Social Seller Affiliate Program

Here we are revealing an outstanding opportunity for you. You will be able to both learn and earn money with this opportunity. We at Social Seller Academy are launching an affiliate program. This affiliate program will enable you to launch your own online business. By connecting with Social Seller Academy, you will be able to earn money online. 

What Is This Social Seller Affiliate Program?

In this affiliate program under Social Seller Academy, you need to resell any of our courses. If anyone buys any course with your link, you will get direct 25% commission. You might be thinking why the person would buy the course with the link but not from a direct website. Because with this, the learner will also get the benefit in the form of a 25% discount. Both the seller and the buyer will earn an advantage of 25%, if the course is with the link. 

For example: Suppose you are a member of the Social Seller Affiliate Program and a course is worth 1000 INR. If someone purchases the course with your link, he or she needs to spend just INR 750 for the course. Whereas, if the person purchases the course with your link, you will get a commission worth 25%, i.e. INR 250 in this case. So, this is the opportunity for you to learn through our courses at Social Seller Academy’s courses and do an online business by reselling our courses under affiliate marketing. 

What You Need to Do to Become Social Seller Affiliate

Explaining below the steps needed to become a social seller affiliate (social seller affiliate program):

1. Select any course that you want to sell or the course of your interest. 

2. Then, you simply need to enrol in that course. 

3. After successful enrollment, scroll down to get your affiliate link. 

4. To use that affiliate link, you need to fill out all the asked information. You need to fill in all your bank details. So that whenever you affiliate this course to anyone, you can get the earnings of that affiliate directly to your bank account.

5. Once you have completed this process, you need to copy the link of this affiliate and share further to your contacts. So that people can enrol in the course directly through the link and can get a 25% discount. Also, you will get 25% directly to your bank account. 

So, this was the whole business model to become a member of this affiliate program. Let’s now understand what you need to do if you want to do it in a better way. 

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How to Become a Successful Social Seller Affiliate

So, to join the social seller affiliate program and become a successful affiliate, you should follow some tips which we are sharing here.

As we understand , if you ask someone to buy the course, they will simply ask you back for the id password of the course. No one will want to buy the course. To make them buy the course, you need to guide them and tell them the advantages of buying the course. 

Imagine if we only had a website of social seller academy and no youtube presence, people wouldn’t have come and buy our courses. In the same way, you need to teach and consult with your audience about the course. You should inform them of the important factors to do online business or grow their business. For that you yourself should learn and have the knowledge firstly. 

Learn everything and prepare your own notes once you enrol for a course. So that with the notes, you can guide anyone free of cost. Learning from the course enables you to teach people to run and grow their business through social media. Indirectly you will become a social media consultant. There are many social media consultants connected with us who learn from us and teach to other resellers or social sellers. Now with our social seller affiliate program, they would also be able to monetize this thing. That means you can also earn by teaching people. 

The most important factor in the whole business model is speaking. Many people learn things but are not able to teach due to lack of skills. Don’t worry, as we will help you to gain the essential skills to sell the course. If you teach people on a 1 on 1 basis, you would not be able to cover many people. Hence, to cover more and more people you should essentially learn to speak on social media.

That means prepare reels for instagram and shorts for youtube. When you become an expert and think you have the confidence to prepare a 1 minute video, increase your limit and try to prepare long format content for YouTube. People will then start to watch your content and buy the courses with your link. You will start earning by becoming an affiliate. We all will benefit from this affiliate program. When the course will sell, it will be beneficial for us. You will earn which will be beneficial for you. People will learn something which will be beneficial for them. 

Future of Social Seller Affiliate

Today, more than 50 lakhs people are doing online business in India. But only 3% are profitable among them. 97% businesses are trying but are not turning profitable. They are not getting the return as per the time invested. There is a huge gap in the market. People start their online business but are not able to operate and grow it. Many times, people invest so much and are not able to carry forward the business for the long term. Some people find difficulty in marketing and sales sales. Whereas, some businesses don’t know how to do retargeting. 

There are many things in online business which offline businesses or the people who start online business from a basic level don’t  know. Our major aim is to help such people. We started SSA 3 years back with this purpose only. But it is not possible for us to do it alone, we need a strong team. If I alone make videos, even daily, I would not be able to educate all the people in the world. We need people in our team, who understand our content, people who know how to do online business, people who can speak and teach. 

There are few people who understand online business, our content and might know how to start. There is a possibility that you might have done this at some point of time and know how to grow businesses. If you are one among them, then you can become a social seller affiliate. You can teach people about online business and earn online with it. 

We have a bigger aim and want something very genuine from this affiliate program. Here, we will reveal our main aim behind this program.

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Aim of Social Seller Affiliate Program

Definitely to sustain the company we need to generate revenue, but our major aim is not to increase the sales of course and generate revenue. The main aim of our course is to digitise India. The maximum people connect with us or the maximum people become our consultant or the maximum people sell our courses, the maximum will benefit from our program. This program will help small online sellers and entrepreneurs a lot.

There are many people in India who are unemployed or underemployed. There are many women in India who want to do online business just by sitting at home, but they lack opportunity. There are many people who can speak but don’t have other skills to do online business. My main aim is to teach more and more people and they teach further, so that more and more people will benefit and can start their online business. 

This thing is very important so that the people of this category who want to do online business and want to run a startup in future can keep on getting the knowledge from somewhere. Through my small YouTube channel, if I generate YouTube videos throughout my life, I would not be able to educate everyone. Therefore, we need people who can learn and teach people further to grow their business. We want people to earn money. Monetization is very important for all these things. 

Why Join Social Seller Affiliate Program

If you are consulting or teaching anyone, you should get money for that. That is why we provide 25% commission to our affiliates. We also give a 25% discount to our customers who come from that affiliate link. That is why students also buy courses from that affiliate link so that they can get discounts. Our affiliate, everyone’s benefit and everyone’s business growth. 

If I am making affiliates or consultants with this affiliate program, then my responsibility is not just giving them affiliate links but also teaching them. So I have kept certain things separate for our prime affiliates. I personally give online zoom training to our top 100 affiliates.  We have a separate support team for these affiliates who give them instant support.

We provide content ideas to these affiliates. Also, we recommend these affiliates on what topic to make these videos so that others can learn from their videos and earn money. We give different-different content ideas to people about the high trending topics, how to prepare reels, etc. Also, we will feature our top affiliate in the social seller youtube channel. All these are free of cost.

If you are interested to join our social seller affiliate program, then contact on this number +91 8370044449. Our sales team is there to help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I become a Social Seller affiliate?

To become a Social Seller affiliate, you need to enrol at any of our courses and then you will get the affiliate link. 

Q. Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2022?

Yes, affiliate marketing is profitable in 2022. The maximum effort you put, the maximum you will be able to earn. 

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