Secret Strategy to Manage Clients

It is no secret that managing a client is a difficult business. That is because maintaining a successful relationship with a client can take years of hard work and patience. The good news is that you can take steps to avoid common pitfalls and stay on track. For example, it is important to treat every client as an opportunity.

Instead of viewing every client as a potential money-loser, see them as an opportunity to show your expertise and differentiate yourself from the competition. And make sure you are always thinking about the long-term goals of your relationship with each client. This will help you build trust, which is key when building long-term relationships. On top, you should also be willing to invest time and energy into building a strong relationship with your clients.

That means taking the time to get to know your client’s needs and challenges, offering personalized service, and working hard to solve problems together. The very first need for maintaining client relationships effectively is to manage clients. This blog will help you to know the secret trick to manage your clients more appropriately.

(Agar aap ek business owner hain to aap ye jante hi honge ki clients ko manage karna kitna difficult task hai. Bahut dari chizen humen ek sath manage karna hota hai. To aaiye jante hain clients ko manage karne ki effective secret trick.)

Read the blog to learn the trick to manage clients..

Trick to Manage Clients Effectively

In any business, it doesn’t matter how you have started but there will be a time when you need to deal with a bigger client. This is the time when you need to know how you should manage big clients. Whether you are selling a 1 thousand or a 1 lakh rupees product, you need to put in the same amount of effort. The most important thing here is managing the clients effectively. In this blog, we are going to tell you about our business model and how we manage our big clients.

Small sales can be done by anyone easily. But for big sales, you will need many software and tools for management. In this blog, we are going to inform you about which software we use to manage our bigger clients and how to use that software.

(Kisi bhi business mein chhote clients ko manage karna easy hota hai, but bade clients ke sath sales karna thoda tough hota hai. Is blog ke through hum aapko batayenge ki kis tarah hum apne bade clients ko manage karte hain aur konsa software use karte hain.)

Now, we will tell you how we use to manage clients of our business..

Our Whole Business Ecosystem

First of all, we want to tell you about our business model. YouTube is just a part of our business. We provide different services to clients including digital marketing, website, and mobile app. People come to us by watching our YouTube videos. Many people come to us by watching Youtube videos that require our services. They take from us based on their requirements.

We have made a proper business ecosystem in which people who wish to take our services after watching our YouTube videos get forwarded to our WhatsApp. From WhatsApp, we figure out the requirements of the clients. Whether they need a small product or service or a bigger service.

(Jo bhi log hamari services lena chahte hain unko hum wo YouTube videos dekhkar hamare WhatsApp me forward hote hain. Phir wo apni requirements ke hisab se hamari alag-alag tarah ki services lete hain.)

Let’s know the software we use to manage clients..

Which Software Do We Use to Manage Clients

It is easy to manage small clients. But when it comes to big clients, we follow a completely different process. Whenever we get leads for bigger clients, we manage them through software to avoid any inconvenience and error.

To automate the processes with clients, we use a software named Bigin. It is basically the software by Zoho. Bigin is a very good CRM software.

With the software, you can create your own stages according to your requirements. It is very easy to use this software. You can create a deal from the DEAL button for every new project. Then as you proceed with the project, you can shift it to various stages at the next level. You can easily manage your project with only one sheet. This software allows you to see all your projects in one place. It is very important software to manage your big projects as manually filling in excel might result in skipping some of the steps.

(Bade clients ko manage karna thoda difficult hota hai. Isiliye hum koi bhi error ya risk ko eliminate karne ke liye unko puri tarah se software ki help se manage karte hain. Bigin ek bahut achcha software hai, jisse aap easily clients ko manage kar sakte hain. Bigin Zoho ka achcha CRM software hai.)

Now, let’s understand how to use Bigin software to manage clients..

How to Use Bigin Software

Let’s now understand how you can use Bigin software to manage your business as well as your big clients. 

  • The software provides a “Deal” option which enables you to create the whole contact of the customer.  
  • The tool also enables you to choose the different stages to put your customer.  
  • Fill in all the information and then click on Save and your new deal will be created. 
  • For each client, you will get the option to create a task or an event, and log a call. 
  • This software is specially designed for MSMEs, growing businesses, and those who started their business from a basic level. 
  • You can manage all the customers, deals, and clients in one place. 
  • At the contacts options, you can see all your contacts in one place. 
  • At the company’s option, you can see the companies connected with you. 
  • At the products option, you can easily mention all your products and services. 
  • At the activities option, you can manage all your activities such as meetings, calls, emails, etc. 
  • In the dashboard option, you will see all the reports on how your business is getting managed, your clients are at which stage, which all clients you need to follow up, etc. 

You can use this software for free as a trial. Then for more advanced features and to manage more workflow, you can buy their express version for just 400 Rupees. You will be able to create a system for your whole business for just 400 Rupees.

(Bigin software aise bahut sare features provide karta hai jisse aap easily apne bade clients ko manage kar sakte hain.)

Learn more on strategies to manage clients..

Steps to Convert Clients Into Leads

After setting this system, you only need to follow 3 steps with which you can easily convert any of your clients. 

1 Demo: 

Show your client what your products or services are and how it works with the help of a demo. 

2. Testimonial: 

Show them testimonials of your existing client, if you have any such big client. Show how people are liking your product or services. 

3. Benefits : 

Tell them the benefits of your products or services. Explain how they can grow their business after taking your product or service. Or how they can achieve their objective with your help. 

99% of the genuine clients get converted with these 3 steps. Follow these processes whenever you deal with big clients. Your business will get benefited as your sales process will easily get managed. This software will definitely help you to manage clients.

(Apna pura system manage karne ke baad clients ko convert karne ke liye 3 steps ki process follow karen. Unko apni services ya products ke baare mein demo ke madhyam se batayen. Apne purane clients ka testimonial unhe dikhayen. Last mein unko ye bataye ki kis tarah se aapki help se wo apna business grow kar sakte hain.)

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