Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Growing a business and taking it to the next level asks for a lot. Sometimes to grow an online business, you also need to get aware of certain tricks or strategies. Marketing strategies if done right is the best way for the overall development of an online business. Here we will tell basic marketing strategies for small business using which you can scale your business from zero level. We will discuss the step by step approach to growing your small business. Marketing concept does not directly lead to sales. It is used to generate trust among customers and that trust converts into sales. So, let’s begin with the top 5 marketing strategies for small business owners.

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(Yahaan hum un top 5 marketing strategies ke baare mein baat karenge jinka sahi use karke aap apne business ko aasani se grow kar sakte hain.)

1st Strategy: Nearby Marketing (Marketing Strategies for Small Business)

Marketing Strategies for Small Business
Nearby Marketing
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Nearby Marketing (marketing meaning in hindi) refers to personally communicating about your product or service with your trusted people such as friends and family members. You can call or have direct communication with your nearby people to tell them about your brand. The benefits of using nearby marketing to grow your business are:

● Easily get your 1st customer: As your nearby people already have trust in you. They will easily be able to trust your brand and can convert you into customers.

● Genuine Feedback: Your nearby people such as friends and family members will give genuine feedback and areas for improvement in your business.

● Channel Growth: They will refer other people too such as their friends etc to purchase your products and services. This way your business will grow.

(Nearby Marketing mein aap personally apne friends ya family members se apne product ya service ke bare mein communicate karte hai. Nearby marketing ka use karke aap apne business ko achche se grow kar sakte hain. Iske fayde yeh honge ki: Aapko aasani se aapka pehla customer mil jayega. Aapke log aapko genuine feedback denge. Aapke Nearby people aap par aur aapke business par trust aasani se trust karenge to wo dusre logon ko bhi aapke product aur service kharidne ke liye recommend karenge. Is tarah se aapka business easily grow karega.)

2nd Strategy: Network Group (Marketing Strategies for Small Business)

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Forming network group is a marketing management strategy. Create more and more network groups and add your initial customers or trusted people to them. Inform them about your brand and ask people in your network group to share or promote your brand as well. This is the best marketing strategies for small business to generate more traffic free of cost.

(Dusri strategy yeh hai ki zyada se zyada network groups banaye aur apne initial customers ya trusted logon ko usme add karen. Apne network ko apne brand ke bare mein inform karen aur unko zyada se zyada logon ko share karne bolen. Ye kam paise mein traffic generate karne ki achchi strategy hai.)

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3rd Strategy: Local Level Marketing (Marketing Strategies for Small Business)

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Local-level marketing refers to listing the details of your online business to all the online directories. Search for the online directories active in your area and register your business there. Some of the online directories for listing local businesses are Just-Dial, Google My Business, India Mart, Trade India, Quora, etc.

Newspaper marketing also comes under local level marketing. It is very useful to grow your business. Advertise your business in your local newspapers. These marketing strategies for small business will help to let more audiences know about your business. In return, it will bring more customers to your business and generate more sales.

(Local listing mein hum apne online business ki details online local directories mein list karte hain. Iske liye aap apne area mein active online directories ko search karke, usme apne business ko register kar sakte hain. Justdial etc aisi kuch online directories hain, jisme aap apne local business ko list kar sakte hain. Newspaper marketing bhi local level marketing ke under aata hai. Ye bhi aapke business ko grow karne ke liye important strategy hai. Isme aap apne business ke bare mein local newspapers mein advertisements dete hain, jisse zada se zada log aapke business ke bare mein jaan paate hain. Isse aapka business grow hota hai, customers badhte hain aur zyada sales hone lagti hai.)

4th Strategy: Content Marketing (Marketing Strategies for Small Business)

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Content Marketing

When your startup grows and you have a little more staff, you need to tell more and more audiences about your business. This is the time when you can focus on content marketing. This strategy can also be achieved free of cost. Content marketing can be done in numerous ways such as Youtube videos, Instagram reels, Posts, Blogs, Infographics, Case studies, etc. Any of how you inform a big lot of targeted audiences about your brand is known as content marketing.

(Jab aapka startup grow karta hai aur aapke paas zyada staff hota hai, is time aapko aur zyada logon ko apne business ke bare mein batane ki zarurat hoti hai. Is stage mein content marketing karna kaafi helpful hota hai. Youtube videos, Instagram reel, etc ye sab content marketing ke under aate hain. In marketing channels ka use karke aapke aur big level mein audiences target kar paate hain.)

5th Strategy: Paid Marketing (Marketing Strategies for Small Business)

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Paid Marketing

At last, when your business has grown sufficiently, you can use some paid marketing channels to scale up your business more. It is a marketing type in which you can grow your business by investing money. This should always be done at the end when your business is grown properly. This is the stage when you can take your business further from the stage of the content marketing community. Some of the useful strategies of paid marketing are promoting business through Facebook, google ads, etc.

Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for small business, if you want to do paid. Influencers already have followers due to their popularity and if they promote your business, there is a possibility that their followers may convert to your customers.

(Last mein jab aapka business achche se grow ho jata hai, tab usko aur scale up karne ke liye aap paid marketing ka use kar sakte hain. Yahan par aapko apne business ko grow karne ke liye paise invest karne ki zarurat hoti hai. Facebook, Google ads, etc, par apne business ko promote karna paid marketing ke under aata hai. Influencer marketing, paid marketing ka sabse achcha example hai. Influencer already bahut popular hote hain aur unke bahut followers bhi hote hain. Agar wo aapke business ko promote karenge to unke followers aapke customers me convert hone ke chances bahut zyada hain.)

These are the basic 5 marketing strategies for small business using which you can grow your business and scale them up to the next level. Remember that marketing should always be done right to get the best result.

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