Needledust Success Story

Today we will talk about the most successful woman entrepreneur who brought the traditional Indian jutti into trend and converted it into a global brand. Today, their company is generating revenue in crores. In this blog, we will discuss the journey of Shirin Maan Sangha, an Indian woman entrepreneur, and learn about her jutti brand, Needledust. We will understand her business strategies which help her to convert traditional Indian jutti into a global eCommerce brand.

About Needledust

Needledust is a global eCommerce brand that facilitates traditional Indian handmade juttis to people all over the world. You can shop these luxury branded juttis of Needledust from anywhere in the world by just sitting at home. Their juttis are traditional but with a modern touch. They in-house manufacture the juttis and deliver them all over the world. This home-grown startup started just 4 years back. They are delivering their products online in 150+ countries. In 2020, they had a revenue of 11 crores. They have taken their business to this extent in just 4 years. 

Business Journey of Needledust

Shirin Maan Sangha started with her business idea in 2014. She was a student of Mass Communication who had completed her International journalism course at Cardiff University, Wales, London. After that, she returned back to India, and her marriage got fixed. Like every other girl, she also wanted a perfect outfit for her wedding. But she faced an issue in that she was not able to find a matching jutti for her attire. She searched a lot but couldn’t find it according to her plan. Finally, when she couldn’t find it anywhere, she designed it by herself and got it prepared by an artisan. 

When she wore it in her marriage, she got a lot of appreciation and comments on that. From there only, she got a startup idea to convert this traditional Indian jutti into a luxury product of the world. For that, she professionally learned the designing and development part and tied up with many artisans. To run the website, she learned online marketing. So, the story of Needledust was executed like this. Most of the celebrities of Bollywood prefer wearing the juttis designed by them. The main reason for their popularity is their quality and uniqueness. Their products are not only famous in India but also outside India a lot. 

How Shirin Shaped Her Business

From the initial stage only, she was 100% sure with her product idea that she wanted to make and sell traditional Indian jutti with a modern touch. They have their own in-house designing team, artisans team, and online marketing team. All their business processes are in-house. The 2nd most important factor is branding. She has done her product branding as a luxury product. Following the same, the pricing of their product is also very high. Their marketing mainly depends on their quality, artisans, and originality. 

Many businesses don’t have solid product quality or USP, instead, they try to brand their product in the luxury segment. As a result of which, their businesses fail. But Needledust has qualities such as uniqueness, quality, styling, and exclusivity which they used as their USP to take their product to the luxury segment. Through this, they were able to derive good margins.

Needledust Business Cycle

Now, let’s step-by-step understand the whole business cycle of Needledust. In the very first step, they study the market to understand which products or designs are in high- demand. Their designing team then designs the product and forwards them to artisans. The artisans create the product following the same design made by the design team. Then they do photography of products which they circulate everywhere in social media for social media marketing. The same photography goes to their website.  

Customers buy from the website and their sales happen. After a product gets sold, they do the packaging in the warehouse. They put enough time and money into the packaging to make it more luxurious. After packaging their product gets delivered to their delivery partner. Delivery partners deliver the product to the end customer. In the next step, they take the reviews and feedback from the end customer. Then they use those reviews and feedback for remarketing. Their whole business cycle starts with a market study and ends with remarketing. 

This is the perfect strategy for global eCommerce because they are manufacturing by themselves and controlling and checking the product quality by themselves.

Marketing Strategy of Needledust

There are 3 ways using which they run their marketing strategy adequately and those are:

1. Leveraging Marketplace 

When they initially launched their product, they sold their product in the marketplace named The stock got finished in just one week. When their demand increased, they launched their website with the help of Shopify. 

Many entrepreneurs want to create their own website initially and when sales don’t happen at their website, as a result of which they close their startup. After having good product quality too, they are not able to grow their startup because they are not able to leverage the marketplace.

2. Social Media Marketing

Their social media marketing strategy is very strong. They majorly deal in Instagram. If you visit their Instagram page, you will see that they have more than 4 lakh followers. Each of the content they post on their page is perfectly edited. Their content is high-quality and each piece of content has very good engagement. Also, they reflected their personal branding in the highlights including media reviews, screenshots of customer satisfaction, newly launched products, stories behind artisans, and stories behind the creation of the product. All these play a major role to build trust. Half of the people get convinced to buy the product there only. 

3. Bollywood Celebrities as Influencers: 

The Needledust team noticed that their targeted audience used to follow Bollywood. Therefore, they have done influencer marketing through Bollywood celebrities. Following the same, they have started gifting their products at big Bollywood weddings. Also, they have started doing collaborations for free. Then most of the Bollywood celebrities started preferring their products. 

When any celebrity uses their products, they do social media marketing using their pictures. When any celebrity buys their products, they use them for social media marketing. Most of the girls started buying their products after seeing that their favourite actress wore their products. Slowly they have also started collaborating with movies. They have collaborated with movies such as Padmavat, Veere di Wedding, etc. Later on, they also came up with some new concepts such as event gifting, etc to sell their products in bulk for gifting purposes. They have captured the market of event gifting very well.

Learn From Needledust And Grow

Now, let’s understand how you can create your own luxury brand like Needledust. How you can create your global brand. 

1. Find Artisans and Artists

The very first requirement to create a brand like Needeldust is finding artisans and artists. Find people around your area, people who are good artisans or artists who could help to create, run and grow your business. If your product and artisans are of good quality then 50% of work ends up here only. After that, you need to start branding, marketing, and sales. 

2. Quality Content 

The second most important factor is creating quality content. It is not necessary to create a lot of content. Rather create less but quality content. Design your website, and social media pages very appropriately as the look of your business depends on your website and social media page designs.  

3. Luxury Packaging 

Whenever you deliver the product to anyone, invest time and money in packaging. The packaging should be very luxurious. It is the first impression and the first content of the physical product. The better you do with packaging, the better your marketing would be. Most of your audience judges your business by first impression only. 

4. Create Shopify Website

Create your website from Shopify only. You can create a good website at Shopify and scale it to the big level. 

5. Gift And Collaborations 

The fifth main strategy that we have learned from this brand is to give more and more and collaborate more and more. The more you collaborate, the more organic traffic you will get, and the better people will know about your brand. Select the influencers very carefully. Find good influencers for marketing who have a good reputation in social media.

6. B2B Sales

Give importance to B2B also along with B2C sales. You should take out a good medium for your B2B sales. You can offer products in different ways. It is very necessary to give the option of B2B too so that people buy your product in bulk and in return, you can earn more money.

So this is whole story of Needledust and its founder. If you also want to create a successful brand like Needledust, take our consultation or join our digital marketing course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the owner of Needledust?

The owner of Needledust is Shirin Maan Sangha.

Q. Are Needledust Juttis comfortable?

Yes, Needledust juttis are perfectly comfortable, luxurious, beautiful, and good-looking. 

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