Saree Online Business Idea

Reselling is an online business model in which a business owner sells products without taking possession of them. Instead, they create a website where they sell products at wholesale price, typically using dropshipping as the model. The business owner becomes responsible for all aspects of the business, including sourcing and purchasing the product, packaging it, and shipping it to customers. When done correctly, reselling can be a great way to start a profitable business. Saree online business is the best when it comes to doing reselling business.

A drop shipper can choose to focus on any number of categories, including apparel, beauty and health products, technology and phone accessories, food and beverages, and more. But one of the most profitable products to do a successful reselling business is the saree. Here we are going to talk about a saree online business idea. 

How to Start a Saree Online Business?

You can start your own saree online business by sitting at home and without any investment. Also, with a saree reselling business, you can earn approximately 25000 to 30000 rupees monthly. Saree is a product that has high demand in the market. You can easily ship it. There are many suppliers who could give you sarees on a daily basis to resel. 

Today we are going to tell you about one of the biggest suppliers in the saree reselling industry who can provide you with good stock to resell. They will update you on WhatsApp on a daily basis about the products which you can resell further. 

How to Do Saree Online Business

Let’s first understand how you can do saree reselling. Here we are going to tell you the step-by-step procedure to do a saree online business.

1. Database 

The very first process of saree reselling is to create your own database. Creating a database means collecting numbers of people such as ladies who are above 30 years of age (particularly for the saree online business). Basically, you need to collect a database of people who are interested in sarees. This is basically your target audience. 

In the initial level, you can start your saree reselling business with your friends and family members only. Then if you are living in a society then you can proceed with your society. If you want to grow your business at the bigger or city level, the database plays an important role. Now the most important thing is you should do bulk WhatsApp with these people.  There are many bulk WhatsApp software that allows bulk messaging in real-time. You can also use WhatsApp business API to automate sales on WhatsApp. Basically, you can do WhatsApp marketing with this. 

2. Suppliers

The second step for a successful saree reselling business is to search for your suppliers. There are various markets in India where you can find grand saree collections. You can find wholesalers anywhere all over India. But there are some major cities like Surat, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi where you will easily find big and genuine wholesalers. These are basically the hub of saree manufacturing. 

Best Wholesaler for Saree Reselling Business

  • The name of the wholesaler is Mohammad Sakib.
  • Their brand name is Sanjar Creation.
  • They have been doing a saree online business for the past 15 years. 
  • They supply their products in many cities in India. 
  • These suppliers manufacture sarees by themselves and deliver them to resellers. 
  • They have a proper family business of saree and today 15000+ resellers are connected to them. 
  • You will find all varieties of sarees with them like banarasi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, fancy sarees, silk sarees, Lenin sarees, etc. 
  • They also have a proper showroom from which they give stock to retailers in B2B and also supply to resellers. 
  • They have a website where you can find their whole collection of sarees. 

Why Sanjar Creation Is the Best Supplier For Saree Online Business

We only feature the wholesaler after verifying them properly. We have verified their working process and their services. You could also get a single piece of saree from them for reselling. 

Their pricing is very less so you could easily add margin to it and resell further. Before dispatching they properly verify whether the product is good or not. They provide services as provided by all other suppliers. Apart from that, they also give return pickup service. Suppose, if you want to return any product, they also provide a pickup service. 

We have seen so many wholesalers and then came to know that the problem arises in reselling business when the wholesaler is not able to provide good service. It is very necessary that the wholesaler should provide good service to the resellers. They deliver the product within 1 hour with fast delivery. If you buy more than 1000 Rs products from them, they will provide free shipping all over India. You will get COD service from them without adding any extra charge. They also have a Youtube channel in which they upload videos related to their latest collection. 

If you want to contact them regarding reselling business, their WhatsApp number is +91 8448448983.

To become their reseller, you can contact them through Whatsapp and send your name and details to them. They will add you to their broadcast list. 

There are many wholesalers in the market but work with 1 good wholesaler as customers might get confused if you work with many wholesalers at a time. It is very important to work with 1 wholesaler properly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the saree online business profitable?

Yes, an online saree is definitely a profitable business idea.

Q. How to sell sarees from home online?

Find a good saree wholesaler, do social media marketing or digital marketing of the products, connect with the audience, solve their queries through WhatsApp, and sell sarees online. 

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