Reselling Business for Beginners

This blog is a beginner’s guide for the people who just jumped into or planning to do reselling business. Here, you will get complete knowledge about reselling businesses or online businesses. You will get to know-how with the help of social media, you will be able to start your online reselling business, build a brand, and generate an online income source.

The list of how many business persons are resellers in India is lengthy. They make approximately 30 to 40K each month by using just WhatsApp. They earn money only by selling products with the help of Whatsapp and Instagram. If you also want to achieve success as a reseller, follow these steps carefully. So, let’s get started:

(Yahaan hum aapko reselling business ke bare mein saari information denge. Agar aap is business mein naye hain to is guide ki help se aap apne business ko achcha grow kar sakte hain.)

What Is Reselling Business?

Reselling Business
Reselling Business

Reselling business meaning is just to sell products. It is nothing but the basic level of eCommerce, where eCommerce is selling products by doing transactions online. You don’t need to keep the stock of products with you, but accomplish online trading. The whole process of reselling business is taking products from the wholesalers and selling them back to the customers, all through a digital medium. In the whole process, you earn a margin in between.

The traditional form of reselling business was very tough, as you needed a physical store and everything was needed to do manually. It required much investment in terms of money and effort. But, with digitalization, the whole process becomes very easy and automated. You don’t need to keep the product with you and selling also becomes easy with the evolution of social media. You only need to market the pictures of the products on social media platforms.

For reselling business opportunities, there are many reselling online marketplaces in India such as Meesho reselling, Shop 101, Glowroad, etc. But it is always recommended to connect directly with the wholesaler to get better results. Reselling business is the best idea to start your brand from a basic level. You can explore many reselling business ideas.

(Reselling business ek basic level ka eCommerce hai. Isme aap online product ki trading aur transaction karte hain. Pehle is business ko karne mein bahut laagat lagti thi. Par digitalisation hone se sab kuch automate ho gaya hai. Ab aapko product ka stock rakhne ki bhi zaroorat nahi hai. Balki aap online wholesalers se product lekar customers ko bech sakte hain. Bas aapko social media ke through connect hona hai.)

How to Start Reselling Business?

Step 1: Choose Your Product

Reselling Business
Products for Reselling

The first step of reselling business is to choose your product or niche. Do not just jump on to selling company product randomly, but choose any 1 or 2 niches carefully. Your customer should understand your expertise with the product you are dealing with. Dealing with more than 1 product will confuse the customer about what you want to sell. Specifically dealing with 1 product will help them to understand your motive and will be able to trust your business.

(Reselling business ki pehli step mein aapko apna product choose karna hai. Aapko bahut sari categories ke products ko bechne se achcha, 1 me hi mastery karni chahiye. Isse aapke customers aapko easily trust kar payenge.)

Step 2: Build Your Brand

Social Media
Build a Brand

The next important step is to build your brand. The core requirements for building a brand are logo and brand name of reselling business. Keep the logo and brand name in a way that leaves an impression to the customers

(Agli step mein aapko apna brand build karna hai. Aapko apna brand build karne ke liye brand name aur log ko bahut impressive banana chahiye.)

Step 3: Create Social Media Profiles

Sell Online
Social Media Profiles

Now, you need to create social media profiles as a reseller. For reselling businesses, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube are important social media platforms. These are the platforms where the customer conversion rate is high. So, always make sure to create impressive profiles on these platforms.

(Ab aapko apni social media profiles banana hai. Reselling business ke liye, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, ye sare important social media platforms. Inme achi si profile banaiye.)

Step 4: Find a Genuine Supplier

Online Business
Genuine Wholesalers

The next step is to find genuine and trustable suppliers. The more reliable the supplier is, the more effective their product will be. The genuine supplier will deliver the best product as well as services. With this, you will also be able to deliver better services to your customers.

(Ab aapko apne reselling business ke liye genuine suppliers khojna hai. Agar supplier genuine hoga to wo aapko product or services bhi achi deliver karega.)

Step 5: Digital Marketing

Online Business Idea
Digital Marketing

After you find the authentic supplier, you only need to post updates on social media. The supplier will send the product’s photograph and you need to update your customers with the same.

(Ab aapko sirf social media par apne targeted customers ko updates dete rehna hai. Supplier aapko product ki photo send karega, aapko wo customers ko bhejna hai.)

Step 6: Selling

Blogging Marketing

As you start updating your customers, they will start sending queries. If the person gets satisfied with the answers, he will take steps to buy the product. Then, the person will get converted into a customer.

(Aapke updates dekhkar log aapko queries bhejna shuru karenge. Agar unko aap par aur aapke business par trust ho gaya to wo aap se product kharidenge.)

Step 7: Retarget

Online Money

Now, you need to keep on updating your customers by adding them to your broadcast list. This is what we call retargeting. One time customers will easily become your regular customers.

(Ab jo 1 baar aapka customer ban gaya, use broadcast list mein add karke baar baar target karna hai. Isko hum retargeting bolte hain.)

Who Can Become A Reseller ?

Digital Marketing
Who Can Become Resellers

No degree is required to do reselling business. Anyone, whether you’re a student, housewife, professional or any person, can do the reselling business. The knowledge of some basic skills is enough to run an online business. The skills needed for reselling business are:

● Selling products.

● Running different social media platforms

● Knowledge of sales and marketing.

(Reselling business karne ke liye aapko kisi degree ki zarurat nahi hai. Kuch basic skills se hi aap is business ko kar sakte hain)

How to Do Marketing ?

Online Business Without Money
How to Do Marketing

In a reselling business, the basic level of marketing is based on testimonials and reviews. Testimonials and reviews are basically written or video forms of the feedback given by the customers who have already bought and used your product. 1 positive review or feedback has the power of bringing 10 more customers. It takes time to gain the trust of customers, in the starting. But when you start gaining regular feedback from customers, you don’t need to invest more in marketing.

If you want to opt for some marketing options, the best technique these days is Influencer marketing.

(Kisi bhi reselling business me testimonials aur reviews ke through hi basic level ki marketing ki jati hai. Wahin agar aap paise kharch kar ke marketing karna chahte hain to influencer marketing sabse accha tarika hai.)

How to Find Wholesalers ?

Online Business Idea in Hindi
How to Find Wholesalers

You can search wholesalers for reselling businesses on Instagram. Find a wholesaler who has both good products as well as services. Moreover, the wholesaler should have a good reputation too. Always sell high-quality products.

Also, you can buy the database of trusted wholesalers from our website of social seller academy. All the wholesalers listed here are personally verified by us and are genuine.

(Aap apne reselling business ke liye Instagram par achche wholesalers dhundh sakte hain. Hamari social seller academy ki website se bhi aap genuine wholesalers ki details kharid sakte hain.)

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