

For example: Shoes_Wholesaler (Shoes is the primary keyword here)

3. Secondary Username

Secondary keyword also plays an important role in the SEO of your Instagram account. Put the secondary keyword in all of your captions. 

For example: MagnoliaBakery (here Bakery is the secondary keyword)

Put bakery everywhere in the captions on your Instagram account. Local area names can also be used as secondary keywords.

4. Hashtag as Keywords

Whatever hashtags you use in your photos, should be keywords for your Instagram profile. Whatever photos and videos you are uploading, keep the primary and secondary keywords in the hashtag. Use your location as the keyword. You could also use picture-related keywords. Use both short-tail and long-tail keywords in hashtags.

For example:

Short tail keywords: #Magnolia #Bakery #BestCake #CakeShop 

Long tail keywords: #BestBakeryInDelhi #BestCakeShopInDelhi 

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5. Mention Keywords in Captions

Put the primary and secondary keywords in the captions of every picture. Generally, people write quotes, quotations, and small paragraphs in captions, but it is necessary to put primary and secondary keywords in the paragraph. The caption should contain the name and nature of the business. So that whenever Instagram searches for your account, they would be able to see primary and secondary keywords right everywhere right from profile to posts. and whenever people search about it, it will display your profile at the top of the search result. 

6. ALT Text

Basically, Instagram launched this feature for visually impaired people. Using this feature, whatever picture you will post, you can describe additional things about it. If you are posting something important, you should necessarily use ALT text. The ALT text should contain primary, and secondary keywords, and the location.  

7. Analyse Your Keywords

The 7th step of Instagram SEO is analysis. It is the most important process of digital marketing and the biggest part of Instagram SEO. This process includes the analysis of keywords to check whether it is ranking or not. Also, you analyse your profile ranking for which keyword. There are many analysis tools available to analyse Instagram and to find out on which platform your profile is ranking. 

Some of the tools are Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, and Sprinkler. If you are ranking on BakeryInDelhi instead of CakeShopInDelhi, then you will shift the whole focus of your Instagram SEO to cake shops or cake stores. 

8. Avoid Unethical Techniques

This is the most important rule of Instagram SEO. Never use any black hat or unethical marketing techniques for Instagram SEO. That means don’t buy fake followers, avoid fake likes, and don’t do things that Instagram doesn’t like, such as following many people at once and too fast. If you do too many things on Instagram such as using any automation tool, so much posting or doing so much engagement, then Instagram bans you. Don’t use any such technology as it will taint your Instagram account image. It will never rank you above in the Instagram search engine result.  

If you use and follow all these techniques step by step, then your account will appear on top of the search result. With these techniques, you could bring maximum traffic without any investment. You will be able to get more than 10k followers with this technique in the starting 6 months only. Also, you need to understand that Instagram and this technique do not work for every business. Instagram plays an important role in fashion-related stores or something which people search very much for. Also, it is very important for eCommerce. 

Instagram SEO tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you rank higher on Instagram?

By following all the Instagram SEO strategies while optimising your Instagram profile. By continuously posting good content on Instagram, one can rank higher on the Instagram search result. 

Q. Do hashtags help SEO?

Yes, hashtags are important for Instagram SEO, because we use keywords in hashtags which plays a very crucial role in SEO. 

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