How to Manage Multiple WhatsApp Business Numbers

Are you a reseller, dropshipper, or someone who manages your business with WhatsApp? Are you the one who has multiple WhatsApp numbers for business purposes and find difficulties in managing them? Then, this blog would be definitely beneficial for you. Here, we are revealing a platform in which you will be able to manage your multiple WhatsApp accounts with ease. This platform would enable you to manage data of customers of multiple WhatsApp business numbers at one place. Also, you would be able to create a whole team at one platform, who would be involved in managing the customers of multiple WhatsApp business numbers. 

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Problems Faced by Sellers to Manage Multiple WhatsApp Business Numbers

Most of the online sellers manage their business on WhatsApp these days. The biggest problem that comes in their way is they are not able to manage their customers through 1 WhatsApp number. They need different-different WhatsApp numbers for broadcast and for various categories of customers. 

One can do it through WhatsApp business API, but it is not possible for every small company or online seller to buy it. The person should be the owner of a company to become eligible to buy WhatsApp business API. If you want to deal with your customers WhatsApp in bulk and are not able to buy WhatsApp business API, then you might be thinking how you would be able to do this. So, here we are going to fade up your confusion as we are here with a software or tool with which you can manage multiple WhatsApp business numbers with so much ease.

Most of the sellers these days own multiple WhatsApp business numbers. They keep different phones and WhatsApp numbers and redirect their customers to different-different WhatsApp numbers. They allot all the phones of WhatsApp business numbers to different-different sales persons. But this is where mismanagement started, as there is no record of who is managing effectively and who is not. But the solution we are going to tell you here will help to grow your business very fast. You will be able to communicate with your customers easily. You will be able to manage customers coming from different social media platforms and also have the track record of your sales persons managing different WhatsApp accounts and customers. 

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Best Software to Manage Multiple WhatsApp Business Numbers

The software we are talking about is pancake and the website name is Pancake is wholly a new company in India. With their system you will be able to manage multiple social media accounts in 1 platform or dashboard. Also, it is very easy to use this software and one can use it with even no to little technical knowledge. 

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How to Use Pancake to Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Simply visit and login. You will get 3 options. If you don’t have an account, then you need to sign up. You will be redirected to the dashboard where you will get the “connect” option. By clicking on the “connect” button, you will be able to merge different social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc in one platform. You can also sync Google chat by clicking on the “Google chat” option. 

To add any particular account, click on WhatsApp, then hit the “add new account” option. The next thing you need to do is scan QR code and your account will be logged in. You could add as many accounts as you want. Also you will be able to view all the accounts one by one. 

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How to Manage Multiple Chats Through Pancake

If you want to see customers of WhatsApp and Instagram in 1 place, then click on multiple modes. Now, select all the channels that you want to add. Next you need to click on “Enter Multiple Mode”. With this you will be able to see and manage chats of all the WhatsApp numbers and Instagram at one place. The search option will help you to search the chats of any particular customer, just as you search on normal WhatsApp. 

Now how to manage a chat? Select the chat of any particular customer with whom you want to exchange messages. You can select whether the message you are sending is an enquiry, customer’s issue, anything urgent, you can put any tag of customer easily. 

You can also create a quick reply template, so that you can easily reply to some questions of customers with no time, using those templates. This will save your time and enhance your business process. 

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Some Important Features of Pancake 

Pancake will allow you to access different options like filter, create broadcast list, create groups, etc. The broadcast list will enable you to send bulk messages at once. There are many filter options available, like filter unread messages, filter through inbox, filter out messages which contain phone numbers.  

You can also choose which team member will attain the chat of which particular customer. You can also search, pin, block and see overall conversation with the customer. 

On the right hand side, you will get the option to save data related to each customer. If you get a new order from a customer, the tool also enables you to create the order. The tool also provides the feature to save the database of the customer. It is also known as a point of sale in which you will not need a third party application to complete any new order. You can save information related to the product like price, quantity etc in the tool only. 

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Get The Statistics Related to Your Business

It is important for the businessowners to have the statistics of their business such as how many orders they get, how their team is performing, etc. This can be achieved through the “Statistics” option. Also, through the “User” option, you will be able to get information about the sales team. You are also allowed to change settings according to your suitability.

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How to Add Team Members to The Account

Usually, the online sellers have multiple team members. One is the master account in which you can login all your social media profiles. Now, suppose you want to assign a particular WhatsApp number or group to any particular person, then navigate through the “Connect” option and then go to “WhatsApp”. In the next step you need to select that “Account”. You will get the option, “Create new authorization code”. Choose the role you want to assign to a person and copy the link given below. 

Your sales team can also create their account by visiting the options “Connect”, “WhatsApp” and then “Add new account”. Next click on using authorization code and paste the authorization code link that you have copied in the earlier step. Now, click on the “Connect” button. They will become your team members and you can assign any chats to them. You can give as many account access to 1 sales person. 

So we have shared every required information about this useful tool, Pancake. Manage and grow your business with this tool effectively. The software can be used for free of cost to a limit. But if your team is big, then I will recommend buying a paid subscription. They have different plans with different features, you can choose according to your convenience and suitability. You can also choose the custom plan option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I manage multiple WhatsApp Business accounts?

Pancake is one of the best software which can be used to manage multiple WhatsApp business numbers effectively. 

Q. How do I make big sales on WhatsApp?

With Pancake, you could easily make and manage big sales on WhatsApp. 

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